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Tummy roll-ons are a great way to ease the discomfort of different foods for your baby. Whenever your baby feels uncomfortable and seems to have indigestion or constipation, roll one on your baby’s tummy for quick relief. Ayurvedic tummy roll-ons are also a great option for toxicity-free effectiveness. We have reviewed some of the most effective, toxicity-free, and portable tummy roll-ons available for you to choose from.

1. Mamaearth Easy Tummy Roll On for Colic & Gas Relief

This tummy roll on by Mamaearth is an all-natural essential oil formulation to solve all your child’s tummy problems. It can be used for stomach-related issues such as indigestion, colic, acid reflux, and constipation.

The formula includes hing (asafoetida), ginger, and fennel oil, an age-old Ayurvedic recipe for treating digestive issues and easing bowel movement. Both hing oil and ginger oil soothe stomach pain and bloating.

This product has been proven to be safe to use on the sensitive skin of babies. The packaging of this product comes ready to transport in first aid kits, pockets, backpacks, and purses.

2. Buddsbuddy Natural Tummy Roll On

Buddsbuddy tummy roll-on can be used to treat stomach ache, acid reflux, constipation and other stomach issues.

It is made from all-natural ingredients like hing as it relieves gas and aids in an effective digestive system.

It also has castor oil and coconut oil that are used for massaging babies. Along with that, the tummy roll also has ajwain oil, peppermint oil, saunf oil and ginger oil. The mixture of these oils is highly effective in getting rid of flatulence and relieves stomach issues.

3. Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On for Baby

This formulation by Mother Sparsh is an Ayurvedic solution for babies suffering from colic, indigestion, and constipation. The hing (asafoetida) in the formula has been used by Ayurvedic practitioners to help with stomach issues for thousands of years.

All the ingredients that are present in this Ayurvedic formula are free of toxicity and safe to use. The oils are also safe to use with babies with extra sensitive skin. It also consists of pudina oil for stomach ache and fennel oil with anti-colic properties, which is useful against bloating, gas and helps to get burps.

The well-made roll-on bottle has been designed to fit into your purse or fanny pack easily. The product can be used with children above the age of 3 months.

4. Mom & World Baby Tummy Roll-On for Digestion & Colic Relief

This lovely formula by Mom and World is 100% natural. It has been formulated to ease the pain of colic, indigestion, constipation, and acid reflux for your baby. It will help remove gas from his/her tummy while helping digestion and getting rid of constipation.

The key active ingredients of this special formula are asafoetida and fennel. The roll-on bottle has been designed with your convenience in mind. It can be carried around in your handbag or your child’s little care kit. It does not contain any kind of mineral oil, parabens, or sulfate and is also toxin-free.

5. Babyorgano Hing Roll On To Relieve Colic, Constipation, and Indigestion

This tummy roll on by BabyOrgano is an ayurvedic product that has 100% natural ingredients. It can be used to cure your child’s tummy of stomach related issues such as colic, indigestion, acid reflux, and constipation.

The formula also includes the well-known effective ingredients such as hing oil and fennel oil. Both those oils are known to ease bloating and stomach pain quickly. It has a sweet smell that comes from sunflower oil to overpower a strong hing smell.

All the ingredients in this product have been tested to be free from skin allergies. It has been produced free of petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, synthetic perfumes, SLS, and artificial preservatives. This special formula comes in a highly portable non-spill roll-on bottle.

6. Nutree Pure Happy Tummy Roll On For Kids

This amazing tummy roll on for kids has been produced without preservatives, alcohol, or harmful chemicals. It has been formulated to soothe your child’s stomach-related problems such as colic, indigestion, acid reflux, and constipation.

The two active ingredients included in this product are hing (asafoetida) oil and ginger oil. They quickly soothe stomach pain and bloating while providing long-lasting relief. It also includes dill seed oil, peppermint oil, and fennel oil to provide relief from stomach aches. Its handy roll-on bottle makes it easy to carry it around easily.

Buying Guide


Like any other cream or oil that goes on your baby’s sensitive skin, make sure that the tummy roll-on you choose is toxicity free. The product should be free of phthalates, allergens, mineral oil, SLS, alcohol, petroleum, preservatives, and harsh chemicals to ensure that your child’s skin stays protected.


Herbal Ingredients

There are quite a few tummy roll-ons in the market that is almost completely made from herbal ingredients. Ancient ayurvedic formulas have been tweaked to produce some of the most effective roll-ons available.



The tummy roll-on that you choose must be handy that allows you to carry it easily. This is as you will need to take your child’s tummy roll on to whatever location you take your child. The roll-on should also fit into any emergency medicine pack you own.



The effectiveness and the duration of the tummy roll on’s effect should be noted. Some roll-ons are very effective, but the effect dies out within a short period. Some are slow to act but last longer. Try to get one that is both effective and long-lasting to keep your baby comfortable.

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