Panasonic Lumix G DC-G95HGW-K Camera Review

Panasonic company needs no introduction when it comes to manufacturing high-quality and outstanding products in the market. This company excels in making innovative electronics products and electrical appliances. Panasonic Lumix G DC-95 Camera comes with a 14-140 mm lens. It is a 20.3 megapixel camera, and it has the ability to capture 4k images.

20.3 Megapixels MOS Sensor

There is a 20.3 MP MOS sensor installed on this camera. It provides high sensitivity because of the latest pixel architecture. It helps to shoot the most realistic images and videos in the low-light surroundings quite easily.

Versatile Image Stabilization

This camera has been equipped with 5-axis and 5-stop dual image stabilization facility. It locks down the object in a frame where the minor details of the objects are easily captured. It also removes the blurry effects from the pictures during motion.

High-Speed Video

This camera is integrated with a high-speed video recording mechanism. This facility helps to record videos with a speed of 120 frames per second at its best. It turns out to be a unique and efficient time-lapsing device.

Audio Output

There are a headphone socket and mic input installed in this camera. The users can easily enjoy the recorded videos with their original and clear audio files using a headphone or a mic via these ports.

Venus Engine

The high-performance Venus engine installed in this camera offers a great deal to provide high precision images. The clarity of the objects captured by this camera is like crystals. It has no blurry deflections in the pictures.

Low-Light Autofocus

This camera offers an impressive and efficient output in extremely dark places or surroundings because of its low-light autofocus feature. This feature helps to bring the neglected areas of an object into the light and offer realistic images.

Slow-Motion Videos

This camera is also compatible with shooting or capturing slow-motion videos. It has a versatile recording speed, which is 60, 90, and 120 frames per second. It helps to generate perfect videos for sports and wildlife shootings.

Wireless Connectivity

The built-in WiFi and Bluetooth feature of this camera make it a remote device. It can be connected to any smart device using these features. It can also be used via remote technologies. The data can be shared among devices using these features.

Lithium Battery

There is a lithium-ion battery installed in this camera. This battery can be used for long and consistent shooting requirements. It can be easily changed as well. It has a lightweight and is environment-friendly battery.

3-Inch LCD

The 3-inch LCD screen integrated with this camera helps to visualize the maximum details of the surroundings and the moments. It shows high-quality and high-definition visuals of the images and the videos as well.

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What Do We like

Optical Zoom

The 10 X optical zoom feature of this camera is more than enough in order to get the tiniest and minor details of the objects. It allows users to take clear shots without getting close to the objects

HDMI Output

There is an HDMI output port installed on this camera. The users can easily monitor and enjoy the recorded videos on external display units. The quality of the videos doesn’t get disturbed because of the HDMI port.

Light Weight

The total weight of the camera is only 803 grams. It is lightweight and handy camera which can be carried away easily. It is a travel-friendly camera as well.

Compact and Easy grip Shape

This camera has a really compact and easy to grip exterior. It can be held with convenience while shooting. There are no chances of slippage because of the easy-grip surface of the camera.

4k Photos

This camera provides the finest quality images to the users. The resolution of the pictures matches 4k quality. It helps to get the brightened and perfect details of the objects to the captured frame.

Maximum Shutter Speed

The maximum shutter speed of this camera is about 1/4000 seconds. This speed helps in consistent and fast shooting, so the users don’t miss any changes in the surroundings or motion of the object.

USB Connectivity

This camera also supports a USB connection. It allows USB cables to connect with it so they users can easily transfer data from the camera to their smart gadgets. It supports a high-speed USB connection as well.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Panasonic Lumix G DC-95 Camera comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. It has a unique and easy to grip design. The camera quality is amazing as it captures pictures in 4k resolution. The video recording mode of this camera gives high-resolution results as well. The mountable lens feature of this camera makes it versatile.

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