Diaper Pants

Changing diapers is a tiresome job. A newborn baby needs around ten diapers per day, and maintaining hygiene in the initial years is essential as your little one has soft and delicate skin and needs gentle care. 

Choosing a good, skin-friendly diaper is important for a baby’s comfort and protection. There is a wide range of diapers available in the market like cloth diapers, pant style diapers, or traditional taped diapers. Some diapers are disposable, while some are reusable. 

In this article, we will talk about the pant style diapers. These styles of diapers are relatively new in the market. Most of the popular brands like pampers, Huggies, Mamy Poko pants, bambo nature, merries, etc. manufacture pant style diapers. Here you will find all about diaper pants.

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Benefits of diaper pants

Easy to use

Once the baby starts rolling over or wriggling to get away while you are changing diapers, diaper pants can help as they can be quickly and easily pulled on.


The pant style diapers have elastic over the waistbands which are gentle on the skin and don’t cause any rash or discomfort while your baby is playing.

Suitable while potty training

When the baby grows older and becomes ready for potty training, pant diapers come handy. They go on and off like underwear, and toddlers can do it themselves, which they find quite exciting. 

Travel friendly

When you are traveling with your baby, changing diapers is not an easy task. It can be a little easier if you use a pant style diaper as while changing, you can tear the sides off and can easily pull other diapers on.

No leakage

Your baby can move quickly and easily, learning new things without you worrying about the leakage. The diaper pants can adjust to the baby’s movements and can prevent unwanted leakage.

Things to consider while choosing diaper pants

  • As the baby grows, he/she becomes active. They pee and sweat more. Therefore, it is imperative to consider that diapers are breathable. If diapers are not breathable, they can make a baby uncomfortable, and this may cause diaper rash. 
  • After six months or so, when the baby starts with solid food, they often have very loose poop, which is easy to spread and leak. Therefore, it is necessary to choose diapers with excellent absorption capacity.
  • Stretchable – Make sure that the diaper you buy should have a stretchable waistband for easy pull on and pull also. Also, it should be comfortable for your baby.


We can conclude that diaper pants are for older babies who do a lot of movements and activities and are learning to crawl. They are suitable for six months+ babies.  Before buying pants diapers, parents should consider its ability to ventilate and absorb the poo and pee. It should fit the baby’s waist and should be comfortable for the baby. Moreover, no matter what diaper you use, it is advisable to change it every 3 to 5 hours to maintain the hygiene and health of the baby.

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