Best Wood Planer Machine in India

Imagine what it would be like to use uncut wood logs as furniture. They would lack finishing, let alone comfort. Ever wonder how the wood from a tree takes the form of your bed, couch, dining table, and chair?

Working with wooden furniture relies on good quality wood and an equally good wood planer machine. A wood planer is a tool used by woodworkers to make wooden boards of even thickness.

To make highly efficient and elegant wooden furniture, woodworkers use several tools. They first need to convert unevenly shaped wood logs into boards of even thickness using a wood planer.

Now that we have understood the importance of wood planer machines in the wood industry let’s dive a little deeper into this realm.

In this article, we intend to shed more light on wood planers and their types. We have also mentioned our top recommendations along with a few FAQ’s at the end so that you choose the right product.

Benefits of Wood Planers

Planers, in general, are essential in smoothening surfaces and are available for different materials like wood and stones. But in the case of wood, planers provide multiple benefits other than just smoothening.

Create Shapes

When wooden pieces need to be joined together to create shapes like hexagons, the planer machine must first even the edges of each piece. Once cut evenly with a wood planer, the different pieces can be joined using a jointer to create the desired shape.


When wood logs are provided to woodworkers, they are uneven and often large. To make it easier to work with, woodworkers use the wood planer machine and create boards out of the logs.


Based on the purpose, wood boards need to be of a certain thickness. This is achieved by cutting the wood surface with a wood planer machine to achieve the right thickness.


To convert rough lumber and boards, you need a wood planer. Based on the desired thickness, you can adjust the machine’s cut depth before switching it on. Allow the roller and blade to cut the surface to make it smooth and even.


Buying readily cut wooden boards can sometimes drill a hole in your pocket. If you can fetch good quality wood scraps from a lumberyard, you can use a wood planer to cut in into the required thickness and use it for your wood projects.

Types of Wood Planer Machines

Thickness Planer

This type of wood planer machine is used to decrease the thickness of boards. They can trim wood boards to make them evenly flat on either side.

Manual Handheld Planer

This is a lightweight wood planer used for shaving wood pieces manually. Compared to their electronic counterparts, handheld wood planers are inexpensive but can’t be used for heavy-duty woodwork.

Smoothing Planer

The sole purpose of a smoothing planer is to smoothen the surface of already planed wood. It is usually used at the final stage of the woodwork process.

Jointer Planer

As the name suggests, a jointer planer can straighten the edges of boards so that they can be joined together.

Portable Planer

Portable planers are easy to transport from one place to another. They are used by woodwork companies that work in different locations. They are cheaper than industrial planer machines.

Benchtop Planer

This is the traditional type of wood planer machine, and its design has evolved from being heavy and tough to being technologically advanced and ergonomic.

Buyer’s Guide

It requires basic knowledge about wood planer machines to find the right one for your woodwork needs. Below are some aspects of wood planer machines that you can take into consideration while buying one for yourself:


Consider the cutter head’s speed mentioned in Rotations Per Minute (RPM) in the product description. This indicates the number of cuts the machine can make in each board’s pass through the blades.


The machine should serve your purpose but also be easy to use. Models with complex mechanisms may be difficult to handle and work with.


For those with a limited workspace, size is an important aspect to consider. Choose a wood planer machine whose size fits your workspace and will be easy to place on your tabletop.

If you’re someone who will need a planner in different locations frequently, choose smaller in size and hence portable. The machine’s weight should also be considered because some may look compact but may be heavier than other models.


Based on the features, wood planer machines come in varying ranges. Choose one that will fit your purpose and your pocket. These machines also come with a maintenance cost which should be considered while selecting the right model.


As stated above, wood planer machines come in a plethora of types. Understand your purpose well, and then choose the right model that will make your job easier.


This is measured in horsepower and is usually mentioned in the description of the machine. It is the speed at which the motor runs to create cuts on the board.

The cutting depth of the machine should also be considered. It indicates how much will the machine cut from the board to smoothen it or reduce its thickness.

Feed Rate

This is measured in Feet Per Minute (FPM) and is usually mentioned in the machine’s description. It indicates the speed at which the board is fed into the machine. The lesser the FPM, the smoother the surface will be when it gets planned in the machine.

9 Best Wood Planer Machine

1. BLACK+DECKER KW712-QS 650W Wood Planer

Black+Decker has been revolutionizing the world of home appliances since its establishment in 1910. They have a wide range of products, including power tools and hardware that ease any operational process.

Black+Decker Wood Planer is a 650-Watt machine suitable for construction, interior designing, and civil work. With a variable cutting depth of 2mm, this wood planer has a no-load speed of 17000 RPM.

It has a convenient design that is easy to hold and manoeuvre. The planning depth is 82mm, and rebating depth is 8mm.

Main Features
  • It comes with a 3-meter long power cord that is sturdy against vigorous vibrations
  • There is a control knob on this wood planer that allows you to adjust the power
  • It comes with a convenient dust extraction feature that helps you clean the residual wood dust easily and maintain a clean workspace
PROS (What we liked)
  • The body is sturdy and durable
  • The sharp blade allows you to smoothen wood faster with a simple front and back action
  • The knob acts as a secondary grip while operating the wood planer
  • The large grip handle offers a strong grip on the machine
  • There are a 9mm extended front shoe and V-groove system that guides you while chipping and levelling the wood
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The dust gets stuck inside the machine sometimes

2. DEWALT D26676 550 Watt 82mm width Portable Planer

DeWalt is an American industrial tool company that manufactures hand tools and power tools for the construction and woodwork industries. DeWalt Portable Planer is a 550-Watt machine that allows you to get a smooth finish on hardwoods.

You can use the kickstand to rest the planer on the work surface without gouging the wood board. The design of this wood planer is easy to work with and handle.

There are reversible carbide blades that give a better finish on the work surface. Using this wood planer, you can easily get smooth boards that are ready to use.

Main Features
  • This wood planer has precision-machined front and back aluminium shoes
  • The shoes allow you to cut the wood with perfect parallelism
  • There is a knob on this wood planer that allows you to adjust the power
  • It comes with a long cord that withstands all angles of rotation
PROS (What we liked)
  • There is a kickstand in this machine which makes it easy to use for beginners
  • The ergonomic design gives greater comfort and lesser fatigue
  • You can perform easy edge chamfering with the machine groove in the front shoe
  • The knob allows you to adjust the depth with 0.1mm graduation levels precisely
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is quite expensive

3. STANLEY STPP7502 750W 2mm Planer 

Stanley is a well-known name in the power tools industry. This company specializes in manufacturing sanders, nailers, heat guns, saw guns, etc.

Stanley Wood Planer is a 750-Watt machine with a maximum depth cut of 2mm. It has a rebating depth of 12mm and a shoe length of 82mm. The planer’s width is 29mm.

This handheld wood planer machine is a single-point cutting tool that produces plane and flat surfaces. There are three different sized chamfer grooves to get your desired shape on the wood.

Main Features
  • This wood planer machine weighs 3.85kgs.
  • It has a 750-watt powerful motor that completes your work faster
  • There is a dust outlet in which all the wood dust gets collected for easy disposal
  • There are a handle and a knob that allow you to cut the wood precisely
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has TCT blades that allow you to get smooth and precise work
  • The dust collector prevents dust from flying apart and helps in maintaining a cleaner work environment
  • The lock-on switch makes it convenient to use for left and right-handed users
  • The machine has a contoured top handle with a trigger switch for better control of the device
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The machine gets heated up quickly

4. Bosch GHO 6500 Professional Planer

Bosch is a popular German company that produces a wide range of products, including vehicles, home appliances, fleet management, etc. They are a trusted name in the field of power tools as well.

Bosch Professional Wood Planer has a maximum cutting depth of 2.6mm. It has a powerful 650Watt motor that gives you faster-planning speeds.

The innovative design of this wood planer machine is optimized for airflow. It provides better wood chip ejection and is suitable for heavy-duty industrial woodwork.

Main Features
  • This wood planer comes with a hex key, parallel guide, sharpening device, and a setting gauge.
  • A lock-on switch on this wood planer makes it suitable for both right and left-hand users.
  • It has a robust plate with a 3-V groove on it.
  • The planing width is 82mm with an adjustable rebating depth of 0-9mm
PROS (What we liked)
  • The compact design makes it easy to handle and store
  • The ergonomic handle gives you added comfort while holding the device
  • The maintenance cost of this wood planer is low because it comes with two pieces of re-sharpable HSS blades
  • The parking shoe on this machine ensures no harm is caused to the work surface
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has only one guide rail, which makes it difficult to use

5. Digital Craft Wood Planer 600W Machine

This is a heavy-duty wood planer machine. It runs on 600Watts and is suitable for carpentry of all types.

The high-power multi-function blades enable you to achieve smooth surfaces in less time. The body of this machine is sturdy and gives you total control over the work surface.

It has a handle and knob that allows you to cut the work surface precisely without causing it any harm. It features a rabbeting guide plate and sharpening holder.

Main Features
  • The no-load speed of this device ranges from 0 to 16000 RPM
  • It has a planing width of 82mm
  • There is a power source cord of 3m in length that allows you to work easily with larger work surfaces.
PROS (What we liked)
  • There is a depth adjustment knob that allows you to dial the right setting
  • It is lightweight and thus easy to work with
  • It is inexpensive compared to other options with the same features
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • This wood planer machine gets heated up quickly

6. Janvitha JEP1010 750W ABS Wood Electric Planer

Janvitha is an Indian power tools company that manufactures paint sprayers, car washers, car jacks, drilling machines, and wood planers. The 750Watt electric wood planer provided by Janvitha is a comprehensive tool that gives you smooth wood surfaces.

It is fit for both amateur and professionals in woodwork. The device is suitable for housing construction and interior design. It can perform chamfering and cutting on wood surfaces.

Main Features
  • This device works on power input of 750 watts.
  • It has a no-load speed of 16500 rotations per minute
  • The planing width is 82.3mm, and the planing depth is 1mm
  • It comes with a power knob that allows you to control the smoothing speed
PROS (What we liked)
  • The soft grip on the handle gives you additional comfort while handling the device.
  • There is an LED power light to indicate the working status
  • It has a lock-on planning depth that allows you to attain precision while cutting
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no safety guard provided in this machine

7. iBELL 82-58, 580W Electric Hand Planer

iBell is a trusted name when it comes to electronic devices. This brand is famous for its hardware, power tools, and accessories.

The iBell Electric Hand Planer is a 580Watt device with a no-load speed of 16500RPM. It has a planning width of 82mm and a planning depth of 0-2mm.

The rabbeting depth of this machine is 0-10mm. This machine works as a wood planer, belt sander, and jointer.

Main Features
  • It has a blade mounted between two metal plates.
  • There is a depth adjustment knob that controls the front shoe
  • The trigger switch increases the speed of the machine by increasing the pressure
  • The lock-on button of this device allows smoother continuous operation
PROS (What we liked)
  • The rabbeting guide in this machine gives you a straighter cut on the work surface
  • The depth adjustment knob allows you to control the depth of the cut
  • You can adjust the fence and secure it using the wing nut provided
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed

8. Cheston 600W Electric Wood Planer

This is a 600Watt electric wood planer machine suitable for professional construction framing, installing doors and windows, and fine woodworking. It is equipped with a high-power motor that delivers 16000 rounds per minute.

It has a cutter width of 82mm. The superior design of this machine makes it easy for 1 or 2 handed use. There is a dust extractor to maintain a cleaner work area.

Main Features
  • This machine has a variable cutting depth that allows faster material removal.
  • The large depth of the control knob provides easy adjustment
  • The ball-bearing construction ensures parallelism is achieved in each cut
  • There is a kickstand that you can use to rest the planner to avoid any harm to the work surface
PROS (What we liked)
  • The body of this machine is sturdy and is made from one aluminium block
  • The heavy-duty baseplate ensures that you achieve a parallel cut
  • The easy-to-read scale on the control knob allows to switch between depths easily
  • There is an air outlet that allows heat dissipation
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed

9. Foster FEP-082 Professional Sander and Corded Planer

Foster Sander and Corded Planer allow you to create smooth surfaces on wooden pieces. It is a compact and powerful tool that comes in handy for construction purposes.

It is suitable for cutting doors, windows, and other wood features in construction areas. It helps you achieve flat surfaces with minimum effort.

It has 3 V-grooves that enable you to perform flexible chamfering. This machine’s chip clearance feature allows you to work without any disturbance from wood chips and dust.

Main Features
  • This machine works on 600watts.
  • It has a planning depth of 1-82mm.
  • It comes with a sharpening accessory, a gauge, and guide and screws
  • The no-load speed of this machine is 16000 RPM
PROS (What we liked)
  • The adjustable chip clearance lets you change from left to right side and vice versa
  • This machine comes with a dust bag that collects the dust and chips
  • The lock-on switch allows you to work with the machine for a longer time
  • The parking rest ensures you don’t have to wait till the machine shuts down to place it away
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Manually adjusting the blade is difficult

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are wood planers dangerous?

Yes, if not handled with care. Certain security measures need to be ensured before handling a wood planer. Make sure you read the instructions of the device before you start using it.

2. Can wood planers cut all types of wood?

Yes. Most advanced wood planer machines can cut all types of wood because they have superior depth adjustment.

3. Are there any minimum dimensions for the wood to be planed?

This depends on the type of wood planer machine used. Some machines can work with larger pieces of wood, while others can work with only small or thin pieces.


Wood planers are no more a tool for professionals alone. With the advancement in technology, wood planers have become easier to use and handle by amateurs.

The variety of wood planers available in the market can make it difficult to choose the right one. Here are our top picks BLACK+DECKER KW712-QS 650W Wood Planer, DEWALT D26676 550 Watt 82mm width to help you make the right choice Portable Planer and Bosch GHO 6500 Professional Planer.

Always ensure maximum safety measures while handling a wood planer. A little experience is enough for you to master the machine with ease. Select the best wood planer machine for yourself and watch how it helps you achieve finesse for all your wood-based needs.


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