Best Tripod And Monopod Bags

As a photographer, you need to travel with your filming equipment. When you do so, it is vital to ensure that the equipment you carry with you is safe. Tripod and monopod bags will help your camera tripods from damages. Tripod and monopod bags also make it easy and convenient for you to carry your camera equipment when traveling. These bags save your tripod and monopods from gathering dust and debris during the travel. Below-listed is some of the best tripod and monopod bags for you.

1. SolidGEARS ® Photography Carry Bag For Camera Tripod

This tripod carrying case is made of 1680D polyester. The inner layer is made of 190T polyester lining material.

This bag is compatible with all standard sized tripod, backdrop stand kit, and light stands. It is of exceptional strength and can take a heavy load.

The bag interior is made of a foam padded interior. This protects your equipment from scratches while moving it around. The tripod bag comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry the equipment.

2. VTS Light Stand Carry Bag

VTS photography bag is the ideal choice when it comes to carrying filming equipment around. It is made using tough quality material that can withstand outdoor conditions. It has a foam-padded interior to keep all the items secured while travelling.

It has a rubber foot alloy that gives it the strength to hold heavy stuff. You can carry a tripod, monopod, light stand and background stand.

3. US1984 Carry Bag Case for Studio Photography

Professional photographers have a lot of equipment that needs to be taken along during shoots, like a tripod stand, lenses and the camera itself. This carry bag is specially designed so that these belongings can be safely stored and carried wherever you go.

The case is made from durable nylon material that is shockproof and waterproof. This protects your equipment from fall damage and accidental spills.

You can either carry the case with its padded handle or with the shoulder straps, whatever you are comfortable with.

The case securely holds your stuff with the durable stainless steel zipper, which is smooth to operate. It also features a removable lock that can be used to safeguard your expensive equipment.

4. Manfrotto Unpadded Tripod Bag

This tripod bag comes with a thermoformed cap. This gives additional protection when transporting your tripod.

It is made of the toughest quality material. It is also water repellent and can be used even in wet weather conditions. The bag features an adjustable shoulder strap.

You can carry tripods along with a head measuring a maximum of 68 cm. This bag has an asymmetrical shape. This allows you to carry the tripod along with the head attached.

The heavy-duty material can withstand rips and abrasions. The tripods are secured in the bag with a two-way zipper enclosure. The adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry the tripod easily.

5. CAMBRICK Padded Tripod Bag

This tripod bag is designed specifically for Manfrotto 055 tripods. You can carry your tripod along with the fluid head and three-way pan head.

The tripod bag is made of heavy-duty canvas material. This makes the tripod bag last a lifetime. The backpack uses premium quality zip and runner. This allows smooth operation. This bag weighs 750 grams before it is loaded with the equipment.

6. Neewer Photography Carrying Bag For Tripods And Monopods

This bag is made of very durable nylon. It comes with a fixed handle. The smooth nylon lining in the bag gives added protection to the bag.

This is a lightweight bag that weighs just 177 g. However, it protects the equipment from scratches and other damages effectively.

This bag is moisture-resistant, keeping your expensive equipment safe from damage. This bag can be put to multipurpose use and can be used to carry light stands, tripods, and umbrellas.

Best Tripod And Monopod Buying Guide

Often very little attention is given to the quality of the tripod and monopod bags. Seasoned photographers, however, know the importance of selecting the finest quality tripod and monopod bags.

Selecting the right photography equipment bags is likely to be a confusing task, at least initially. You will find countless options, and you should be clear about your requirements so that you pick the best tripod and monopod bags available in the market.


Tripod and Monopod Bag Material

Your tripod and monopod bags would be subjected to extreme conditions. Therefore, it is vital to select the right bags based on the material used to construct the bag.

Tripod and monopod bags come in heavy-duty nylon or canvas. Depending on the nature of your use, select a material that best fits your scenario. It is noted that bags made of canvas are more durable than nylon bags.


Zipper And Runner Quality

You would be using the zipper very frequently, and it is exposed to a very high level of wear and tear. Therefore, it is crucial to find a bag with a highly durable zipper and runner to last a lifetime.


Bag Design

One of the disadvantages with most tripod bags is that it is not easy to carry the head’s tripod. This is because of the symmetrical design of the bag. But you can find bags with an asymmetrical top, which will let you carry the tripods with the heads.


Carrying Strap

Does the tripod bag come with an adjustable strap or fixed strap? If it comes with a fixed strap, it is likely to be carried by hand instead of carrying on the shoulder. A long, adjustable strap lets you carry it on the shoulder, making it more comfortable while traveling with it.


Weight Of The Bag

The weight of the bag counts too. If it is made of canvas, it will weigh more, adding to the equipment’s weight. Nylon bags are light in weight, but they are not as rugged as the canvas bags.

You should try to balance the durability factor and the bag’s weight when buying your tripod bags.


If you do not want to frequently replace your tripod and monopod bags, buy the finest quality bags. As a photographer, your equipment needs to travel with you. Therefore, you need to invest in good quality bags for your tripods and monopods.

If you do not have a durable tripod and monopod bag, the tripod or the monopod will be damaged easily while transporting them from one place to another.

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