Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7KK DSLM Camera Review

Panasonic company is one of the best manufacturers of electrical appliances in the market. This company offers a versatile range and designs of innovative products. There are washing machines, telephone sets, LCDs, intercoms, kitchen appliances, Hair-care appliances, cameras, and much more in its collection. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7KK DSLM Camera comes with an elegant design and innovative easy-grip exterior.

Live MOS Sensor

This camera has a 16 Megapixels Live MOS sensor installed in it. This sensor ensures creativity to detect the incoming information form the object. It brings clarity in the images and removes any blurry effects as well.

Venus Engine 9

The Venus Engine 9 category Image processor of this camera offers a fast shooting experience. The pictures being taken are processed easily and quickly to save the time of the users. It also ensures clarity and accuracy in the images.

OLED Viewfinder

There is a 2.36 million-dot OLED Viewfinder installed in this camera. This viewfinder helps to locate the perfect angle of the object being captured. It allows users to capture images of moving objects as well without facing burry results.

Touchscreen LCD

There is a 3-inch 1.04million-dot free-angle touchscreen LCD installed in this camera. This LCD helps users to utilize manual focus feature. They can easily locate the spot on the screen, which needs to be focused on a clear image.

4k UHD Video Recording

This camera supports 4k and Ultra-High Definition video recording facility. It helps to record realistic and clear moments with precision. The users don’t face any blurry areas in the videos because this feature ensures clarity of the frames.

Smart Connectivity

There is a built-in WiFi feature in this camera, which helps to connect it to the remote devices easily. It also allows users to transfer data from the camera to their smart gadgets easily. They can also use it as a remote-control setup.

Continuous Shooting

This camera offers continuous shooting mechanism at a speed of 8 frames per second. This consistent and quick pace ensures that no single change in the surroundings or happenings can be missed during shooting.

Advanced Autofocus

The autofocus feature of this camera is quite unique. The users can experience autofocus as well as the manual focus function. In broad daylight areas, the manual focus function helps to balance the light effects around the object.

Image Stabilization

The ISO range of this camera starts at 100 and ends at 25600. This diverse stabilization range helps to preset the perfect spot of the object for a clear image. This feature ensures the clarity and precision of the image.

4k Photo Mode

The 4k Photo mode of the camera explains the minor details of the objects clearly. It provides every possible angle of the object in the frame in such a manner that the brightness of the surroundings doesn’t affect the clarity of the object.

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What Do We like

Removable Memory

This camera supports SDHC category memory cards as well. It helps users by providing an extra storage facility. They can also use this memory category for transferring data from camera t other smart devices.

Optical Zoom

The 3X optical zoom feature of this camera brings more clarity for far distant objects. It has been designed to magnify the position of the distant objects and then to capture the most realistic image of them without affecting the resolution of the image.

Maximum Shutter Speed

The maximum shutter speed of this camera ai 1/4000 seconds. It is sufficient for continuous and quick shooting experience. This speed helps a lot in burst shooting mode when the users don’t want to miss any minor change in the motion of the object.

Minimal Weight

The total weight of the camera is only 31.8 grams. This weight helps users to take it away with them during traveling with convenience. It can be adjusted to any small pocket or shoulder bag easily.

Lithium-ion Battery

There is a lithium-ion battery installed in this camera. This an environment-friendly battery that is light in weight as well. This battery can be easily recharged, and it has quite a lightweight.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7KK DSLM Camera comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. This camera has an easy-grip and elegant design. It has a lightweight as well; that is why it can be carried easily during traveling. The autofocus and manual focus features of this camera help in the precision and accuracy of the images. It offers a high-quality video recording mechanism.

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