R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter Review

Riding a scooter as a child can be really a nice recreational activity to do. It will keep them busy and, at the same time, can enhance the health of the child. It is also a good way for them to bond with friends. This is why, at an early age, you must already start training your child to use a trolley/scooter. However, you must ensure that the scooter is made of highly-durable materials to ensure that they will have a rewarding yet safe riding experience. In this manner, we would like to introduce you to this scooter. It is well-built as it is crafted to perfection.


ABEC 7 Bearing

It guarantees a smoother and quicker riding experience for higher levels of satisfaction.

Wide Deck with 3-Wheels

This guarantees a safe riding experience for your child as it will surely minimize any forms of accidents.

Adjustable Height

You have the ability to adjust the height of the seat at a comfortable level so that your child is at ease while riding the scooter.


The components of this scooter are foldable, meaning you can store it easily inside your house when not in use, as it will not consume that much space.

LED PU Wheels

There is an integrated LED light on the scooter’s wheels for an added safety feature when scooting at night.

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What Do We like

Affordable Price

Despite its good-looking exterior and nice features, the price remains to be budget-friendly.


Since it is made of high-quality materials, expect that this bicycle will last for prolonged periods of time.

Comfortable to Use

This bicycle has a soft cushioned seat and easy to maneuver steering, making it really comfortable for your child to ride.

Decent Maximum Capacity

It has a weight capacity of 75 kilograms, making it a super reliable scooter to use.

Astounding Design

It has a beautiful-looking exterior that is truly impressive to see.

What We Don’t Like

No  such cons were observed.


Some of the great features that this scooter possesses are the ABEC 7 Bearing, Wide Deck with 3-Wheels, LED PU Wheels, Foldable, and many more. Your child will surely enjoy their time riding this wonderful scooter.

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