Royallite Wireless IP Security Home Surveillance Smart Camera Review

Royallite is a trustworthy brand all over the world. They specialize in CCTV solutions and manufactures many products related to this, such as CCTV cameras, IP cameras, Infrared cameras, etc.

The budget-friendly indoor smart camera will allow you to do many things. You can take care of your pet, watch over the nanny, and monitor your employees. It also works as a baby monitor. This 1080p high-definition smart security camera is full of features. Let’s talk about the features, pros, and cons of this device.

1080p HD recording

The 105 degrees wide-angle 1080p HD camera clicks pictures and records videos like a charm. The advance crystal 2 MP lens will provide you exceptional results. Even at night, it will provide you with HD quality footage.


The primary purpose of a security camera is to record everything. This camera supports a micro sd card of up to 128gb. Also, you can save footage or pictures on your computer and smartphones as well.

Multi installation

This is not only easy to install but also comes with multi installation. You can mount this security camera in 3 ways. You can hang it, put it somewhere flat on a table or ground, or you can mount it to the wall the old fashioned way. Install the camera according to your needs.

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What Do We like

Night vision

The night vision mode of this 1080p HD camera is impressive. It has four infrared LED lights of 850nm, which helps the camera captures images and videos in complete darkness. It captures everything with proper details at night, maintains visibility, and makes it easier for you to watch and identify suspicious activity.

Two-way audio transmission

The speakers work both ways, as a speaker and as a microphone. Using your smartphone’s speaker, you can talk to your loved ones back at home, and they can also talk back to you. With its noise cancellation feature, the sounds of both parties are smooth and crisp, and there is no background noise.

Access remotely from anywhere

If you have a smartphone, then you’re just only two steps away from connecting to your loved ones back home. Install an app called the “360eyes” app on your android or IOS device. Go through a quick setup of the application to get started. Once you are done with all the technical parts, it is time to say hello to the family.


The smart security camera can be tilted about 355 degrees horizontally and 65 degrees vertically. Make sure to place it in a place where it can cover most of the area of your house to record everything that’s been happening when you are not around.

Motion detection

This wireless smart security camera can detect any movement or activity around the house. As soon as it detects anything unusual, it sends a push notification mail to your registered email address to notify you if something is wrong.

3D panorama view

This smart security camera comes with a 3D panorama view feature. It covers a wider-viewing angle and records everything in its visibility. You can zoom in or out from your smartphone and can adjust the viewing angle as well. Clicking on the screen will give instructions to the camera to focus on the subject and take a picture.

What We Don’t Like

High-speed internet connectivity

The only minor drawback of this product would be the requirement of its high-speed stable internet connectivity to function correctly. If you do not have a good internet connection in your area, then think twice before buying this product.


This mid-ranged smart security camera is a unique one. The multi installation feature comes in handy for different purposes. You can instruct and control your camera from your smartphone as well. Also, this comes with a 1-year warranty on the product. It is famous for residential or office surveillance purposes.

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Koushik Mondal

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