Coloressence Compact Powder Review

Coloressence manufactures and markets various makeup products like kajal, eyeliner, compact, foundation, blush, bridal sindoor, etc. It is a “Made In India” brand that is situated in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, and has its registered office in Delhi. The company specializes in products that are specially curated for Indian skin tones.

The Coloressence compact powder is made of micronized powder particles that are blended to give an ultra fine and velvety look to your skin. It’s ultra fine particles hide blemishes and dark spots effectively to give you an even-toned natural look.

How to use

Using a makeup sponge or powder sponge, apply the compact powder around the nose, T area, and other oily areas to mattify.

Soft focus

This high definition compact powder creates a soft focus effect on the skin.

Radiant complexion

It masks fine lines and imperfections and gives a radiant complexion.

Complete coverage

The soft and invisible powder gives full coverage for a natural look.

Retains moisture

It does not dry out the skin and retains its natural moisture.

Dermatologically tested

It is a dermatologically tested and approved product that is 100% safe for all skin types.

4 varied shades

The compact powder is available in 4 various shades to suit every Indian skin tone.

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What Do We like


The compact is ideal for a budget-friendly buyer.


The powder comes in a compact 10 gm container that can be easily carried.


The powder is oil-free and gives a matte finish.


It is a very lightweight, compact powder that melts entirely in your skin.

Flawless finish

It is a soft and satin pressed powder that can be used over a foundation or alone for a perfect finish.

Pleasant scent

The compact has a pleasant fragrance.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were found


The Coloressence compact powder is a safe product for all skin types and is available in 4 shades that match every skin tone. It does not leave white patches on your skin and blends effortlessly in your skin. You do not have to do frequent touch ups since the powder stays for a long time and mattifies your skin.

Unlike many compact powders, it does not dry out the skin by retaining the skin’s natural moisture. Therefore, if you are looking for an economical compact that controls oil and keeps your makeup in place and can be used daily, this one’s an ideal purchase.

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