Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Cycle Review

Riding a bicycle can be a good leisure time wherein you can bond with your family or friends. This is why you should have a nice and functional bicycle for your child that they can use safely. It does not need to be expensive for them to enjoy it fully. Just like this bicycle, which is perfect for children that are in the age range of 6 to 7 years, it is affordable and, at the same time, has premium qualities that they will love.

Dual Caliper Brakes

This is an assurance that the kid who will be using it will be entirely safe because of the efficient brakes that it has.

Nice Suspension

It has a rigid suspension that will guarantee that the child is completely comfortable even on rough terrains.

Steel Frame

This is an assurance that the bicycle is completely durable and will last longer and, most importantly, keep your child safe while riding.

Design and Functionality

This bicycle has a combination of style and functionalities; that’s why you can trust it for long rides while giving you an elegant look.

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What Do We like

Tools Included

The bicycle is delivered into a pre-assembled state along with a free Allen key and spanner for hassle-free assembly.

Accessories Included

There is a free set of mudguards, reflectors, and chain cover that comes along in the package.

Ergonomic Body and Comfortable Seat

This will give you superb relaxation while you are riding the bike, avoiding soreness and injuries.

Great Handling

It has responsive steering that will let you drive it with ease.

Competitive Price

The price is not that high that’s why people from all walks of life will be able to afford it.

What We Don’t Like


The tire tubes are of not good quality and get punctured easily.


This bicycle has nice features such as Dual Caliper Brakes, Nice Suspension, and Steel Frame. Along with that are free accessories and tools that come along with the package.

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