Trumom Electric Steam Sterilizer Review

Parenting is not an easy job. Parents of newborns are always anxious about the health of their children as newborns are easily vulnerable to diseases and infections. The Truemom electric sterilizers are lifesavers as they are 100% safe for baby use.


BPA free

The sterilizer is BPA free and is made up of good quality food-grade silicon. The food-grade silicone is non-toxic and entirely safe for use. Also, the heating coil of the sterilizer is made of high-quality material and is easy to use.

Heat resistant

The sterilizer is sturdy and durable. It can also be resistant to heat up to 110 degrees.

Steam sterilization

The High-temperature steam heating kills bacteria or any contaminants in the bottle, keeping the baby safe from infections and diseases. Also, containers can be left in the sterilizer with a closed lid for a long time if not required instantly.

Fast steam technology

Within 9 minutes, six bottles can be sterilized simultaneously by just setting the timer. Once the fast steam is over, the display panel indicates it.

Ergonomically Designed and Incredibly Handy

The ergonomically designed device includes attachments like tongs, bottle shelf, nipple shelf, base, cover, etc. These can be easily assembled.


The sterilizer is very versatile as it can sterilize not only baby bottles but also breast pumps, bowls, spoons, small toys, and teethers together, or separately. Thus, it reduces extra work for moms.

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What Do We like

Complete Elimination of Bacteria

It performs continuously as a high-temperature steam sterilization system and kills germs. It takes only 9 minutes to sterilize all the items kept in it. If you do not require using the bottles right away, you can leave them in the sterilizer for a long time with a closed lid.


The sterilizer can be used as a food steamer when the baby is weaning or even completely grown up.


The sterilizer reduces the workload for moms. It keeps the baby free from diseases as it can easily sterilize baby bottles, breast pumps, bowls, spoons, small toys, teethers together, or separately.

Stress-Free Maintenance

The heating coil of the sterilizer is made up of high-quality material. The scaling that appears on the coil can easily be removed by soaking it overnight in a mixture of vinegar and water. This facilitates hassle-free maintenance of the product.

Safe for Use

The body of the device is made up of nontoxic food-grade silicon instead of BPA, which is a Harmful Chemical. It causes serious health diseases. In case of a low water level, the Automatic shutdown of the inbuilt timer provides safety.

What We Don’t Like

Lack of timer

One disadvantage of the sterilizer is that it does not have a timer to inform the time left for the sterilizer to complete one round.

Poor quality heating plate

After a few days of usage, the heating plate rusts, and spots start appearing.


The sterilizer is packed with safety features like its BPA free, has an automatic shutdown feature, and can resist heat up to 110 degrees. Its Fast steam technology and effective steam heating kill all the bacteria and allergens that can cause infection to the baby. The sterilizer is not only durable but also very versatile as it can easily sterilize breast pumps, bowls, spoons, small toys, teethers.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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