Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Instant Camera Review

Fujifilm company excels in manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting cameras in the market. It has a wide range of designs in cameras that outperform a lot of companies in performance and durability. Instax has gained a lot of popularity in the younger generation Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Instant Camera comes in a unique 1:1 square format. It has a stylish and elegant design.

Auto-exposure Control

This camera has a built-in feature of auto-exposure control. It sets the aperture and shutter speed according to the external lighting conditions in the surroundings and facilitates in real-time photography

Built-in Flash

There is a high-performance flash built-in the camera.  It automatically provides sufficient light in the dark areas which can give the best results during shooting.

3-Color Filters

In order to add color to the photo, there are 3-color filters that can be added or fitted over the flash. These are orange, purple and green color filters that can be utilized in order to add colors in the captured images.

Shoot & Print

The shoot and print feature of this camera allows users to enjoy the captured images immediately. It provides a beautiful print-out of the captured image on spot.

6X Optical Zoom

The 6 X optical zoom feature of this camera can help to focus minor details of the objects or to zoom the distant objects in order to get a better image. It provides clarity and accuracy in the picture after zooming the object being captured.

2 CR2 Batteries

There are 2 CR2 batteries included in this camera. These batteries have an excellent shelf life which lasts up to 10 years. They provide ultra-high energy density and have 3 to 5 times more durability than ordinary batteries.

High-quality Film Developing

This camera takes a maximum of 90 seconds to develop the film. It is an obvious fact that film photos look better than digital photos and this camera provides the most suitable and amazing film photos.

Selfie-Mode and Selfie-Mirror

The selfie-mode of this camera provides adjustable brightness and focal length in order to capture perfect selfies. There is a mirror next to the lens which allows users to check the captured selfie with convenience.

Macro Mode

The macro mode of this camera facilitates users by allowing them to capture objects from a shorter distance with convenience. With this camera, the users can capture images from a range of 30-50 cm.

Landscape Mode

The landscape mode of this camera makes it perfect to capture images from distant places. It is the best one for capturing natural scenes and images.

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What Do We like

Double Exposure Mode

The shutter feature can be utilized twice in double exposure mode with which a 2-image picture is obtained in a single print. It provides an amazing combination of 2 images at once.

Light-Dark Mode

This feature deals with the brightness of the image with convenience. It also facilitates adding or lower the brightness of the images in order to provide the finest quality results to the users.

Beautiful Square Image Printouts

This camera offers beautiful and square image printouts to the users. The dimensions of the captured images are 62mm x 62mm.


There is an electronically controlled self-timer integrated into this camera which can be stopped mid-run as well. It has an approximate 10 seconds delay and it provides convenience in high-quality image photography.

Compact and Handy Shape

This camera has quite a compact and handy shape. It can be easily carried away during traveling because it can be easily adjusted inside the pockets or any small handbag.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Instant Camera comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. It provides more realistic and clear images with convenience. The immediate printouts of the photos are an extraordinary feature of this camera. It uses high-quality batteries which are long-lasting and durable. It has very lightweight which makes it easy to carry a camera.

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