Sricam SP020 IP CCTV Camera Review

Sricam manufactures mainly security exams, IP cameras. infrared camera, gun-type camera for residence and business areas. This Sricam CCTV camera has many advanced features. This is a very low-budget device offering you features you couldn’t possibly imagine. Let’s talk about this device in detail to know more about it.

1080p HD recording

Sricam has provided a 1080p video recording in this low-budget device. This comes with a 1/4? COMS sensors, and it is a 2MP HD camera. This will capture amazingly clear pictures and records videos at a resolution of 1920×1080 that is 1080p. The high definition video can also be streamed from your smartphone and you don’t even have to be there, you could be anywhere in the world.

Motion detector

This advanced CCTV camera has a motion detection feature built-in. It will sense any kind of motion and will notify you by sending an email immediately. No matter what part of the world you are, you will know if anything is wrong.


When your CCTV camera records 1080p high definition videos then storage has to be one of the concerns. Sricam has thought all about it and made sure that this device will support up to 128gb of micro sd card. One hour of 1080p recording will take up to 600mb of space. A 128gb micro sd card will probably take around 15-18 days to be full.

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What Do We like

Motion tracking

This CCTV camera comes with a motion-tracking hardware built-in the device. It will help the camera detect any kind of movement or motion and will follow the moving object. With its automatic push notification setting, you will be notified in no time when such activities are being recorded. Everything will be done very quickly by the camera itself.

Two-way audio

Whereas most of the CCTV cameras do not record the audio, this one does not only record the audio but the speakers of the camera work as two-way audio. That means if it is installed indoor, in different rooms then you can hear sounds from the other room, and then you can communicate with them talking back to the same speakers of the camera. This is a very useful feature of this camera.

Access anywhere

In the era of technology, everything is digital and is controlled either by your computer or mobile. This CCTV is no exception, you can control and watch the live feed from your mobile phone from anywhere. You do not have to be physically present or does not have to sit in front of a computer either. Access your CCTV camera remotely from your smartphone.

AP hotspot monitoring

Internet connections are not always stable. These cameras need internet connectivity to function properly. In order to keep connected to your laptop or mobile, they create an AP hotspot by themselves. Also, the images and the videos are always being saved in the micro sd cards.

Night vision

The night mode of this CCTV camera is absolutely great because it comes with 10 infrared night vision LED’s built-in. In total darkness, it will still capture crystal clear images and everything in the picture will be visible as well as it won’t get pixelated. As far as the video recording goes, you won’t notice any kind of quality difference.

Plug n play

This is one of those CCTV cameras that are very easy to install and use. Just mount them where you want them to be, plug in the power and internet connectivity and boom, you are all set to go.


This CCTV camera is made to be user-friendly and it is. It is very easy to install and use, and you can also mount it anywhere on the ceiling or on the wall. If you are not gonna mount it anywhere, you can keep it flat on any table too.

What We Don’t Like

Heats up

The device is heating up a little bit if turned on for 24/7 as a normal CCTV should be. If you have to give it rest for sometimes then there is no point in using a CCTV right?


This is one of the finest low-budget CCTV cameras from Sricam. It is providing you with all the necessary features such as two-way audio, night vision, automatic motion tracking, and whatnot. This is a great deal if you are looking for a camera for surveillance purposes to install at your home or office.

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Koushik Mondal

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