V.T.I. IP Dual Antenna Wireless Indoor Security Camera Review

V.T.I is a leading brand which mainly manufactures computer, electronics products, and cameras. The V.T.I cam is designed in a way that makes it better suited for shops, houses, showrooms, etc. The camera has a dimension of 15.2*15.2*12.7 centimeters and a resolution of 720p. It includes a digital storage capacity of 64GB. The motion detection captures motion and sends notifications to the user.

Wide Angle View

The camera has a wide-angle view of 360 degrees, which helps in rotating the camera horizontally. It also comes with pan tilt rotation.

Motion Detection

The motion detection technology helps in capturing all kinds of motion during day and night. It sends notifications to a particular mobile so the user can remain up to date about all the things taking place inside their rooms.

Video Recording

The camera has a video recording facility, which helps in recording videos and keep it safe for further use if there is any. It can easily support an SD card of 64GB to store the recordings.

Night Vision

The night vision facility captures the images during the night with high quality. The camera also can focus on minute details, which can be easily seen by zooming.

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What Do We like

Audio Facility

The audio facility allow the user to talk to their family members and instruct them from a distance. It ensures tension-free use.

Infrared LEDs

The camera is consists of the infrared LED, which automatically will turn on in the low light and captures high-quality images.


The camera can be connected through wifi. It can be set up with ease.

What We Don’t Like


The camera does not support more than 64 GB of storage cards, which may cause inconvenience in the long run.


The V.I.T camera is one of the best quality cameras. It supports the 64GB SD card, which can store all the videos and captured pictures. The camera has a wide-angle view of 360 degrees with pan tilt rotation. The infrared LED technology automatically gets turned on during the low light and captures the best images.

The user has an audio facility, which allows the user to talk to their family members. The night vision technology helps in capturing the pictures during the night. The motion detection feature detects motion and sends a notification to the user. The night vision feature makes the camera focus on everything, even in low light conditions and at night.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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