Hero Brat 16T Single Speed Cycle Review

Comfortable ride and powerfull handling are the two factors that you should look for when buying a bicycle for your child. With those factors present, you will have the ability to be comfortable, especially on long rides. It will also lessen the effort needed for you to maneuver the bicycle without having a hard time. With regards to that, this bicycle will surely make your riding experience really rewarding.

Comes in Pre-Assembled State

This bicycle is delivered in an 85% assembled state so that you can quickly assemble it once it arrived at your doorstep.

Dual Caliper Brakes

It ensures that your child is completely safe throughout his riding session.

Steel material

The frame is composed of highly-durable steel that promotes overall longevity on the bicycle and, at the same time, keep your child safe while riding.

Trainer Wheels

This bicycle has an inclusion of a set of trainer wheels so that your child is completely safe while riding and, at the same time, become a learning curve to your child to improve their biking skills.

Additional Accessories Included

Along with the package, you will also get some free accessories such as carrier and mudguards.

Rigid Suspension

It promotes a lot of stability on the bicycle for better performance.

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What Do We like

Elegant Style

The nice stylish exterior that it has will surely make your child look nice while you are riding the bicycle.


It is made of the finest materials that guarantee the bicycle will achieve its maximum lifespan.


Maintaining this bicycle is super easy because it does not require you to perform any hard maintenance on it.

Comfy Ride

The soft-cushioned seats will surely make your child feel comfortable while you are riding the bicycle, avoiding any strains that might occur.

Safe to Use

It has anti-skid pedals that will guarantee zero slip making your child safe while they are riding this bicycle.

What We Don’t Like


The seat size is smaller and you can not increase the height of the seat as per your needs.


It has a number of useful features such as Dual Caliper Brakes, Trainer Wheels, Steel Frame, Rigid Suspension, and many more. This will make your child enjoy the fun and excitement that cycling could bring.

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