Orbis cycles Thunder-X 26 Inches 21 Speed Bike Review

Riding a bicycle can bring you a lot of benefits not only in terms of practicality but can also enhance your health as it is a form of exercise. Instead of riding a bus on your way to work or school, why not try riding a bicycle?  Bicycles are good for the environment as it does not emit any pollution which is also good for your human health because you will have some sort of exercise while riding.

With regard to that, you’ll need a reliable bicycle and we would like to introduce to you the Orbis cycles Thunder-X 26 Inches 21 Speed Bike. It is made of the finest materials that guarantee satisfaction. Let’s take a look at its most significant benefits and features on bulleted points below.


18-Speed Shimano Speed Shifter

With this gear shifter, you can adjust your speed by adapting to the current condition of the road. Since it is made by Shimano expect that you can change gear with ease and minimal effort.

Welded Steel Frame

The steel that is used in the frame is sturdy enough to withstand everyday use. Aside from that, it is welded perfectly to ensure that it is highly durable and will not break down easily.

Front and Rear Disc Brake

This makes your riding experience much safer because of the powerful brakes that are integrated on the bicycle’s wheels.

Front Suspension

This ensures that you will have a much comfortable riding experience especially if you are currently riding on rough terrains.

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What Do We like

Comfortable Seat

The soft yet sturdy cushions of the bicycle seat will provide you with topnotch comfort.


You can expect a much hygienic riding experience especially when the roads are wet to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


In this bicycle, you will enjoy benefits such as Shimano Speed Shifter, Welded Steel Frame, Disc Brakes, Front Suspensions, and many more. Rest assured that you will get the most out of your rides.

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