Royallite 180° D1002W Panoramic IP CCTV Camera Review

Royallite security group is a trusted global manufacturer of security solution devices for residential and office purposes. They manufacture CCTV cameras, IP cameras, and many other surveillance systems.

The sleek design of this CCTV camera is its main attraction, and the features that come with it at this low price range are unbelievable. A unique feature is introduced in this security camera, which is called “Fisheye.” Let’s talk in detail about the features, pros, and cons of this product.

Easy and quick installation

This is the kind of CCTV camera that needs no assistance to install. You don’t need any technician either. This device is so easy to install that you can do it by yourself within no time.

720p HD recording

The high-quality CMOS sensors capture footage with great detail in 720p resolution. The high definition video recording and the image capturing won’t disappoint you. The visibility of the images and videos are crystal clear, even at night.


This royallite CCTV camera comes with a dedicated micro sd card that supports up to 128gb. Backup every month before it becomes full and stops recording.


This is one of the best features of this CCTV camera. The fisheye or the 3D feature lets the camera cover a wide 180 degrees angle with no blind spot. These lenses are very advanced and provide you with a 3D view when watching the live feed. Since this 180-degree feature is already in the device, it needs no panning manually.

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What Do We like

Night vision

The night vision mode of this camera switches on automatically when it is dark. The infrared LED lights can help the CCTV camera capture images and record videos that are perfectly visible up to 10 meters. The footage or the images it takes in complete darkness are very clear and crisp, and it does not leave behind any detail.

Two-way audio

Now it does not matter where you are. Take out your smartphone to watch the live feed as well as to talk with your loved ones because the speaker that comes with this CCTV camera works as a two-way audio transmitter. It can be used to listen to your voice as well as to speak. Best choice for residential and office purposes.

Remote access

You can always keep an eye on your loved ones or your pets if you are away from home. Install an app called “Camhi” on your smartphone and then go through the easy and quick setup. Once you have done that, you are good to go. You can monitor the activities happening at home and talk to your loved ones in the way of video chat.

Share camera

This is a unique feature that very few other brands provide in their CCTV cameras. You can share the live feed footage with your family or friends to monitor as well. By sharing this with other persons, you increase the security because even if you are not watching the live feed, someone else must be on the watch.


The videos it records and the images it captures are stored in the micro sd card. If you connect your mobile phone with the CCTV camera, then you can access the footage and images as well.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points were observed so far.


Royallite is the best when it comes to security cameras. This CCTV camera provides you with every feature possible at a reasonable rate. It offers you a wide-angle coverage called fisheye. The two-way audio communication system is for people who are away from home. It also enables you to talk to loved ones. This is a must-buy product that offers excellent value for money.

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Koushik Mondal

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