Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow Review

A good night’s sleep relieves you of stress and keeps you healthy. Hence, it is important to invest in good sleeping accessories. People are usually focused on mattresses as it is the largest and costliest purchase. 

Pillows often fly under the radar, and they are generally last-minute buys with little consideration. 

When was the last time you spent time and effort looking for a comfy pillow? Pillows are just as essential in contributing to quality sleep as your mattresses. They determine the position of how your head rests. 

A sub-par pillow might contribute to neck and shoulder pain. You will wake up in more distress than when you slept. 

A nice pillow feels good on the skin and alleviates your fatigue, and prevents neck pain.

If you have never given enough consideration to buy a high-quality pillow, it is never too late to start. And if you have, wouldn’t it be nice to have an upgrade? 

We had the pleasure of using Cosee’s cloud ball fiber pillow, which checks all the boxes of a premium pillow. Here are some of the features and our experience with it.

Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow



Cosee Cloud Ball Fiber Pillow Image

Cosee Cloud Ball Fibre pillow gives your body and head the comfort it deserves. The moment we rested our head on the pillow, a sense of tranquility took over. 

It hugs the head and provides a feeling of safety so you can sleep peacefully. The trendy peach velvet material adds life and vibrancy to your bedroom.

The pillow is fluffy and offers firm support to your neck and shoulders too. It is made from durable and spongy 300TC cotton fabric. 

The edges are very soft, making it safe for kids to play and snuggle with it. 

The traditional ergonomic design, combined with the latest technology of ball fibre micro-quilted fabric layers, makes the pillow fluffy and bouncy. The premium comfort puts you to sleep within minutes. 


The pillow has been designed after thousands of customer home visits and numerous sleep tests. Cosee came up with the special head-lifting design, using the information obtained from these visits and tests. 

This resulted in a cloud pillow with the latest technology that is ultra-soft and comfy. This is reflected in how unbelievably smooth the pillow felt on our skin, which almost made it impossible to let go!

A majority of office-goers suffer from spine, back and neck pain issues. We are not any different and face the same problems every day. 

Sleeping with Cosee’s pillow for a few nights considerably reduced the pain. We woke up fresher and fatigue-free, unlike when we slept using standard pillows. 

It is also very lightweight, making it convenient to move around. 

Care and Maintenance

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The pillow is naturally soft and long-lasting. It does not become flaccid or hard after long-time use, like other inexpensive pillows. 

It is very easy to clean: you can just drop it in the washing machine and dry it. It will be as good as new and ready for use. It did not lose colour or texture even after multiple washes. 

You do not need a pillow cover to protect it due to its natural tailored look. It looks beautiful on its own and enhances your bedroom’s vibe. 

The easy washability is another reason why you do not need a cover. It also promotes better air circulation and protects you from dust, mites, bacteria and allergens.


  • The pillow uses the latest and best quality material to offer a comfortable sleeping experience. 
  • It is long-lasting and retains its original shape even after long-term use. 
  • It alleviates the common spine and neck pain problems.
  • It is machine washable, saving you time and effort.
  • You can save money as a pillow protector, or cover is not required.


  • It comes in only one standard size of 27×17 inches, which might not be ideal for every individual.
  • The dark aesthetic of the pillow may not match the decor of all bedrooms and bed sheets.


In conclusion, this modern pillow from Cosee satisfies all the things needed from a luxurious quality pillow at an affordable price, and you do not need to look any further.