Sricam SP023 Outdoor Security Camera Review

Sricam manufactures mainly security exams, IP cameras. infrared camera, gun-type camera for residence and business areas. They are waterproof and will deliver you flawless images and video recording.

This is a 1080p HD resolution CCTV security camera for your home and office purposes. This is equipped with a CMOS sensor and 0.1 Lux with an aperture of F1.2 for better image quality. This is a 2MP camera and needs high-speed internet to function properly. Let’s take a deeper look at the product to know more.

1080p HD recording

This CCTV camera supports 1080p recording and naturally, the image quality becomes even better than a 720p quality camera. Capture high-quality images and high definition videos and secure your home or office.

Recording mode

This HD camera comes with various types of recording modes to choose from. You can choose manual recording or give a timer for recording as well. They come handy from time to time.


This is an ideal choice of a security camera if you planning to install a camera on the outside of your house for surveillance purpose. This is not only a 1080p camera but also is IP66 rated and waterproof. It is suitable for any weather conditions and performs smoothly. It can protect itself from water, dust and many things.

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What Do We like

Motion sensor

The motion sensor will detect any kind of activity and will quickly notify you via sending an email. This way even if you were not checking the video feed, you will know that something’s wrong and will be alerted.

Night vision feature

Every CCTV camera should have this feature called “Night vision”. The built-in infrared illumination or IR LED’s range is about 10-15 meters. That means this night vision enabled camera can take crystal clear pictures in absolute darkness up to 50 feet. The sensors that help to capture images or record videos are of advanced quality.

Multi platform access

You can access this CCTV security camera to any device you want. Starting from the push notification that it sends you on your email if it detects any motion to watching the live video feed on your computer or laptop. This is compatible with all of the – Laptops, computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.


This CCTV camera supports up to 128gb of micro sd card in it. This does not come with any sd cards right out of the box. One hour of 1080p video recording would consume around 450-500mb of space, a little bit more than the 720p recordings. This is why storage support is important.

What We Don’t Like

High speed internet

This CCTV camera is made to work with high-speed internet connections. If you do not have any high-speed internet connection this will not work properly. You can use it via a Wifi router or Wifi dongle as well. Make sure to remember that any wifi hotspot from your mobile phone is not going to work, no matter how fast connection you have recharged in your phone. This seems to be a con for the areas where high-speed internet is not available yet or where the network is not stable


This can be considered as the major drawback of this product. This only records high definition video, not the audio with it. They have upgraded the model to a 1080p version but removed the audio recording feature which makes it even. At this price range, video recording with audio would have been perfect.


This is a 2MP CCTV security camera from Sricam which is made for your house and office surveillance purpose with lots of features in it. This records high definition 1080p quality videos and captures amazingly clear pictures. Now it supports every platform you have available, starting from a mobile phone to a computer. There are some cons that you may ignore if they are not relevant to what you require. This product is a good value for money and it comes with 6 months of product warranty as well.

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Koushik Mondal

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