Best Wireless Keyboards

As the world is changing, there are new inventions which replace old ones; they are considered better and more preferable. One of the latest inventions is a wireless keyboard, which has replaced old wired keyboards. Here is the list of finest wireless keyboards you can opt for.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apart from a numeric keypad, this keyboard has an extended layout, which includes document navigation controls for quick scrolling. It also has full-size keys for gaming. This helps gamers to swiftly use the keys and prevent errors. The low profile of this keyboard provides a better and precise typing experience. The numeric keypad helps in spreadsheets and finance applications.

Lenovo 100 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo


Lenovo 100 wireless mouse and keyboard are a stylish and compact combo. The keys on the keyboard are spill-resistant in case you spill your drink while working.

In addition, the mouse in the combo is ambidextrous, which allows you to use it with both left and right hand.

The keyboard and mouse both connect with a USB dongle. The combo is suitable with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Its sleek design gives your office desk an elegant look.

Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 Keyboard

The black Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 keyboard has UV coated keys. There are 114 keys, including the rupee key.

The keyboard also comprises 12 dedicated multimedia keys. This keyboard has a high-quality USB connector. The power consumption of this keyboard is DC 5V and less than 200mA.

The keyboard measures 408 x 129 x 21 mm and weighs just 366 g. There are 8 million keystrokes. The keyboard has a cable length of 1.2 meters.

Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard

It is improved with 128-bit encryption that helps to encrypt data transfer and protect all user information; this makes it one of the best data encryption keyboards available. For easy execution of activities, the responsive cursor control has been designed to make all things possible for a nice user experience. The keyboard provides a reliable connection up to 10 meters. It prevents any dropouts or delays as it is equipped with Logitech USB Unifying receiver with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.

The size is small enough that it will easily stay on your laptop. You can add up to 5 compatible devices like a gaming mouse. It has an incredible battery life and power, i.e., a two years’ battery life. It comes with auto-sleep. You can personalize it as per your mood or decor. The battery door at the top of this keyboard doubles in different colors like light grey, pink, and blue options. This is a windows-based keyboard that is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. The keys are noise-free; hence you can work silently.

The installation involves only plug-and-play, therefore, hassle-free. With the Logitech unifying feature, you can easily add devices without having to align them. You just need to plug in the Logitech Wireless Receiver of this keyboard into your PC’s USB port. The keyboard weighs 458 grams and has dimensions of 39.7 x 13.5 x 3.1 cm.

Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard by Dell features a slim profile with silver accents that perfectly complement your tablet or PC. It also comes with a wireless mouse and an extended battery life for long hours working. The battery type required is 2AAA, 1AA. The keyboard is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10. The mouse wheel lets you easily scroll up, down, left, or right or navigate Windows 8/10 tiles. The wireless keyboard keeps your workspace cable-free as its USB nano receiver allows you to access your remaining USB ports with ease. The keyboard is truly lightweight, as it has only 0.81 kg weight.

HP 3ML04AA Wireless Keyboard

This HP keyboard comes with a highly responsive wireless mouse that provides natural comfort while blending perfectly with your HP devices. The keyboard features a caps lock LED indicator that lights up when it’s on, thus indicating you and improving your typing efficiency. The three-zone keyboards boost productivity as it is equipped with full-size arrow keys and a number pad. The keyboard weighs 830 grams and has dimensions of 55 x 18.3 x 4.1 cm.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech wireless keyboard gives you PC-to-TV entertainment as you can navigate your TV-connected computer from the comfort of your couch. The keyboard also has a 3.5-inch touchpad inbuilt, which lets you type, click and scroll to watch videos, browse the web, chat with friends, and check Facebook on your PC-connected TV. The compact and slim design looks elegant for the living room. The keys are comfortable and, at the same time, quite for noiseless operation. The keyboard has a long-range of 10 meters. It enhances your media entertainment with comfortable keys, easy-access volume controls, and an arrow-key layout that simplifies navigation.

The setup is only plug-and-play, and it has a long battery life of 18 months. You can even use the on/off switch to extend the battery life. This keyboard is compatible with multiple systems like Windows 7,8,10 and further, Android 5.0 and above, or Chrome OS. The keyboard weighs merely 390 g and has dimensions of 35.4 x 14 x 2.4 cm.

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