Teconica 720p HD CCTV Camera Review

Teconica is a leading company that manufactures electronics products like water jar filling machines, water bottle filling machines, and various other products like earphones, cameras, and electronic wearable, etc. The Teconica security camera features the perfect design that blends with the decor of shops, showrooms, and houses.

It is a compact camera with dimensions of 3*3*3 centimeter. The camera captures high-quality images, while the night vision provides clear footage even at night. It also includes a motion detection feature as well as inbuilt speakers. Let us look at the features of the camera in detail.

360-Degree Mobile Control

It comes with a 360-degree mobile controller, which allows the user to rotate the camera horizontally and vertically from anywhere using mobile applications.

Night Vision

The infrared lens of the camera ensures crisp and clear HD images during the night. Hence, it provides complete surveillance even at night and low-light situations.

Real Plug and Play

The camera is user-friendly. This smart wireless camera is designed with an easy setup feature, which allows the user to install it by themselves. You can also easily play recordings.

Video Recording

The video recording feature enables the recording of the video during night and day with a high-quality image. The camera has a 64 Gb SD card, which suggests that it has sufficient space to store all the videos.

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What Do We like

Motion Detection

The motion detection technology captures all types of motion and sends notifications to the respective mobile. It keeps the user up to date about the activities taking place at home or shop, even during their absence.

Inbuilt speaker

The camera features an in-built speaker and mic, which allows the user to talk to their family member from a distance.

What We Don’t Like

No Full HD

The security camera does not provide full HD resolution footage. It only supports 720p.


The Teconica camera is one of the best choices to consider buying. It is long-lasting and has a wide-angle view of 360 degrees, which allows the user to rotate the camera horizontally as well as vertically. The camera has real and plugs feature for its easy installation.

The in-built speaker and mic allow communication with family members. It also includes motion detection technology, which helps in detecting the motion during night and day. Hence, it is an ideal choice for those looking for a complete security solution. It is user-friendly and a smart wireless security camera.

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Koushik Mondal

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