TP-Link NC450 HD Camera with Night Vision Review

Tp-Link is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen. They manufacture all kinds of networking equipment for your home and business purposes. This company is 20+ years old and gained the trust of customers.

This night vision outdoor CCTV camera from TP-Link is equipped with advanced technology and comes with many features. Starting from its 720p video recording, it also tilts horizontally and vertically up to a certain degree. Motion and sound detection is the key feature of this product. Let’s talk pros and cons to find out more about the product.

720p HD recording

In this modern era, 720p quality of video recording is the minimum required resolution. This indoor-outdoor camera from Tp-link has a glass lens and a 1/4? progressive scan CMOS sensor. Both pictures and videos captured by this device are of crystal clear quality.

Smooth tilt for a better view

This indoor-outdoor camera is mainly used for surveillance purposes, whether in your home or office. To get a wider view using this camera, you can smoothly pan or tilt the camera horizontally and vertically both. You can pan the camera 360 degrees horizontally and 150 degrees vertically, so you can watch and record every movement of your house or office.

Motion and sound detecting

This TP-Link indoor/outdoor camera comes with motion and sound detector hardware built-in. One of the most needed features in any surveillance camera. What it does is it will detect any motion or sound and then it will let you know about it by sending an email, no matter where you are. So you be alert immediately and know what’s going on.

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What Do We like

Automatic motion tracking

This is an advanced feature of this camera which many others do not have at this price range. The automatic motion tracking works like a smart sensor. It locks the camera’s angle to the moving object within its visibility and follows the moving object. This feature comes very handily to keep an eye on your pet as well for the surveillance purpose of your home and office.

Night vision 

NC450 is a night vision enabled indoor-outdoor camera from TP-Link. During the night time, it automatically switches to black and white video mode to capture every pixel with more detail. The 720p video and image capturing device can capture images from a distance of 25 feet in darkness and yet you will be able to see everything in that picture for this night vision feature of this camera. Install this camera outside your home and you can see anyone coming from a long distance.


This NC450 indoor-outdoor camera does not come with a micro sd card, but it supports one of up to 128gb. When you are away and it is recording or capturing images automatically, it is storing in the micro sd card. The videos it records do not require much space too. One hour of video would normally take 250mb of space to store. On the average settings, it will take around 30 days to full one 128gb micro sd card.


Communication became, even more, easier now. This camera has 2-way streaming audio speakers, which works as a microphone as well as a speaker. This means if you have installed 3 of these cameras in 3 different rooms then you can listen to what’s happening in the other rooms and also you can talk back to the device and they will be able to listen to you through their camera.

Access anywhere

Now you can access and control the camera using an app on your smartphone. The camera app will allow you to record videos and capture pictures from your mobile phone using the internet. Remember that the camera you have installed should also be connected to wifi to access it remotely.

What We Don’t Like


Many other companies are providing the autofocus feature on the camera at the same price range. Not having autofocus may cause you to some trouble if the device gets out of focus sometimes. This is not exactly a con of this product but this feature should have been provided by Tp-Link at this price range.


Nowadays everyone wants a little more security. This indoor-outdoor camera from TP-Link is a decent product for this surveillance purpose. You can remotely access it from your mobile phone and also can use those devices to communicate with others in different rooms. The clarity of the pictures and videos are amazing and clear. This does not have a battery in it, it runs on a continuous supply of electricity. Buy this camera and secure your home or office.

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Koushik Mondal

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