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Cats are cute furry pets that are loved by any animal lover. While it is important to provide your cat with food and treats, she also requires a place to excrete. There are many items included in cat litter essentials, but cat litter boxes play a vital role.

So, what is a cat litter box? Well, it is a box or a pan designed for cats for the collection of its feces and urine. These boxes are also referred to as litter tray, cat box, cat pan, and litter pan. It is also essential to have a litter box for kittens and train them from the start. There are different types of cat litter boxes that you can read about in the next section of this article.

We provide an insight into the importance of a cats litter box. This is followed by a comprehensive buyer’s guide for all new cat owners that explains the factors you need to consider before purchasing a litter box for your cat.

If you are searching for an ideal litter box for your cat, you can go through the detailed review of our Top 6 cat litter boxes. We have provided comprehensive buyers guide along with the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Top 6 Cat Litter Boxes

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Choice
Best Top Entry Litter Box
Best for odor control
Best Hooded Litter Box
Good Quality On a Budget
Best Trainer Litter Box

Importance of Cat Litter Boxes

Cats are very private animals. A cat litter box helps in providing your cat a private space to urinate or eliminate feces. This is the best option if you do not wish to let your cat roam outdoors on their own to prevent dangers such as traffic. Thus, this product allows your cat to relieve themselves without having to go outside.

Cats are very clean animals, and a cat litter box allows them to remain clean. Moreover, cats have an inherent desire to use their paw in a backward sweeping motion to cover the faces. For this reason, the cat litter boxes are filled with granular type cat litter that also absorbs moisture and odor.

A trained cat will always go to the litter box to eliminate waste. This also keeps your house clean with no litter tracking. They are later easily cleaned by scooping out the debris either manually or automatically depending on the type of the cat litter box.

Types of Cat Litter Boxes

Open Litter Pans

These are the most common types of litter boxes for the cat that is available shaped in the form of a rectangular tray with slopes in the outward direction. These pans are made using plastic and allow maximum ventilation for your cat to breathe comfortably.

Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray with Rim Retro

These are the most inexpensive types of cat litter boxes. They often come with detachable rims. The waste collected is then scooped out of the box as it is much more visible than other boxes.

Hooded Litter Boxes

These litter boxes are constructed using plastic and have a design that includes a hood or cover that is meant to cover the litter pan and the cat waste. Your pet cat can quickly enter the box through the opening in the hood. It gives your pet privacy while also making the litterless visible.

Hooded Cat Litter Box

You need to open the cover to scoop out the waste, along with cleaning and changing the litter.

Top-entry litter box

These boxes have an entry or opening on top of the litter box. Your cat would have to climb on top of the box to eliminate waste into a hole. These are ideal for kittens and cats with good physical health but are not recommended for elderly cats or cats that are obese.

Top entry cat litter box

These litter boxes are also designed to include grates on the opening so that the litter or waste that might be present on your cat’s paw falls back into the box. This prevents litter or waste from spreading all over your house.

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

These litter boxes are automatic litter boxes that have an electric combing mechanism to scoop the waste out of the box into a sealed disposable bag. They usually come with pressure pads, infrared lights to determine when the cat has left the box. This ensures that it starts the cleaning process without disturbing the cat’s privacy.

Self-Cleaning cat litter Box

There are other designs as well, which consists of enclosed spheres where the waste is deposited into the bottom compartment after rotation.

Buyer’s Guide for Cat Litter Boxes


The height of the box is an essential factor to be considered while buying litter boxes. Your cat’s personality and condition will show what height would be the best. The best height of the box should be around 5–7,” which is most preferred by cats.


Cats are very particular about the shape, size, and design of their litter box. If they do not find it comfortable in looks, they will find some other places to poop. Do not always go for buying a single box, purchase multiple boxes, and place it in your house. It will give you an idea about which style your cats prefer.

Enclosed or open-top

There is no definite answer to this. It depends on your cat. Some prefer enclosed, and some don’t. If you are buying an enclosed litter box, the opening should be big enough for the cats to move around.


There are different types of cat litter boxes available, which we have discussed at the beginning of this article. If you are looking for reasonable options, go for an open litter box, which is very common in every household.

However, if budget is not a problem and you want a litter box with the least amount of manual labor during the cleaning process, go for a self-cleaning litter box.

It is important to decide on the type of litter box before you make a purchase. If you wish to provide your cat the privacy, she looks for, goes for a hooded or top entry litter box.


The size is the second factor that you need to consider before making a purchase. Ensure that the size of the cat litter box is as per that of your cat. It should have ample space for your cat to move around freely. Moreover, the lid should have an opening large enough to allow your cat to have easy access for entry and exit.


The material of the cat litter box should be of a good quality plastic that is safe and non-toxic. It should be durable, scratch-resistant that ensures that the litter box lasts for a longer time. Go for a non-stick plastic material as it prevents litter from sticking to it.

Easy to Clean

The cat litter box should be easy to clean. The non-stick plastic litter boxes will prevent litter from sticking to it. This makes it easier to clean, using soap and water.

You can also go for litter boxes with hoods or rims that are easily removable so that you can scoop out the waste and dispose of it. Try to go for a product that comes with a free scoop. You can also go for a self-cleaning litter box that can clean itself with very little manual labor.


Go for a litter box that comes with removable rims and raised sides. This prevents litter or waste from scattering around the house. It ensures that your surroundings are kept clean and tidy.


Go for a box that is light-weight and can be moved easily. This allows you to place it at a convenient spot at home. Moreover, an easily movable box also helps you in disposing of the waste much more easily.

1. Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray – Our Choice

Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray with Rim Retro
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The Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray is an open litter tray that comes with a removable rim. This rim prevents the waste or litter from spreading and helps to keep your home clean. It has a modern and light-weight design with low entry height making it easily accessible by your cat especially, kittens. Moreover, this product is made of high-quality materials and has a long life.

This product comes with great features and is available at a very reasonable price making it our number one choice!

Main Features
  • It is an open litter tray.
  • Available in two sizes- 17 inches and 20 inches.
  • Comes in different color options- grey, retro blue, lemon green, retro brown, and retro pink.
  • Has a modern design with removable rims.
  • It is made using high-quality materials.
  • It has a light-weight design.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The tray has a low entry height, which allows easy access for your cat.
  • The rim comes with a cat paw pattern that prevents litter from flying around and helps keep the surrounding area clean.
  • It is easy to clean as the waste can be scooped out easily using the cat litter scoops.
  • The litter tray bags increases the lifetime of the tray.
  • The bags prevent urine sediments and unpleasant odors inside the litter tray.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is small in size. Hence, not suitable for adult cats.
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2. Savic Hop-In Modern Cat Litter Tray – Best Top Entry Litter Box

Savic Hop-In Modern Cat Litter Tray
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The Savic Hop-In Modern Cat Litter Tray is a Top Entry Litter box that is suitable for all large cats. It has a lid with a large opening that allows easy entry. The tray has raised sides that prevent the litter or waste from scattering around the house. It also keeps it out of the reach of dogs.

The litter box is sturdy, made of good quality material, and is easy to clean. It ensures complete privacy to your cat while also keeping your surroundings clean and tidy. If you have a cat that stands pee, pee backward, or likes to scatter, this top entry litter box is the best option.

Main Features
  • This is a top entry litter box.
  • Dimensions of this product- 58.50 cm x 39.00 cm x 39.50 cm.
  • Available in two color options- Anthracite and Mocca.
  • It is recommended for cats that stand to pee, pee backward, or like to scatter.
  • Comes with raised sides that keep the litter, liquid, and dirt inside the tray.
  • It has a large opening on the lid that allows easy access.
  • It has a hook on the outside to hang the litter scoop.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is helpful for those who own both cats and dogs as it keeps the litter and wastes out of the reach of dogs.
  • The area around the litter box remains clean because of the sloping lid that makes the litterfall through the small holes back inside, as the cat leaves the tray.
  • It is ideal for large cats since the lid has a large opening for easy access.
  • Daily cleaning and scooping out of the waste from this litter box is simple, and the handles in the base make it easy to move and empty the tray.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a bit expensive.
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3. Moderna Flip Cat Litter Tray Box – Best for odor control

Moderna Flip Cat Litter Tray Box
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Moderna Flip Cat Litter Tray Box is a good option for your cats to litter and a good buy. It comes with a lot of features to make your pets comfortable.

It is made up of a premium quality product that is safe for your cats. The doors coming along with it are removable if your cats do not like it.

Main Features
  • The product dimension is  50 x 39 x 37 cm.
  • This cat litter box is made up of premium quality BPA free long-lasting plastic, which becomes safe for your pets without any health issues.
  • It comes with two clever clip-locks that keep the litter box secure and safe.
  • The doors are made up of translucent material for added privacy. The top can be flipped to half the depth.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is equipped with a handle that makes it easy to carry, and it can also be hidden when not in use. The portability increases due to these handles.
  • It is easily maintainable and easy to clean it using warm and soapy water.
  • To reduce odor problems, it comes along with a scoop and charcoal filter.
  • It gives your cats enough amount of space to move around freely.
  • If your cats do not like the doors, it can easily be removed.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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4. Savic Nestor Cat Toilet – Best Hooded Litter Box

Savic Nestor Cat Toilet Home
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The Savic Nestor Cat Toilet Home is a blue color hooded litter box that has a sturdy, durable, and good quality build. It has a swing opening that allows average to large cats to enter and exit from this box easily. It has an active carbon filter and comes with raised sides that prevent waste from littering your home. Your cat is ensured proper ventilation and privacy.

Main Features
  • This is a hooded litter box.
  • Color of this product- twilight blue.
  • It comes with a transparent hood that allows you to know when your cat is inside.
  • It has an active carbon filter.
  • The swing flap allows average to large cats to get in and out easily.
  • Comes with a handle.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The top of the litter box is designed with slit-like openings for proper ventilation.
  • The raised sides prevent leakages, keeping your surroundings clean.
  • Easy and quick to clean.
  • It has a sturdy and good quality build.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The plastic bottom cracked when slipped from hand.
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5. Pets Empire Cat Litter Box – Good Quality On a Budget

Pets Empire Cat Litter Box
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If you are under a budget, this is the best option to go for. This is an open litter tray from Pet Empire. It has a rim that prevents leakage of waste or litter and allows easy entry for your cat.

The best part is that it is made using a good quality non-stick plastic that prevents the litter from sticking, making it easy to clean. Moreover, the plastic used is scratch-resistant and durable. This is the perfect example of the quality on a budget.

Main Features
  • It is an open litter tray.
  • Available in different color options like blue and peach.
  • Dimensions- 18 inch length x 15.5 inch width x 4 inch height.
  • Comes with a free scoop for easy cleaning.
  • Made of non-stick plastic.
  • Compatible with all types of litter.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is durable.
  • The non-stick plastic prevents litter from sticking, making it easy to clean.
  • It has enough space for a large cat.
  • Prevents scattering of litter or waste.
  • The sides allow easy access for all cats.
  • No scratches on the surface after use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The size is small
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6. JAINSONS Cat Litter Trainer Box – Best Trainer Litter Box

JAINSONS PET PRODUCTS Indoor Plastic Puppies/Cat Toilet Potty Litter Trainer Box
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This is an open litter box that comes with a pallet made of non-toxic, safe, and tasteless plastic. It is the best option for training your cat in using it as a place to eliminate its waste. The tray allows easy walk-in access to your cat.

The tray is one of the safest litter boxes to have in your home because of its antibacterial material and the extraordinary antibacterial deodorant effect that prevents the breeding of bacteria. Hence, it keeps your family safe, as well.

Main Features
  • Product dimensions- 39.5 × 41 ×15 cm.
  • The material used for the construction of pallet- PP plastic that is non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Has antibacterial material and an extraordinary antibacterial deodorant effect.
  • Suitable for training cats.
  • It allows easy walk-in access to your cat.
  • Ideal for cats and puppies.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Prevents breeding of bacteria that might cause harm to your family.
  • Safe and durable to use.
  • The surface is smooth, non-toxic, and tasteless.
  • It has high strength and a non-slip base.
  • It is corrosion-resistant.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • May not be suitable for adult cats since the size is small
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should buy a cat litter box?

Those who love to keep a pet(cats) at home and want that cat to stay healthy and clean, as well as keep your house clean from cat litter, should buy a cat litter box.

2. What is a self-cleaning cat litter box?

A self-cleaning cat litter box is a new addition to the market for all the pet lovers. You do not have to scoop out the litter. Just plug in the box and watch it clean itself. The automatic rake system removes all the litter towards the covered compartment 20 minutes after it has pooped.

3. Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes?

There is no definite answer to it. Some cats prefer open litter boxes, and others don’t. So feel free to test which litter box becomes comfortable for your cat. The go-through in a closed litter box should not be too small for your cats to go inside.

4. What is the best cat litter for odor control?

The best cat litter for odor control is Moderna Flip Cat Litter Tray Box, as it has a scoop and charcoal filter, which prevents odor.

5. What should you use to clean the litter box?

After scooping out the litter and waste from the tray, you need to wash it using soap and water. Avoid using ammonia or bleach as the smell will make your pet avoid using the litter box as they are sensitive to smell.

6. How often should you clean the cat litter box?

You need to clean your litter box daily to avoid having to change the litter frequently. The litter must be changed at least twice a week or every after one week, depending on the requirement.

7. Can Cat share litter boxes?

Cats are private creatures. Thus, two or more cats sharing a cat litter box is not a great idea. There should be one litter box for each cat. However, certain litter boxes may be designed for multi-cat use.


Cat litter boxes allow your cat to excrete in privacy while also ensuring that your surroundings remain clean and tidy. It also prevents the breeding of bacteria. Thus, keeping your family safe.

We have provided all the necessary information regarding cat litter boxes, which every cat owner should know. There are different types of litter boxes with which the market is flooded. This might make choosing a litter box for your cat a tedious task. This article hopes to help you make the right choice.

If you are looking for an open litter box at a reasonable price, go for our number one choice- Savic Iriz Cat Litter Tray with Rim Retro. But, if you are looking for a closed litter box, go for Moderna Flip-cat Litter Box.

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