R for Rabbit Bouncer Seats

R for Rabbit is an Indian brand founded in July 2014, by the husband and wife duo. The idea of this brand came after they were blessed with a baby and they realized that there are not enough good baby gear brands in India. Hence, the idea of creating a well designed, portable, high-quality baby products came into existence.

All the baby gears by R for Rabbit are primarily designed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the child. R for Rabbit deals in baby gear products like Baby Stroller, Baby Pram, Baby Walker, Baby Bath Tub, Infant Car Seat, baby bouncers, Mini Washing Machine and much more. 

All the baby products are safety standards certified, innovative and of great quality. One such popular baby gear product by R for Rabbit is baby bouncer seat. The bouncer seat gives the baby a comfortable environment and helps develop baby muscles, motor, and sensory skills. The bouncer seats are available in the various price range and you can choose the one that suits your budget 

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Safety standards 

All the baby bouncers by R for Rabbit are safe to use. They go through a rigorous quality check before reaching the baby. The bouncer is EN71 (European Norm) Safety certified.

Gentle vibrations 

Babies love gentle bouncers and vibrations, they get a feeling of being in a mother’s womb. The R for Rabbit bouncers has a bouncy seat that bounces with the baby’s natural movement. 

It has an easy on and off button for soothing vibrations. The bounce and vibration soothes and calms the baby and he/she can easily rest or take a nap

Toy bar 

The bouncers by R for Rabbit have a removable toy bar. The toy bar is made with soft material and has two to three toys depending on the model. 

The toys are attractive and play music when they are pulled. This keeps your baby engaged and entertained for a long period.


The seat of the baby bouncer is fully padded and deep which provides a baby with a warm and comfortable environment. The fabric is skin-friendly and is removable and washable. 


The design of these baby bouncers by R for Rabbit is very vibrant. The fabric cover has a bright and lively design with attractive characters on it. With all these features, the babies are naturally attracted to the seat. 

2 in 1 Use

R for rabbit bouncers have a dual-use. The seats can be converted into a rocker or an infant seat. This feature provides value for money as it grows with your baby. Once your baby starts sitting you can convert it into a toddler rocker or an infant chair


The bouncers are light in weight and can be easily carried around in the house. Most of the bouncers are collapsible, hence, they can be easily stored. 


With some of the superior class baby bouncer seats offered by this brand, this has become one of the most common choices for most of the parents. Now that you know the features found in baby bouncer offered by the brand R for Rabbit, you can opt for buying one. This is one of the most popular baby brands in the market and hence every purchase you make is safe.

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