Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are conventional diapers that have been used for many years now. They are an excellent alternative to regular disposable diapers. 

Traditionally, people used cloth diapers but now in modern times, disposable diapers have taken over due to its convenience. However, this use and throw type diapers are non-biodegradable and take years and years before they break down. 

Due to rising environmental concerns, many parents are switching back to cloth diapers. It offers a real solution to parents who are environmentally conscious and are looking to make responsible choices.

The cloth diapers are made from materials like cotton or bamboo, etc. You can find various types of cloth diapers in the market today. Many hybrid alternatives have an outer waterproof cloth that makes cloth diapers convenient. These types of diapers are cost-effective, reusable, environmentally friendly, safe for baby’s skin, and can be disinfected and washed just like any other clothing.

Here you will find the types of cloth diapers, tips on how to wash them, and things to consider before buying cloth diapers.

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Types of cloth diapers

All in one 

This all in one cloth diapers are fuss-free options. It comes with an absorbent pad that is attached to the cloth. They are easy to wash and an ideal choice when you are traveling with your baby. 

They are a bit bulkier and expensive when compared to other diapers, but they have excellent absorption capacity.

All in two diapers

This type of diapers have a removable absorbent pad. You don’t need to wash the entire diaper as the pad can be washed separately. It gives you flexible laundry time as the outer part can be used again by reinserting a fresh absorbent pad. This all in two diapers are ideal for night use because of excellent absorbent capacity.

Prefold diapers

Prefold diapers are made using multiple layers of natural material like cotton or bamboo, which are sewn together, making a big rectangle. It can be molded to fit the baby’s body shape. Prefolds are the cheapest diapers available in the market.

Fitted diapers

Fitted diapers are just like regular disposable diapers and fit the baby’s curve better. They are leak-proof, comfortable to wear and wash. Usually, these types of diapers are ‘one size fits all’. It is recommended to use fitted diapers with a cover on top.

Hybrid diapers

The inserts in hybrid diapers are biodegradable and also chemical-free, which ensures the safety of your child. They are great for the environment and even very pocket friendly in the long run. 

How to wash cloth diapers

  • Always wash the soiled diapers separately from your regular laundry.
  • Choose a good baby detergent that is mild and does not irritate the baby’s skin.
  • If the odor is too strong, you can add vinegar or baking soda into the washing machine.
  • You can also add the antiseptic or disinfectant liquid that is safe for babies.
  • Wash the diaper in regular cold water, or if you wish, you can wash it in normal warm water.
  • Instead of using a machine dryer, it is best to dry the diaper in natural sunlight. It helps in eliminating bad odor and bacteria

Things to consider before buying cloth diapers

  • Consider the reason why you are choosing cloth diapers. If you are under budget and looking for cheap diapers, consider buying pre-fold diapers. If you are concerned about the environment, almost all the cloth diapers will suit your needs as most of them have reusable inserts. 
  • Make sure that the cloth diaper you are buying is labeled as one size fits all. This means that one diaper can go a long way. Even when the baby grows, you can use these diapers. Also, these types can be used for future siblings as well. 
  • Try different types of diapers and choose the one that suits best for your baby. E.g., if your baby is a heavy wetter, a diaper with a great absorbent pad is required.
  • Make sure that the diaper is easy to wash and has no frills.
  • The outer layer is made of natural material like cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc. and the insert is made using human-made material like nylon, polyester, etc. that keeps the diaper dry for a long time. Ensure that the inserts are made with material that has good absorption capacity and is also comfortable.


Here we have mentioned the types of diapers, and now you might have an idea about the pros and cons of each type. You should select the diaper based on your convenience and baby’s comfort. Always trust your instinct as “Mommy knows the best.”


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