Diapers under INR 1000

Diapers help in maintaining the hygiene of a baby. It plays an important role in maintaining the baby’s well being and health. If you are a parent-to-be or have just welcomed a little bundle of joy in your family, then it is essential to have stocked up sufficient diapers for your baby.

 On average, a newborn needs 8 to 10 diapers per day. Not all diapers are suitable for all babies. You have to try and test to see which brand and which size is most ideal for your little one. There is a versatile range of diapers available in the market based on various factors like price, size, etc. Multiple types like tape diapers, diaper pants, cloth diapers, etc. are also available. 

 Depending on your requirements, budget, and lifestyle, you can choose the best suitable diaper for your little one. In this article, we are going to talk about the best diapers under INR 1000. 

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Features to expect from the diapers under INR 1000

 Great absorbency

The diapers under INR 1000 have an excellent absorbent capacity. They are suitable for night use and almost all the diapers within this price range can absorb up to 7 glass of fluid or provides dryness for up to 12 hours.

Breathable fabric

The fabric used to make diapers is breathable. It keeps the baby’s delicate skin moisture free and helps in preventing the diaper rash.

Soft material

The diaper should be soft and comfortable on the baby’s skin. Many ‘use and throw’ diapers have a layer of sodium polyacrylate which absorbs the moisture from the baby’s skin, leaving it dry. Though it is safe and non-toxic, a few babies might get allergic reactions to it. It is wise to change the brand or switch to cloth diapers if your baby has extra sensitive skin or shows any allergic reaction due to diapers.

No leakage

Select the diaper that fits comfortably on your baby. If the diaper is loose or too tight your baby might get irritated. Also, to avoid any leakage, make sure that the diaper fits snuggly on the waist, back, and thigh. 

Easy to secure

Cloth diaper for a disposable diaper, all the diaper brands use different ways of fastening. Most brands use sticky tape which differs in strength and reusability. Many cloth diapers require separate grips, pins or fasteners.  Some even use velcro fasteners. You will find all the varieties of diaper under INR 1000. Choose the one according to your convenience.

Adorable designs

The diapers under INR 1000 come with fun and adorable designs. 


Diapers play an important role in parents’ lives. As the baby grows, putting a diaper is like a mini-battle between the baby and parent. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for the diaper, which is easy to wear and remove. Also, the diapers should have good layers for soaking wetness. It is time to bid adieu to rashes and wetness by buying the best diapers under INR 1000. 

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