Xmate Vue 2MP Home Security IP Camera Review

The Xmate is a leading brand that manufactures lifestyle electronics accessories. The company mainly manufacture products like mobile accessories, laptop accessories, audio accessories, and small remote-operated cameras.

The Xmate Vue security camera features a dimension of the 9*7*17 centimeter. It comes with an optical sensor resolution of 2 megapixels. The camera is ideal for monitoring houses, showrooms, etc. to ensure safety.

Wide Angle and Mega Pixel

The IP camera comes with a wide-angle view of 130 degrees and has an adjustable base. It can capture an entire room without having to pan or tilt. It comes with a 2 MP resolution, which helps you capture even the most minute detail. You can view the details clearly by zooming the image.

Live Steam & Two Ways Audio

The camera features an in-built speaker and mic. This allows the user to communicate with the family members and other people if the person is out using the remote view mobile app.

Remote View Friendly

It can be easily monitored and controlled with a mobile phone app. The control of the camera is user-friendly. The user has to adjust the settings of activity alerts and camera sharing according to their preferences.

Day & Night Vision

The day & night vision technology ensures precise and high-quality images day and night. Eight built-in 940nm infrared fill LED provides a clear night vision up to 10 meters.

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What Do We like

Motion Detection

The camera has motion detection technology, which helps in capturing motion. As soon as movement is detected, it directly sends a notification to the mobile so that the user can easily keep an eye from a distance.

Video Recording

The camera can support a 128G micro SD card. The videos can be easily operated from smartphones. The video recording feature helps in recording all types of motion, and if the network is interrupted, the Wi-Fi camera will still run and record all the videos.

What We Don’t Like

No 360 Degree Angle

The camera does not have a 360-degree wide-angle for wider area coverage. It is restricted to 130-degrees.


The Xmate IP camera can capture high-quality images. It comes with a wide-angle view of 130 degrees. The camera has motion detection technology, which helps in detecting motion during day and night. It notifies the user to remain up to date about the things going around his house.

The day and night vision feature allows the camera to capture the images without any disturbance, even at night. The two-way audio facility enables the user to talk to their family members using the remote view app. It is a user-friendly camera that is worth buying.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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