Best Wallets For Men

Wallets are not strictly restricted to functional use, as they can be used to make a style statement. A simple wallet can say a lot about you: your personality, your profession, your taste and how you live your life. Thus, finding a wallet that suits you best should be a priority. Thankfully, this guide will help you with everything you need to know about wallets to find the perfect one for yourself.

1. Urban Forest Oliver Leather Wallet for Men

If you are bored of traditional wallets and are looking for something new, you will love this leather wallet from Urban Forest. The wallet has a dash of modernity with its intricate design and enhanced looks.

The wallet may be compact in size, but it is incredibly spacious on the inside. It has a classic internal structure and can easily fit your cards, IDs and money.

The coin pocket allows you to carry coins without making your wallet too bulky. Even when full, it can easily fit into your pant pockets.

The wallet has 6 inbuilt card slots, 2 currency slots, 1 secret compartment, a coin pocket, and 3 transparent windows for your IDs. It also features a button closure inside which opens to reveal an extra section.

The zippered section provides safe storage space for your notes. It is a great gifting option since it comes neatly packed in a classy box.

2. Titan Brown Men's Wallet

If you wish to infuse a touch of class into your roster of accessories, this wallet from Titan would be a perfect addition.

The wallet includes credit, debit and visiting card pockets, currency compartment, zippered coin pocket, transparent ID pocket and more. Everything that you store in this wallet is easily and quickly accessible.

The wallet is made from durable leather that ensures long life. The exterior has a matte texture and smooth finish that gives it a classy look.

3. WildHorn® RFID Protected Genuine Leather Wallet 

WildHorn offers a high-quality classic wallet made from genuine leather. The elegant hand-stitched design makes it durable, long-lasting and lightweight at the same time.

The wallet has a smooth rich, supple, and luxurious texture that will grab attention whenever you pull it out. Instead of fading off with time, it will only get better.

This bi-fold wallet has in-built card slots, currency slots, 2 secret compartments, a coin pocket and an external card slot with loop closure. The overall size is compact, yet spacious and easily fits in your pant pockets.

4. Hornbull Men’s Brown Wallet and Belt Combo

This combo of wallet and belt from Hornbull is handcrafted by skilled artisans using exclusively high-quality leather.

The wallet has a classic design and finish that will add to your professional ensemble. It features 3 card slots to store your IDs, debit cards, credit cards, license, etc.

It also contains a secret zipper slot to store tiny valuable items and a coin pocket to keep the loose change organised. The combo set is packed in a neat box that makes for a great gifting option.

5. Hornbull Denial Navy Men’s Leather Wallet

This is yet another elegant and stylish men’s wallet from Hornbull. It is the ideal combination of style, space, size and functionality.

The wallet is a step away from traditional colours that will make you stand out from the crowd. Each wallet has been handcrafted by skilled workmen and has a unique natural grain of leather.

The wallet is made to block RFID signals and protect valuable information on your cards via unauthorized scanning. This will prevent any safety breach, data leak or financial losses from the cards kept in the wallet.

The structure of the wallet is as follows: 7 credit card slots, 1 transparent ID window, 2 secret compartments, 2 cash compartments, 1 zipper pocket and 1 coin pocket.

The transparent cardholder has a finger hole for quick access to your favourite card or ID.

The wallet has a contrasting thick thread stitching that complements the primary colour. It comes in a gift box if you wish to surprise a friend or family member.

How to Choose the Right Wallet? 

Here are a few tips that will help you make the correct decision.



Wallets can range from subtle and minimalistic to flashy and innovative. You should choose depending on your profession, personal requirements and preference. For example, a traditional wallet with no frills is best suited for office goers.



Before buying a wallet, you should have a rough estimate of how many things you wish to carry. Ensure that there is sufficient space left in the wallet after you put in all your stuff. This will ensure that the wallet is not strained and thus lasts longer.


Compartments and Features

A wallet can be used to carry a lot of things. If you are a cash person, you will need a wallet with three or more cash compartments. If you are a card user, you will benefit from multiple cards holding sections. If you need added security, an RFID blocking feature is desired. Coin pockets, zippers and secret compartments are also some features that you should look out for.



Always go for a wallet made from genuine leather by a reputed company. It might be relatively expensive, but it will last for years, making it a good long term investment.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Wallet?

A good looking wallet is a key to how you present yourself. So, here are a few tips on keeping your wallet as good as new.

  • Leather wallets are sensitive to surfaces. You should be mindful of where you keep them (dirty tables, seats or benches can spoil the wallet material).
  • Buying a dedicated leather cleaning liquid and cloth from the market is a good option. This small investment will go a long way in keeping your wallet sparkly clean.
  • Do not expose the wallet to high humidity or sunlight for long periods of time. It will reduce the durability and make the colours fade away.
  • Do not over-clean or rub the wallet aggressively while wiping it with a cloth. This will do more harm than good.
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