iTrue Smart Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Camera Review

Safety has always been a significant priority among every individual. CCTV cameras are essential in every home or shop as they help in the surveillance of the area.

itrue has introduced us with its Smart Wireless HD IP WiFi CCTV Camera.  This device provides an excellent HD video clarity and works entirely on WiFi connectivity. It supports night vision and two-way audio with easy remote access.

Easy Plug and Play

The device can be monitored using the installation of the free mobile app from the play store. Pair the camera and app over the same Wi-Fi network, after which you can install the camera in the arena where it is needed.

Easy Access

The camera provides for easy remote access. It also looks for previous records when and wherever needed.

Alert Notification

The camera has been designed in an intelligent manner such that no movement or sound gets undetected due to its built-in-motion and sound sensors. You can receive notifications through the app.

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What Do We like

Night vision

The device comes with an infrared night vision that keeps in line with its work, even during the night or dark.

Multiple User Access

The camera can be monitored by more than one individual at the same time using the app.

Tilt and Zoom Camera View

The CCTV camera enables remote pan, a horizontal 355 degree, and a vertical 120-degree view for complete surveillance of the entire area. It also includes a 2X Zoom feature that allows you to view even the most minute details.

Two Way Audio

The CCTV camera allows for two-way communication by which the user can interact with another person using the same app that is used for monitoring the system.

HD Video Quality

The device ensures a crystal clear vision with a resolution of 720P/30fps, 1.0 megapixel.

What We Don’t Like

Network Bandwidth

It works entirely over the WiFi network. If multiple cameras are installed over the same place, then it might result in a decrease in performance and efficiency.


The camera offers live coverage for a specific range. One needs to install an additional camera if a specific area goes out of range, resulting in additional cost.


The CCTV camera requires no long transmission wires and works entirely on WiFi. Hence, it results in a worry-free and convenient installation for the customers. It ensures excellent performance. Moreover, it is an easy product to monitor. With its one-year manufacturer warranty, the device can be a perfect fit for all those looking for a security camera.

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Hari Priya

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