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Kids learn quite a lot from their parents. Just like you, they also want to dress in the most stylish ways possible. Among the most stylish accessories we love are our watches. So, if your girl wants one, don’t be surprised. Not only will a wristwatch make your princess fashionable, but it will also teach her how to tell time. Below are the best stylish watches that you can consider getting for your little princess.

1. Sunny Digital Boys' & Girls' Watch

This is a stylish and beautiful digital wristwatch that can make your little girl stand out for sure. The watch comes in a beautiful Barbie theme.

The watches are made from lightweight plastic material to make them comfortable on your child’s hand. They weigh only 80grams; hence your child won’t even feel the watch on their hand.

The watch comes with 2 special features. The first one is; it comes with a date calendar type. This means it displays the date of the month.

This feature makes the watch not only stylish but also educational as your child will get to know about the dates of the month.

The second feature is. The watch has an image projector with different images of Barbie. This makes it quite interesting.

2. Driton Glowing Princess Digital Watch

If you are looking for a highly functional wristwatch for your baby girl, try this digital watch from Driton.

It is available in a princess and hello kitty theme, a girls’ favourite, meaning that she will most likely fall in love with it.

It has a round multicolour dial, a quartz movement and is easy to use. It has a silicone band that makes it lightweight and comfortable on the skin. Silicone is also non-toxic hence safe for your baby’s use.

It has 3 buttons, 2 buttons for time and date adjustment, and one for glowing LED.

3. Shocknshop Analogue Boys' & Girls' Watch

This watch comes with an adorable cartoon theme. The 25 millimeters round casing is made from stainless steel, one of the most durable watch casings.

The watch comes with a white dial and assorted colors rubber buckle style straps. The watch displays time in the analog-style and the dial is covered by a glass crystal material making it stylish.

It offers your child a long period of use, meaning you won’t have to buy watches repeatedly.

The analog time display system is an important feature. Most public places, including most city clocks, come with the analog time display system. Your child can master the system from an early age.

4. Zoop Analog Multicolor Dial Girls Watch

This wristwatch is a beautiful choice for your girl. It comes in many different colors. Made from silicone material, the tang buckle straps are soft to your little princess’s skin, making this watch quite comfortable to wear.

The watch comes in a matching color round shaped casing and a quartz movement system. This watch’s important and unique feature is that it has a 30 meters water resistance depth capacity.

This makes it ideal as their all-time wear even when your girl is out swimming.

5. Kunj Kids Digital Light Watch for Girls

This is a watch that your girl is likely to fall in love with really fast. The beautiful, multicolor bands on the watch make it a stylish accessory for your kid.

The watch has a multicolor dial and comes in a round shape. It can be a beautiful gift to surprise your child with.

The bands are made of silicon material and branded in detailed snowflakes graphics. This means your child will enjoy the softness of the straps on the hand as silicon is such a soft and gentle material to the skin.

Your kid requires no assistance to wear the watch as the buckle closure is quite simple for your kid to master.

The graphics on the straps makes the watch a stylish accessory. Your child will enjoy wearing it as it makes her stand out from the crowd.

The watch also has 3 buttons; 2 of these adjust time and date, while the remaining one is a switch for glowing LED lighting.

6. Disney Analogue Girls' Watch 

This trendy watch is an amazing accessory for your girl to have. The watch’s 15-millimeter casing is made of metal, and straps are made of silicone.

This makes the watch not only a comfortable accessory as silicon is soft on the skin but also durable as metal is quite a tough material.

The dial comes in different colors, which are carefully picked to match the main theme of the watch. This brings out a unique, beautiful blend of colors in each watch.

The watch displays an analog time system and comes in a round casing with a glass crystal display window. Amazingly, the watch only weighs 30 grams.

Buyers Guide

Fashion And Style

You do not want your princess to look out of fashion and style. It is important to find a watch that’s trendy, fashionable, and one that compliments her style.

The easy way of knowing this is to observe. Sometimes it’s just wise to shop with her.


Several Features

There is no harm in buying a watch that has several features to it. Such watches are interesting to children.

Kids like watches that can be used to do extra stuff as they appear to be sophisticated.

Features like a compass, LED light, melody player, etc., can make your child excited about the watch.


A durable watch will teach your child how to take care of stuff from an early age. That’s a way of teaching your kid to be a responsible child. Use style to teach responsibility.

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