R for Rabbit Peter Fighter Plus – Electric Baby Bottle Review

Newborns and infants are vulnerable to infections and diseases. Most diseases are spread through water contamination. So it is essential to sterile the water before using it for babies. Sterilization kills the bacteria present in the water making the water safe for drinking. The R for Rabbit Peter Fighter Plus is packed with safety features and protects your baby from various diseases.


BPA free

Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, is a harmful industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics or hard plastics. It is dangerous to the human body as it can cause hormonal imbalance. It can also cause problems in secretion, production, and functioning of Estrogen and other natural hormones. The sterilizer is BPA free and safe for use.

Automatic shutdown

The inbuilt timer automatically shuts down the sterilizer in case the water level is deficient in providing safety. It ensures the optimum usage of electricity.


The sterilizer is ISO9001, and ROHS certified as it has passed their rigorous quality tests. Hence, it is a reliable option.

Effective steam heating

Effective steam heating kills bacteria or any contamination in the bottle, which can affect the baby. It helps keep the baby safe from diseases.

Fast steam technology

Six bottles can be sterilized simultaneously by setting the timer for 9 minutes. Once the quick steam is over, it is indicated on the display panel.


The sterilizer has an excellent capacity, allowing you to sterilize six all size baby bottles at one go.

Heating plate

The heating plate is durable as it is made of rust-free stainless steel. It can accommodate all six baby bottles. It has been designed to distribute heat equally to all six bottles.

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What Do We like


The sterilizer has been uniquely designed, keeping the health and safety aspects of the child in mind. Maintaining good health of a child and keeping him away from diseases is the utmost priority of the sterilizer.

The sterilizer is BPA Free, which is a Harmful Chemical and causes serious health diseases. In case of a low water level, the Automatic shutdown of the inbuilt timer provides safety. Also, the sterilizer is ISO9001, and ROHS certified as it has passed its rigorous quality tests, making it reliable.

Kills Bacteria 

99.9% of bacteria are killed by effective steam heating to keep the bottles sterile. It safeguards your baby from diseases.

Quick Sterilization

It just takes a quick 9 minutes sterilization to fast steam sterilize six bottles at the same time to keep the baby safe from infections.

What We Don’t Like

Poor quality

The sterilizer is made of inferior quality plastic. Hence, it can easily get damaged, causing leakage.

Spots on the plate

Although the heating plate of rust-free stainless steel, after a few days of usage, spots start appearing on the plate.


The sterilizer is packed with safety features like its BPA free, has an automatic shutdown feature. It is ISO9001, and ROHS certified. Moreover, the Fast steam technology and effective steam heating kill 99% bacteria and allergens that may cause infections to the baby. Hence, it is a safe and reliable option.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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