Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty Instant Camera Review

Fujifilm company needs no introduction when it comes to manufacturing innovative cameras. It has a versatile collection of cameras with distinctive features. The quality and performance of its cameras are outstanding. Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty Instant Camera comes in a beautiful pink color. It is a durable product that takes brighter images and prints them out immediately.

Instax Mini Film

The Instax mini film provided with this camera allows users to capture 10 shots easily. The film photos outperform the digital ones in quality and clarity, that is why this camera is the best.

Advanced Film Speed

The enhanced film speed of this camera is expressed by ISO 800. This explains that the camera is suitable for capturing images in low-light easily. ISO 800 shows high-sensitivity to the light.


The built-in flash feature of this camera provides more accurate and high-quality images. While taking images in low-light areas, this feature helps a lot by providing sufficient flashlight.

Integrated Film & Developing Technology

The film and developing technology integrated into this camera offers a unique facility to the users. They can easily printout the captured image son spot.

Cute and Stylish Camera

This kitty shape camera is quite cute and stylish in design. It can be the best product for young kids and young girls because of their unique and innovative design.

Ease of Operation

This camera has been designed using high-quality and latest technology tools. It offers ease of operation as there are no complex features in this camera, which cannot be understood by the users.

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

This camera automatically adjusts brightness according to the location ad surroundings. It provides efficient low-light compatibility with which the clarity and accuracy of the pictures never get disturbed.

Electronic Shutter

The electronic shutter used in this camera boasts the shutter speed of the camera with 1/60 seconds. It facilitates users by providing high-quality images in real quick time.

Funky Extras

There are hello kitty fun stickers and straps integrated into the camera, which facilitate users to decorate the printout images and to increase the beauty of the moments.

Close-up Lens

The close-up lens of this camera offers more realistic and clear images. It brings clarity in the pictures as the close-up lens is designed to do so.

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What Do We like

Mirror Attached

There is a mirror attached to the lens which allows users to capture the perfect selfies. During shooting, they can easily select the position according to the visuals observed from the mirror.

Light Weight

It is a lightweight and compact object with a total weight of 395 grams. This helps users to carry it away with them during traveling with convenience and ease.

2-CR-2 Batteries Included

There are 2 CR-s batteries included in this camera. These batteries are specially designed because they can provide a maximum life-time as compared to the other batteries.

1-Inch Optical Zoom

The 1-inch optical zoom feature of this camera helps to take images of the distant objects with clarity and perfection. The close-up pictures are captured with this versatile feature.

Minimum Focal Length

The minimum focal length of this camera is 6 mm. It shows that the users can easily capture a perfect image of close objects without getting blurry effects in the photos.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty Instant Camera comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. It has a special design and innovative look. The funky touch of the kitty camera makes it a perfect product for the young generation. The instant printouts of the images make it a user-friendly and efficient camera. It provides clarity and accuracy in the captured images.

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