Dexter Mountain Bike Review

When buying a bicycle, you must ensure that it is of great quality to ensure that it can withstand everyday use. Aside from that, comfort must be taken seriously along with the safety features of the bicycle to avoid accidents from happening. With regard to that, we would like to recommend this bicycle. It will give you peace of mind while you are riding the bicycle. This is truly a nice bicycle that is worth considering.

Linear Pull Brakes

This will make you super safe because it will let you brake efficiently while riding.

Front Suspensions

It will give you superb comfort while riding, especially if there are lots of bumps on the road, which makes it perfect to use for trekking and rough terrains.

21-Speed Shifter

It gives you the ability to improve your riding performance to ensure that you can adjust the speed easily, depending on the road condition.

Ergonomic Design

It allows you to have better posture and grip on the bicycle to avoid and soreness or injuries, especially on long rides.

Carbon-Steel Frame

Carbon is known to be lightweight, that’s why it is portable and at the same time, improves your handling while you are riding the bicycle.

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What Do We like

Low Price

Since it has a low price tag, people will not have a hard time buying it.

Beautiful Style

It has a beautiful-looking exterior to make you feel proud and amazing while you are riding the bicycle.

No Maintenance

You do not have to do extensive maintenance for this bicycle to function perfectly, while it will save you a lot of effort.

What We Don’t Like


The built quality is not that great and there’s a little noise when braking.


In this bicycle, you will enjoy astounding features such as Linear Pull Brakes, 21-Speed Shifter, Front Suspensions, Ergonomic Design, and Carbon-Steel Frame. Aside from that, it has numerous advantages that you can benefit from.

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