Canon PowerShot SX620HS Camera Review.

Canon company excels in manufacturing high-quality, durable, powerful, and long-lasting cameras in the market. It offers a versatile range of features and designs in its products. The performance and longevity of its cameras are outstanding.

Canon PowerShot SX620HS 20.2 MP Camera comes with an elegant and creative design. It has a slim shape that can be easily adjusted in any pocket easily. The 25 x Optical zoom feature provides a better and detailed visualization in the pictures.

Powerful Optical Zoom

The powerful optical zoom feature of this camera provides a 25 times more detailed and clear capturing facility. It can easily record and capture distant objects and happenings. This enormous zooming capability doesn’t affect the quality of the image as well.

Intelligent Image Stabilization

The intelligent image stabilization feature of this camera helps to optimize the images in a better way. It facilitates recording the frames conveniently while moving the camera without getting the blurry outcome.

Built-in WiFi and NFC

The built-in WiFi and NFC features of this camera allow users to experience convenient and easy sharing of images and videos. It makes the camera versatile and efficient. The users don’t have to worry about storage because they can transfer recorded data immediately to the devices.

High-Quality Image Sensor

The sensor used in this camera is a 20.2 MP CMOS category sensor. It offers stable, clear, enhanced, and detailed graphics of the captured images.

Advanced Image Processor

The DIGIC 4+ Image processor supports in providing stunning image quality. This image processor makes it easier for the camera to capture every single detail in the frame during shooting. It also provides a clearer image, even in the low light as well.

Spectacular Video Quality

This camera has been designed to easily capture spectacular 1080 pixels quality video. It records high-definition videos and eliminates the blurry effects during recording. It allows users to conveniently shoot the video by moving the camera according to the requirement.


This camera is quite handy in size and is lightweight as well. It has a total weight of 458 grams. It can be easily adjusted in any small handbag. It is a travel-friendly camera.

High-quality Charger

This camera comes with a high-quality and long-lasting charger. The charger has been particularly designed to recharge the battery of the camera quickly so it can be used accordingly.

8-GB Micro SD-Card

It comes with an additional micro SD-card of 8 GB storage. This helps users utilize the additional space for transferring data or simply data storage. The SD-Card is durable and long-lasting as well.

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What Do We like

Lithium-Ion battery

This camera comes with a Lithium-ion Battery as well. It is a light-weight, eco-friendly, and compact battery that has more charge cycles, and it requires low maintenance as well.

High-quality LCD Monitor

This camera has a 3-inch 922k-dot LCD monitor integrated into itself. It allows users to visualize the recorded images quite easily. The 3 inches wide screen helps to experience an extended version of recorded video.

Elegant Design

It has a beautiful and elegant design. The power button and the lens shape are perfectly fabricated to develop ana amazing look. The color red makes it suitable t0 carry around on your next vacation.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Canon PowerShot SX620HS 20.2 MP Camera comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. It has a beautiful and compact design with innovative features. The quality of the lens is outstanding, and it facilitates to capture high-definition frames. The video resolution has been kept in high-definition. It allows users to record more realistic views and moments conveniently.

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