Baybee Coaster Baby Tricycle for Kids Review

When a child learns how to ride a bicycle, it gives them some sort of confidence which is beneficial for their personal growth. Just make sure that the bicycle that you’ll buy has all the features that you are looking for. There are several factors to look out for, just like the size of the wheels, brakes, shock absorbs (if necessary), and many more.

You must ensure that they are on their proper size and specs. This is the reason why we would like to introduce you to Baybee Coaster Baby Tricycle bicycle, which is truly worth buying. We will tackle its features and advantages on bulleted points below.


Three-Spoke Plastic Alloy Wheels

Alloy metal is known to be lightweight and highly durable for the better overall performance of the tricycle.

EVA-Coated 10 Wheels

This adds up some sort of protection to the wheels so that it can withstand the daily use of the tricycle.

LED and Music Feature

This tricycle emits lovely sounds and colorful LED lights so that your child will not be bored while riding, making their experience more interactive.

Storage Basket

Your child can put their things on it, such as toys, snacks, or tumbler.

Non-Slip Pedals

It promotes safe riding for your child as it will prevent slipping, which is one of the primary causes of accidents in bicycles.

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What Do We like

Heavy-Duty Metal Frame

It gives you the guarantee that the tricycle will truly last long.


Expect that this tricycle will last long because of the high-quality materials that it has.

No Maintenance

You do not need to perform any hard maintenance on it for it to reach its full potential.

What We Don’t Like

Music system

The music system does not have an on and off switch only way to stop is to remove the batteries.


The Heavy-Duty Metal Frame, Three-Spoke Plastic Alloy Wheels, EVA-Coated 10 Wheels, LED lights, Music Feature, Storage Basket, and etc. Those features and functionalities will surely give you child fun moments and excitement.

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