COSEE Waterproof Mattress Protector Review

People spend a lot of time looking for the best mattress to sleep on. However, the most important sleeping accessory is not a soft mattress, a cuddly pillow or a comfy blanket; it is the humble mattress protector. 

It is often overlooked but is as essential as other products to ensure a good night’s sleep. It is especially beneficial in the long run as it protects the mattress and extends its life. 

Now you might think, what is the role of a mattress protector for good sleep? 

Well, we had the opportunity to experience the best mattress protectors from Cosee; and we can list a multitude of benefits of using this product.

COSEE Waterproof Mattress Protector Review 1


Spills and stains

The first and foremost reason you would require this mattress protector is to protect the mattress from unwanted spills and stains. Even if you are very careful, you are bound to stain the sheet at some point. 

If you have hyperactive kids, it becomes difficult to keep the mattresses clean. With the Cosee mattress protector, you can have fun without being worried about the consequences of damaging your expensive mattress. 

We tested this by pouring a generous amount of water on it. It could be simply wiped off. We even checked the mattress underneath, and sure enough, the water did not seep through.

Dust protection

Mattresses tend to pick up dust over a period of time. The particles will intertwine with the mattress’s fabric and might cause breathing problems. 

This poses a serious issue for those with pre-existing breathing conditions. The Cosee mattress protector will protect the mattress from dust particles so you can sleep comfortably. 

While you will also see some dust settling on the protector, we could easily flick it off with a cloth effortlessly, making it ready to sleep in just a few seconds. 

The protector also has hypoallergenic and antibacterial power that will prevent allergies from kicking in and ensure a peaceful sleep. 


The Cosee mattress protector features a breathable design that can effectively absorb sweat and other bodily fluids. It is natural to sweat while sleeping, but it can stain your beautiful mattress. 

The protector will prevent these stains and save the mattress from being spoiled. Even after a few nights of use, we did not notice any visible stains on the mattress due to sweat. 

It can also be very helpful if your kids are prone to bedwetting.


Unlike a mattress that needs to be hand washed every few days to keep it clean, the Cosee mattress protector can be machine washed. You can dry it, and then it will be ready to use again. 

The protector becomes soft and silky after the wash without much effort. Since the mattress protector is so effective, we did not feel the need to wash it after our usage. 

This will also significantly reduce the number of times you need to wash your mattress, as it was relatively fresh, thanks to the protector.


Cosee mattress protector is available in 4 different sizes and dimensions for the most popular bed sizes. The protectors have spandex edges with amazing elasticity to snugly fit the bed. 

We noticed that it also prevents the formation of wrinkles after a night’s sleep. It also keeps the mattress in place and does not become messy or unorganized.


This mattress protector has been crafted after thorough research and taking into consideration the insights of Indian sleepers. This analysis has helped improve the product quality, and it is reflected in the luxurious sleep that we had. 

It provided us with a comfortable and sterile sleeping environment with hygienic conditions.

Best Suited for Whom

It is best suited for individuals looking to improve their immunity to fight against infections like cold, flu, or sickness. 

These tablets are ideal for improving the recovery period post-infection, healing wounds, and maintaining healthy and gorgeous skin.


  • Efficient stain protection and quick removal.
  • Easy fitting for multiple bed sizes.
  • Convenient machine washing without any trouble.
  • The comfortable feel on the skin to ensure a good sleep.
  • Keeps the mattress fresh and as good as new.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
  • Excellent elasticity keeps the mattress protector in shape for long.


  • While the spills can be cleaned easily, fluids leave a wet mark that takes a few minutes to completely go away.
  • The stitched spandex edges are good for standard bed sizes, but it will take a bit of effort to fit the protector over unconventional bed sizes.


In conclusion, the Cosee waterproof mattress protector is a versatile product suitable for everyone. 

This is a must-have sleeping accessory if you wish to increase your mattress’s longevity and improve your sleeping experience.