Best Built-in Ovens in India

This is a detailed guide on built-in ovens from the best brands like Kaff and bosch

If you want to take your cooking tasks to the next level and want to do it professionally with precision, then you might want to consider buying a built-in oven. It is a perfect investment for people who want to add a superbly useful appliance on their kitchen.

If you have a large kitchen and is planning to place an oven on it, then why not go for a built-in oven, you can place it permanently under the working table or integrate it on your kitchen’s wall.

It is an absolutely perfect chamber that you can use for cooking, baking, and heating, and when you have this appliance, you will be one step ahead of every person in terms of cooking.

Although it is a little bit pricey compared to compact ovens rest assured that it is a great value for your money. To prove that it is truly worth your money, we will have a rundown of its advantages, the difference between built-in and countertop oven, a smart microwave oven buying guide, a FAQ section. You will also find a list of the Best high range microwave ovens that are available here in India.

Top 5 Best Built-in Ovens

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Quality on a Budget
Superbly User-Friendly
Amazingly Easy to Use
Exquisite Design
Max Capacity

Built-In Oven Versus Counter Top Oven

Built-in Oven

  • Placed permanently on a kitchen cabinet or wall.
  • It has open sides; that’s why placing it on a cabinet or wall will cover its exposed sides.
  • Normally it comes in big sizes which are perfect for a spacious kitchen.
  • It can accommodate a lot of food during every cooking session, which is suitable for big families.

Countertop oven

  • It is usually the same size as a normal convection microwave oven. 
  • It can function as a cooker, heater, broiler, roaster, baker, and toaster.
  • The high-end ones have rotisserie features integrated into them.
  • It must be placed in a flat and not flammable surface when it is in use.

Why Should I Buy a Built-in Oven?

Space saver

Since it is integrated beneath the cabinets or walls of your kitchen, you can save a lot of space compared to if you will use a tabletop oven.

More stable

Since it is integrated permanently on a certain space in your kitchen, expect that it is more stable compared to the tabletop ones.

Powerful motor

Built-in microwave ovens are known for a powerful motor that is integrated into them to provide you with more desirable tasting foods.


Compared to its counterparts, a built-in oven provides a much larger interior, which allows you to put in more foods inside it.

What to Look For When Buying a Built-in Oven?

Warranty terms

Always see to it that the built-in microwave oven that you will purchase has a warranty so that you will be secured if you found some defects on the item.


Check if the price fits in your budget so that your budget allotment for your other needs will not be compromised if you buy a microwave oven.

Maximum capacity

The interior space of the microwave oven must be sufficient enough to accommodate the number of servings per meal in your household. By doing so, you are saving a lot of time, effort, and electricity cooking the same food twice or even more in every session.


If you are the type of person that is really particular with designs, check the oven first if its style fits your personal preferences and the theme of your kitchen or dining area.

Power consumption

It is better if the built-in oven that you will purchase consumes lower electricity for you to save some cash on your bills.

Viewable window

It allows you to view what’s going on inside the oven while it is operating.

The material used

Always go for built-in ovens that are made of stainless steel to ensure that they are durable enough to last long.


It is crucial to know the reputation of a certain brand before deciding to purchase a product from them. By doing so, you will have a guarantee that there will be no problems with the quality of the item.


Inspect the oven if it is inclusive of extra accessories by doing so you are making the most out of your hard-earned cash. If you find some microwave oven utensils, it is an added advantage.

LED display

Check if the LCD display has excellent clarity for you to see the digits that depict what’s happening inside the oven.


Always ensure that the built-in oven that you will buy does not have any complex mechanisms so that you will not have any difficulties while you are using it.

Easy to install

It is given that built-in ovens are commonly bulky, but it does not mean that it is hard to install. One way of knowing if the built-in oven is easy to install is by checking if it has an installation guide included in the package.

Size and weight

It is really important to check if the size and weight are bearable, especially if you have limited space in your kitchen.

Self-cleaning pyrolysis

It provides a much cleaner interior, which will result in healthier and more hygienic foods.

Hot air 3D

It makes your foods evenly cooked, which will make them taste a lot better compared to your other foods.

Cooking levels

It provides an automated cooking experience by allowing you to choose the preset options for every food that you will cook.

Dropdown door

This feature gives you easy access to the inside of the oven when you are putting or taking out your foods.

Bright interior lighting

This gives you the privilege to see what’s inside of the oven, which will make things easier for you when you are placing or getting foods inside the oven.

Rotisserie basket

It gives you the ability to cook your beloved rotisserie dishes such as chicken and prawns effortlessly.

5 Best Built-in Ovens

1. Kaff KOV BH 60-Litre Built-in Oven – Quality on a Budget

Kaff KOV BH 60-Litre Built-in Oven
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You will surely never go wrong with a highly-credible brand like Kaff, so if you are looking to purchase a built-in oven, then it would be an amazing choice to purchase one from Kaff.

Introducing Kaff KOV BH 60-Litre Built-in Oven, it is an amazing oven that will provide you with a lot of ease in performing your cooking tasks. It is loaded with various features that will make your cooking experience more exciting.

This built-in oven is perfect for multifunctional use; that’s why you can utilize it for cooking, baking, grilling, and reheating. So if you want to take a grasp about this wonderful product, let us discuss more of it below.

Main Features
  • Maximum capacity – 60 liters
  • Internal cavity with enamel coating – Provides outstanding protection against residues and abrasions, which will surely guarantee that it will last longer.
  • Drop-down grill – Made for easier access and effortless cleaning
  • Oven light – It lights up while the oven is in use so that you can easily see what’s inside the oven.
  • Electronic clock timer on and off – This clock timer will see to it that you are aware of the cooking time so that you can prevent your foods from becoming overcooked or undercooked.
  • Thermostat 250 degree – Protects the oven from overheating even if it reaches a tremendous amount of temperature.
  • Black finish handle – Provides a lot of elegance and comfort when you are using this wonderful oven.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Even if it can cater to a large number of food servings per session, it will not consume too much space in your kitchen because of its compact size.
  • The viewing window has a smooth glass-finish, which gives you the privilege to see what’s happening inside the oven while it is in use.
  • You can install it easily in your kitchen because it is not that complicated to install, and it includes an installation guide manual to help you out with the installation.
  • It has a really easy to understand interface which will ensure that you will not have any hard time using it.
  • Since it is made of highly-durable materials, expect that this oven will last for extended periods of time.
  • It has great insulation, which is very beneficial because while you are using it, the oven will not increase the temperature of your kitchen or dining area.
  • The handle is really easy to grip, making the door comfortable to open or close as needed.
  • It’s top and bottom heating element will ensure that this oven will heat up really fast, which will speed up the cooking time for you to enjoy your favorite foods much faster.
  • The rotary control dials are superbly easy to grip, giving you a lot of comfort while you are setting the controls of your oven.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There are no negative points in this product.
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2. Kaff KOV 60-EM 59-Litre Built-in Oven – Superbly User-Friendly

Kaff KOV 60-EM 59-Litre Built-in Oven
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When you hear the word Kaff most likely you will quickly think about its amazing features and an outstanding credibility in the built-in oven industry. If you will purchase a product that is made by Kaff you will have an assurance that you are in the right place as it will give you memorable cooking experiences.

If you are purchasing a built-in oven you might want to try this Kaff KOV 60-EM 59-Litre Stainless Steel Built-in Oven, it is loaded with features that will surely catch your attention.

It possesses a 59 liters maximum capacity that will surely accommodate all the required servings for your whole household.  Let us now discuss its other features to check if it is the right built-in oven for your needs.

Main Features
  • The material used – Stainless steel
  • Rotisserie grill – Allows you to cook your most sought rotisserie dishes for a much desirable eating experience.
  • Easy to grip handle – Provides you a lot of comfort when you are opening and closing the door of the oven.
  • Large viewing window – Allows you to see what’s going on inside the oven while it is in use which keeps you updated on the foods that you are cooking.
  • Tact dials – The control dials of this built-in oven is really easy to grip so that you can adjust it effortlessly as necessary.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The design is pretty outstanding which will surely put up some wow factor to your kitchen or dining area.
  • Its double glass door will give you easy access to the interior of the oven making it really convenient to use.
  • This oven has no complex mechanisms which make it superbly easy to use.
  • Its thermostat feature will protect this oven from overheating which will keep you and your oven safe.
  • The interior light is pretty bright which will give you a lot of ease in putting and taking of your food from the oven.
  • It has a grill shelf and oven tray which makes it look very organized while you are using it.
  • Though it is not the cheapest ones out there, its price tends to be really competitive.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There are no negative points found on this product.
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3. Bosch HBN574BR0Z Built-in Single Oven – Amazingly Easy to Use

Bosch HBN574BR0Z Built-in Single Oven
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If you want a heavy brand that will take your cooking to new heights then Bosch has a treat for you. Introducing the Bosch HBN574BR0Z 60cm Pyrolytic Built-in Single Oven Stainless Steel, it is composed of high-quality materials and has top of the line features that will see to it that you will meet your expectations.

It is built with a powerful motor that will see to it that the quality of the foods that you are cooking is accomplished. The most important characteristic that we love about this built-in oven is its Hot Air 3D that provides evenly cooked foods.

It is really easy to use because it has no complex mechanisms which make it hassle-free for you to use it. Furthermore, it has various features that you will surely catch your attention, come and let us inspect its other features below.

Main Features
  • Maximum capacity – 66 liters
  • Product dimensions – 59.5 x 54.8 x 59.5 cm
  • Weight – 42 kilograms
  • Wattage: 2200Watts
  •  Digital display LED – Has an amazing bright red that lets you view the status of the foods that you are cooking inside it.
  • Self-cleaning pyrolysis – Cleans the inside of your oven automatically which will protect yourself from food contamination.
  • 3 cooking levels – Allows you to choose among the 3 cooking levels that will make your cooking fully-automated.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has an outstanding design that will greatly add some awesomeness to your kitchen or dining area.
  • This oven has unmatched stability that will make sure that the foods that you are cooking are well-cooked.
  • It is superbly easy to use because it has no complex mechanisms.
  • This oven is composed of highly-durable materials that will ensure that the product will truly last longer.
  • It has a roomy interior that will ensure that it can accommodate a large number of foods per session.
  • The door handle is wide and easy to grip making it comfortable for you to open and close the oven’s door when necessary.
  • Its turn control is superbly responsive and is very comfortable to grip.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not come with self-cleaning mechanism
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4. Kaff 59 Litre Built-in Oven – Exquisite Design

Kaff 59 Litre Built-in Oven
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If you will purchase a built-in oven, you will surely never go wrong because it is surely reliable. To make things very specific we would like to introduce you to this wonderful built-in oven which is the Kaff Stainless Steel 59 Litre Built-in Oven. It is currently one of the most sought built-in ovens in our country.

It is loaded with various features that will give your food a distinct taste. So if you want to have a more memorable cooking and satisfying eating experience then this product is definitely the best one to purchase.

We strongly advise that you should buy this outstanding oven but before you finalize your decision we will further discuss its features for you to decide if this is the perfect oven for you.

Main Features
  • Maximum capacity – 59 liters
  • Color – Black
  • The material used – Stainless steel
  • Black mirror glass panel display – Allows you to view the inside of the oven making you aware of the status of what you are cooking. The sleek black mirror look also adds up a lot of elegance on the appearance of the oven.
  • Rotary dials – Gives you the privilege to control the settings of your oven without having a hard time. The dials will surely fit various fingers of different sizes making your experience really memorable.
  • Interior lighting – It provides you the ease of looking at the interior of the oven so that you can place and get the food from the oven without any difficulties.
  • 7 cooking functions  Provides you the ability to cook different kinds of dishes that you and your family will surely enjoy.
  • Rotisserie grill – Allows you to cook your favorite rotisserie dishes that you truly love.
  • Internal cavity with enamel coating – Gives a more hygienic cooking experience and gives you the guarantee that the internal cavity is safe from abrasions and residues.
  • Drop down door – Provides easy access to the interior of the oven so that you can put in and take out your foods from it without any hassles.
  • Clock timer – Allows you to view the cooking time so that you can prevent overcooking and undercooking to happen.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its design is really extraordinary which will surely give your kitchen or dining area an elegant look.
  • This oven has a pretty decent maximum capacity which gives you the privilege to accommodate a lot of food per session.
  • Since this oven is made of highly-durable materials expect that it will surely last longer.
  • It does not consume too much electricity making you save a lot of money from your electricity bills.
  • This oven has outstanding stability which will ensure that your foods are cooked properly without any hassles.
  • The door is superbly tight and secured which puts up an additional safety to your oven while you are using it.
  • It has no complex mechanisms which make it really user-friendly.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not come with self cleaning mechanism
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5. Bosch Serie HBG633BS1J 8 71 L Built-In Oven– Extremely High-End Features and Max Capacity

Bosch Serie HBG633BS1J 8 71 L Built-In Oven
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 If you are planning to have a built-in oven that will fit a large family then you might want to try this Bosch Serie HBG633BS1J 8 60 cm 71 L Stainless Steel Built-In Oven

It is packed with various features that will truly make your cooking experience more memorable.

What we love about this built-in oven are its modern attributes that will quicken up your cooking tasks so that you can have fun eating your foods as soon as possible.

It has an amazingly large interior that will give you a sufficient space when cooking your beloved foods. It will also add up a lot of excitement while you are using it because of its topnotch modern exterior.

Furthermore, it is jam-packed with a lot more features that will make up your mind that this is truly the right buy for you especially if you have the financial capabilities to buy one. To continue, we will discuss those features to guide you in your buying decision.

Main Features
  • Product dimensions – 59.5 x 54.8 x 59.5 cm
  • Weight – 35 kilograms
  • Maximum capacity – 71 liters
  • 4d Hot air eco conventional heat – It provides evenly cooked foods with the help of this feature because it spreads out the hot air in equal amounts all over inside the oven.
  • Full-width grill – It will give you the sufficient space that you needed and provide you more space for the foods that you will cook.
  • 10 heating methods – This will let you choose among the various heating selections to give you the privilege to cook a lot of different kinds of dishes.
  • Rapid heating function – It makes the oven accumulate a lot of heat faster to cut down the cooking time significantly.
  • Defrost feature – Allows you to melt the ice particles on the surface of your foods that just came out of the freezer.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This built-in oven is really extraordinary as it possesses features that are ahead of its time.
  • Even though it has a powerful motor and exquisite features it tends to be very economical in terms of power consumption.
  • Its integrated internal light feature will give you a lot of ease when you are placing and taking out food from the oven because you can view it a lot easier.
  • The touch control buttons will let you set the options of your oven with a lot of comforts because you do not need to put a lot of pressure when pressing the buttons.
  • It looks very organized especially on the inside because it has a different set of grills that are available in various sizes for your specific needs.
  • The eco clean direct feature cleans the inside of the oven automatically to provide much cleaner and fresher foods.
  • It can cater to the needs of large families because it is superbly spacious.
  • The enamel coated baking tray gives you an assurance that it is much effortless to clean
  • Its interior will not deteriorate easily because of its protective coating.
  • You can enjoy delicious pizzas with this oven because it has a specially designed feature for you to make perfectly crusted pizzas.
  • Its LED screen has an excellent clarity making it easier for you to view the status of your oven effortlessly.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product is a little bit pricey but understandable due to its premium features.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best brand when it comes to built-in ovens?

Without a doubt, when it comes to built-in ovens kaff built-in microwave is the best because of its wide range of built-in ovens on their product line and the outstanding quality that they offer.

2. Can I utilize a built-in oven without putting it on a wall or cabinet?

Absolutely not, because a built-in oven is known for their exposed sides that’s why it cannot be used solely as a tabletop at all costs.

3. Does the installation of this built-in oven really difficult?

If you will compare this to a normal tabletop oven, you need to put more effort because you need to insert and fit it on a wall or cabinet. But nevertheless, if you have the basic knowledge in carpentry everything will be easy for you however if none you can seek some professional help.

4. Is it safe to use a built-in oven?

Yes, even though its sides are exposed it will not emit any radiation inside your body because it is well secured and will not leak any of it while you are using it. Since you are putting it inside the cabinet or wall it will cover up the exposed sides.

5. Why a built-in oven is considerably expensive compared to a tabletop microwave oven?

Simply because built-in ovens are mostly equipped with better features and significantly huge compared to its counterparts that’s why it is really a good investment for long-term use. However, if you are looking for Microwave oven under 15000, consider looking for the baking oven and solo microwave oven. 

6. Is it hard to maintain a built-in oven?

Aside, from the need to enclose it in a cabinet or wall which is the hardest one that you will experience in setting up, maintaining it is just the same with a normal microwave oven minus the compactness.

7. Compared to a tabletop microwave oven, does a built-in oven consume more electricity?

Yes, because they have a much larger interior which requires a more powerful motor. If your primary lookout is saving energy, check for the Samsung microwave ovens and Whirlpool microwave ovens.



That was really an exciting topic and we hope that it will help you in your buying decision when it comes to built-in ovens. But before we part ways we will further discuss what are our best high range microwave ovens online.

For the high price range, Bosch Serie  Stainless Steel Built-In Oven is truly the best one that you should go for as it will give you the premium features that will make your cooking experience better.

Then for the mid-price range, our top pick is the Kaff Stainless Steel 59 Litre Built-in Oven because of its functionalities and outstanding durability.

Lastly, for the budget-friendly built-in ovens, Kaff KOV BH 60-Litre Built-in Oven is definitely the best because it has a topnotch quality despite its low price.


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