Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle Review

Gifting a cycle to your kid is a smart investment, it will help  them be active and learn co-ordination. No kid would say no to bicycle and if you are looking for one then check out Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle.

This particular bicycle is equipped with nice features that are perfect for an entry-level cyclist. Aside from that, it’s superb riding comfort and top-notch durability will take you to new heights of riding experience. This bicycle is manufactured by Hero which is a highly reputable brand in the world of bicycles.

Allen Key & Spanner included

you can install this bicycle easily with the help of those tools. It can be also utilized for the future adjustments that you need or desire for your bicycle.

Ideal Tire Size

The 26 inches tires size is just perfect for adults with normal height.

Extended Lifespan

This bicycle can last for up to 11 years which surely makes the most out of your money.

Caliper Brakes

Caliper brakes are known to provide strong braking performance for your added safety.

Rigid Suspension

This guarantees the reduction of shocks and improved handling.

Chain Cover

This protects the chains from foreign objects that might hir it while you are riding.

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What Do We like

Superb comfort

The nice cushions that this bicycle seat and steering handle has will give you extreme comfort while you are riding the bicycle.

Responsive Reflectors

An added safety feature so that you can ride safer at night as other motorists can see you easily.

Reliable Mudguards

It protects your body and skin from terrible mud and dirt that are prevalent if you ride on wet road conditions.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were obsereved.


The wonderful accessories and nice features such as caliper brakes, decent tire size, and many more are perfect for casual cyclists. It will definitely bring out the style and at the same time, this bicycle can also be your good friend in doing some errands because it has basket storage in front of it where you can put a lot of things.

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