Bambo Nature Diapers

Bambo Nature is a Denmark originated brand established over three decades ago and is now available in India. It is a premium baby diaper brand that is made of high-quality material, is certified safe to use, and is eco-friendly diapers.

It is a favorite amongst the environment concerned parents as the diapers are made with environmentally friendly materials. The Bambo Nature diapers have thinnest core design, and it does not compromise on the comfort of the baby or performance of the diaper, allowing your little one to move freely without any unwanted leakages.

Types and Features of Bambo Nature diapers .

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Types of Bambo Nature diapers

Classic collection diapers 

The classic collection diapers are for the parents who love uninterrupted sleep for their baby. It has been loved by parents for more than 30 years now. These diapers come with classic thick core design. They are allergy and chemical-free. No perfume or dye is used while making the product. They have a fully breathable back sheet and prevent unwanted leakage. 

The classic diapers are dermatologically tested, and FSC and Nordic Ecolabel certified. 

Love collection diapers

These are more technologically advanced diapers. They have innovative features that keep the baby dry and comfortable for an extended period. Just like classic collections, even these diapers are chemical-free, allergen-free, perfume, and dye-free. They are made using breathable fabric with no leakage technology.

The main difference between these collections is that the love collection diapers are made with flexible thin core design. 

Features of Bambo Nature diapers

Innovative 3D core

The new love diaper collection has an innovative 3d core with unique three-layer design and super-absorbent material that absorbs the wetness easily and quickly. It allows your little one to stay dry all day or all night long.

Wetness indicator

This is a new feature and is found in all the love collection diapers and a few classic collection diapers. It has a super convenient liquid sensitive strip that changes the color and gives an indication when its time to change the diaper. It saves parents from the guesswork. 

Ultra-soft material

All the diapers are made using softest, fully breathable, and skin-friendly hypoallergenic materials for the baby’s comfort and protection. 

The material used is gentle and offers a healthy and happy baby skin. It has a texture like a top and back sheet that feels like soft clothing. 

Traditional core

The classic collection comes with a traditional core. The traditional core design was engineered in a way that keeps the baby dry all night long.

Ultra-fast absorption

The classic diapers have a layer that pulls the wetness quickly and keeps the baby’s skin dry and moisture-free even after multiple wettings.

No leakage

The latex-free waistband and leg cuffs keep the diapers in place while the baby moves or scoot, and hence, it prevents any leakage. 


The Bambo Nature baby diapers are one of the most environmentally friendly diapers in the market today. Almost 95% of waste from the Bambo Nature production is recycled. 

All the diapers are dermatologically tested and are FSC, and Nordic eco-labeled, making it a safe product. If you are an environmentally conscious parent, giving these Bambo Nature baby diapers, a try will be worth it. 

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