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The water scarcity issues have made the water pumps a necessity for both domestic and agricultural applications. The agricultural water pumps are available in 2 variants, including centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps. They provide high motor efficiency and work smoothly, even at high temperatures. You can use these pumps for multiple applications, including irrigation, draining water from a pond, lawn sprinkling, draining water from flooded areas, and construction sites. Let’s discuss the top agricultural water pumps available online.

1. Kirloskar KOSi-135 (5 Star HP Openwell Submersible Pump)

Kirloskar Kosi-135 is a 5 star rated energy efficiency water pump that features cathode electrodeposition coating for optimal performance.

It is a lightweight and compact water pump that can be easily carried anywhere. This powerful pump comes with 1 hp motor with 2740 rpm and a head range of 42 meters. It provides a maximum flow rate of 132 lpm.

The pipe of this water pump measures 25mm x 25mm. It is compatible with working in the voltage range of 160 to 240 volts (single-phase). This pump provides up to 9.7 I/s discharge range and up to 0.37 to 1.5 kW power ratings.

This pump is suitable for various applications, including small farm irrigation, gardening, small construction site, overhead tank water supply, domestic and community water supply, etc.

2. V Guard Pumps 0.5 Hp(Nova Series)

V Guard water pump is compact and lightweight since the body is made of aluminum. It has a forged brass impeller and alloy steel motor shaft to ensure durability. The motor has a totally enclosed fan cooled(TEFC) with a capacitor of start and run type.

The motor is also equipped with Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) to avoid any coil burn out incidents. It has a head range of upto 45max and suction head with NRV 6m (20ft)ax for great results.

3. Kirloskar Brothers 0.5HP Pressure Pump (Jalraaj II)

Kirloskar brother Jalraaj II is a pressure pump with a 0.5 HP motor. The pump can be used up to a 3-meter static suction lift without a foot valve. It can be used for pressure boosting domestic bathrooms, kitchen, washing machines and shower cubicles.

It is the ideal choice for running 3-4 bathrooms that have multiple nozzle showerheads. It comes with a thermal overload protector for the safety of the motor and the user.

4. V Guard Pumps

The VGuard 0.5 HP pump is encased in an aluminium extruded metal body that is durable and does not weigh much. The impeller is made from forged brass that ensures a longer life.

The pumps are coupled with highly efficient V-guard induction motors that are enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) to prevent overheating. The motor windings use 99.99% pure super enamelled copper wire for better efficiency.

5. Havells Hi-Flow MX1 Series 1.0 HP Centrifugal Water Pump

Havells MX-1 series water pump features energy-efficient motors with F-class insulation that ensures the motor works smoothly at high temperatures without getting burned.

It is a high-performance pump that provides higher suction power with less power consumption. It delivers high discharge in its operating range.

This pump has a 1.0 HP capacity, and it comes with a motor speed of 2900 revolutions per minute. It produces a maximum working pressure of 3.8 kg/cm². It comes with robust IP-54 protection for maximum safety.

It can withstand the operating water temperatures up to 65? C. It provides superb suction with self- priming up to 7.5 meters. When viewed from the driving end, it shows an anti-clockwise direction of rotating.

This pump works in the operating range of 180 V to 240 V with 50 Hz rated frequency and 0.75 kW of power input. It comprises FG-200 grade pump castings that ensure slow rusting of the pump, leading to increased life and less wear & tear.

This pump set comes with a stainless steel shaft (SS-410) that provides excellent protection against rusting from hard water.

It comes with a high-quality mechanical seal that prevents the water from entering the motor side by providing complete sealing. This ensures a longer life of seal with minimal wear and tear.

This pump is suitable for a wide range of agricultural and residential applications.

6. Kirloskar Kp4 Jalraaj-0713S 1.5HP Submersible Pump With Control Panel

Kirloskar single phase submersible water pump is engineered for delivering optimal performance within a wide input voltage range of 180 V to 240 V. Thus; it offsets the voltage fluctuations for ensuring robust performance under all circumstances.

It features a powerful single-phase 1.5 hp borewell pump. It comes with an oil-filled motor that is fitted with ball bearings. This pump provides a head range of up to 16-85 meters and a flow range-20-100 lpm.

It is a 13 stage pump with a capacity of 10 to 350 LPM, a power rating of 1.5 hp, and 1.1 KW.

It features a copper winding, and the pipe outlet size of the pump is 32 mm.

This is a cost-effective pump that provides superior efficiency and consumes less power. It is suitable for both oil and water-filled motors.

The motor connection of the pump is designed to fulfill NEMA standards. The discharge outlet is fitted with nvr, which prevents the backflow of water. It is a durable water pump that features abrasion and corrosion-resistant components for long-lasting life.

This pump is ideal for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, gardening, farmhouses, nurseries, and many other applications.

7. Lakshmi 1 HP Self Priming Mono Block Centrifugal Water Pump

Lakshmi 1 HP monoblock water pump is prepared from a high-grade aluminum that prevents rust and ensures long-lasting performance. It is an ISI-certified and lightweight pump that provides easy and quick installation.

This pump can lift water at the height of 100 ft, and it can also pull water at a depth of 20 feet. This makes it an ideal pump for lifting water from the lower tank or pool.

With this water pump, you get an excellent flow rate of 117-178lpm and 1 HP’s capacity. It provides the maximum head range of 10-20 meters. It has a 25×25 mm stainless steel pipe with copper winding.

The pump’s impeller is prepared from forged brass, and it features a radial vane design that ensures hassle-free operation. It features an in-built thermal overload protector for enhanced safety.

8. Crompton 1.5HP 10STG Submersible Water Pump

Crompton submersible water pump is a highly efficient water pump that provides a capacity of 1.5 HP, 1.10 kW power, and a maximum head range of 67 meters.

This pump has a discharge range of 20-100 lpm. It is a 10 stage pump with an outlet size of 40 mm. This pump is engineered to run on an electric motorized driven system.

It features an energy-efficient and dynamic balanced motor with an epoxy coated motor for efficient water suctioning. A water-filled squirrel cage induction motor is enclosed for making it a completely enclosed drive mechanism.

This pump features an especially designed thrust pad and cap start and runs for ac supply. It highlights a durable and sturdy construction with a stainless steel stator body. It comes with PVC induced high quality winding wire for safe and long-lasting usage.

This pump is designed for optimal performance with modular construction. It prevents the backflow of water with NRV that is fitted in the discharge outlet.

This agricultural pump works well at farmhouses, apartments, and commercial places.


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