Mi SXJ02ZM Home Security Camera Review

Xiaomi Corporation is a trusted Chinese company based in Beijing. They have become very popular by providing quality products at a very reasonable rate. They manufacture smartphones, laptops, earphones, televisions, and smart security cameras as well.

This home security camera is a pocket-friendly device that can be compared to many high-end premium devices too. Starting from its 1080p HD recording to the rest of the functions, it is amazing. Let’s discuss the features, pros, and cons to know more about the product.


1080p HD recording

This is one of the best products from Xiaomi at this low price range that provides 1080p HD resolution video recording. The sensors that are being used in this device are pretty decent and the visibility is good. You won’t notice any noise even in the videos recorded in darkness.


MI prioritizes to keep your data safe no matter what. It comes with a micro-sd card slot that supports up to 128gb. It also comes with a NAS storage (that means the products from Xiaomi such as routers that support external storage). Both of these storage combined ensures your data privacy.

Wide-angle view

The latest home security camera is equipped with advanced 130 degrees wide-angle lens that helps to cover most of the area of your house so there are very few blind spots. It will record everything it sees and stores the data in the micro-sd card.

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What Do We like

Night vision mode

This device will switch automatically to night vision mode when it gets dark. With the help of infrared LED lights, this device can record videos in darkness at a distance of up to 10 meters or 30 feet. The video that it records will be crystal clear with no noise in it.

Two-way audio communication

This is a feature that only high-end security cameras provide. Xiaomi at this price range is offering you the two-way audio transmission feature. The speakers that come with this device works as a speaker and as a microphone as well. You can listen to using it and also talk back to it for communication purposes. Now it won’t matter how far you are from your home, you can easily video chat with your loved ones back at home using this feature.

Advanced motion detection

With its upgraded advanced AI motion detector feature, you will not get any false alarms saving your time and efforts. It will detect the motion that is unusual and will notify you immediately by sending you an email along with an attachment of a picture that it took of the activity to let you know what is going on around your house.

Remote access from anywhere

Never leave your loved ones or your pets alone. You can now always monitor them or talk to them using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Install “MI Security Camera 360” on your smartphone and go through the setup process. Connect your smartphone to the camera using the app and watch the live feed, access to footage, do a video chat, etc.


This device can also be paired with Amazon Alexa to work more efficiently. With the “Work with Alexa” feature built-in you can use your Alexa or Echo to give input by voice commands and it will redirect the commands to this Xiaomi home security camera to follow. Controlling a security camera couldn’t get any easier.

Multiple views

Once you are done with your smartphone connecting with the camera part, you can have access to this multiple view feature. On a single screen, you can have access to multiple viewpoints of the home security camera. This means you will be able to see from many angles at the same time without switching from one to another every time you want to see a different angle.

What We Don’t Like


The user will have to keep their internet on everytime they wish to see the recordings, so if there is no internet there will be no footage.


Xiaomi is a brand that always provides products with lots of features but at an affordable price range. This product is no exception either. If the minor con of this product is not a problem for you then the rest of its features are premium. This is a very good value for money and must-buy for indoor purposes of your residence or office.

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