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One of the best gifts for your kids, younger siblings, nieces or nephews is the gift of time. A watch is a perfect gift for your kid, whether it is a birthday gift, return gift or just as a token of appreciation. These are suitable for kids aged 3 years and more. From superhero designs like Spiderman, Superman, Wonder-woman to classic Disney characters like Elsa and Cinderella, these watches come in all varieties. To make the watches more attractive, they have special features in addition to just telling time. They are easy to wear, and your kids can flaunt these and have fun too. Here we have provided you with a list of watches to choose from.

1. Generic Spiderman Watch 

This unique Spiderman motif watch is digital and battery operated. Spiderman is one of the most popular figures among kids and makes a great gift.

There is an inbuilt automatic projector with 24 unique images of Spiderman performing various stunts. This feature makes it fun for kids to look at.

The crown on the side of the watch needs to be pressed to switch images. This watch is suitable for kids aged 3 years and more. The watch is great for gifting during festivals and as a return birthday gift.

2. IndusBay Digital Toy Watch

IndusBay brings this watch that is both fun and informative that your kid will surely love. The watch comes with a projector on the side with 24 different images projected onto the wall.

The watch dial is covered with an openable superhero mask cover. This watch will surely make your little one feel like a superhero himself. The watch comes with a good quality buckle for a proper fit on the wrist.

3. Swadesi Stuff Watch

This robust looking watch comes in a pair – one is a multifunction digital watch, and the other is a digital watch and calculator.

The multifunction digital watch has a weekday feature, a reset button, stopwatch functionality which can be used with the help of the start and stop button, and a mode button to adjust the settings. It also has a night light and back light feature.

The other digital watch is similar to a mini calculator. There is a display screen, and the calculator buttons are provided on the body of the watch. Your kid can wear the calculator while studying as it is very convenient and smart.

4. Swadesi Stuff Watch

This plastic body, black camouflage dial and LED face digital watch is perfect for your son or gifting to a boy.

The watch has day and date features, alarm and 12/24 hours time stamps for easy reading. This watch functions as a stopwatch as well, and there is a start/stop button on it.

There are a triple sensor and seven different light options for night visibility, plus a light button to switch between the light options.

Your child can use the mode button to toggle between functions. The watch is also shock resistant. Good quality durable rubber is used to make the smart designer strap with a military motif.

The colour of the strap is red with a buckle lock. This watch is suitable for boys aged 7 yrs and older.

5. Zoop Watch

The round dial coloured plastic watch has a lovely white dial with an Eiffel tower picture and floral patterns.

It has a mineral glass cover and tang buckle to hold it on your kid’s wrist. This quartz watch has three hands and numeric time stamps to help your child read the time with ease.

The watch is marked 3ATM, which means that it is splash-proof and will not get damaged if your child accidentally exposes water splashes.

6. Kid’s Zoop Watch

This watch is an ideal gift for your kid and does not have gender-specific design and can be used by boys and girls. The dial is blue, and the strap too is of the same blue.

Numbers are arranged stylishly on the round dial. This is an analogue quartz watch and has three hands that indicate the time. The hour and minutes hand is designed intricately.

To give it a smart and unique look, the yellow slim second’s hand has an arrow design. The watch is made of plastic with a tang buckle that makes it easy for your kids to wear.

This watch has a water resistance capacity of 30 m and hence is splash-proof.


What is the right age for gifting a watch?

The best time is when they start learning about time and start to comprehend the clock at home. As per research, children start developing time telling skills as early as 5 years.

However, understanding the analogue hour, seconds and minutes hands can take a couple of years more.

Around 7 or 8 years is when they are mostly equipped with the required knowledge to tell time on their own by looking at a watch.

If you are planning to gift them a watch early on, say between the ages of 3 and 4, then a digital watch is best, as they may find it hard to read and learn time on an analogue watch.

But of course, different children have different learning curves, and some may start understanding an analogue earlier than expected.


What features should a kid’s watch have?

The first and foremost is that these should look attractive and appeal to their taste. Manufacturers now go the extra mile to add motifs and create designs that will impress kids and match their personalities.

Besides the visual appeal, feature-wise, these watches should be water-resistant, at least splash resistant, as kids may not be careful when washing hands or they can accidentally spill liquid on their hands.

The strap also needs to be made of durable material and one that can be cleaned and maintained. So, no leather straps for kids. Nylon or cloth or rubber or acrylics are the best choices.

Besides these watches offer additional functionalities and features like stopwatch feature, night vision and others, choose based on what your kid would enjoy.


Should I opt for aluminium cases or plastic cases?

For kids, plastic cases are better as they are more durable and also light. The added advantage is that plastic comes in various colours and you can choose a bright one that your kid prefers.

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