SYL V380 1080P Robot Camera Review

SYL is a leading brand which mainly manufactures mobile products like mobile charger, mobile cables, earphones, and electronic products like cameras. The SYL camera has the perfect design, which makes it attractive. It comes with a resolution of 1080p.

The camera can be easily connected with the mobile app so that the user can easily remain up to date about all the activities taking place at home. It has a wide-angle view of 75 degrees. The built-in memory card is provided for video storage. Also, the night vision feature provides clear footage in low lighting.

Wide Angle View

The camera has a 75.7-degree wide-angle view. It can easily pan-tilt using the phone or any personal computer. The camera can also be rotated in any direction with the help of your mobile.

Built-in Memory Card

It consists of a micro SD card with storage of up to 128GB, which helps in the recording. The camera can easily cover the old record files and re-white from beginning automatically.

Night vision

The night vision technology helps in capturing high-quality images and record videos during the night with the help of an infrared lens. It can easily capture the distance up to 10 meters at night.

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What Do We like

Video Recording

The camera can easily record videos, which can be easily played back by the user whenever he needs it. It also stores the old footage, even when there is any network issue.

Built-in Mic

The built-in mic and speaker enables two-way communication between the user and their family members from a distance. The user can easily remain up to date about all the activities taking place in their shop and house.

What We Don’t Like

No 360-degree angle

The camera does not have a wide-angle view of 360 degrees for extensive coverage. It is limited to 75 degrees.


The SYL security camera is one of the best cameras to consider buying. The white color and stylish design blend perfectly well in the modern decor of houses, shops, showrooms, etc. It has a wide-angle view of 75.7 degrees with a 1080p resolution for capturing high-quality images.

The night vision helps in capturing the minute details of the area up to 10 meters with high quality. The camera consists of the inbuilt mic and speaker, which helps in connecting the two people in a conversation. The storage capacity of 128Gb helps in recording and storing videos. It has an inbuilt memory card for storage of the footage.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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