The Best Tree Pruning Saw For Effective Results

Having a tree in your home has so many benefits, and that is why most people plant trees. The downside to trees comes when you can’t control its outstretched branches. It can make a litter, and you will need to curtail its growth. A pruning saw will help you deal with the thick tree branches you can’t cut down with your pruning shears. There are many types in the market today, and we have reviewed some of the best pruning saws for your gardening needs.

1. Pepper Agro Gardening Tools Pruning Saw

Pepper Argo pruning saws are of great quality and help you take down thick branches in no time. The ergonomic handle makes this tool comfortable in your hands and easy to carry out your task. It has strong and sharp blades that will cut through even the thickest limbs.

The blades are made out of carbon steel that has three edge sharpened blades. The curved blade is designed to glide through the wood to give a clean cut. You can use this tool to cut through a medium-sized tree within 10 to 20 minutes. It also comes with slot adjustment fixing poles.

2. Jon Bhandari Tools Pruning Saw 

It is a high-performance curved pruning saw by Jon Bhandari Tools that is sturdily designed for efficient cutting, pruning, and cutting. It has a curved spine at an angle for providing smooth and effective cutting with minimal effort.

This pruning saw is prepared from high-quality steel that provides immense strength, versatility, and razor-sharpness for cutting different types of branches and limbs. It can be easily sharpened and feels light in weight.

It works excellent for pruning landscape such as limbs, branches, and trees.

This pruning saw comes equipped with an engineered PVC rubber handle that reduces hand fatigue and provides a comfortable, steady, and strong grip.

It is specially crafted for precisely gliding through the material for resulting in smooth and clean cutting.

3. Sharpex Heavy Duty Pruning Curved Blade

This heavy-duty pruning saw will help you remove damaged and dead trees from your property. Its heavy-duty double-edged blades are just what you need to remove that branch. This tool makes cutting easy and saves you time.

The steel blades are quality and won’t rust easily even after prolonged use. Its handle is made from plastic and is durable. It grips firmly, so the saw doesn’t slip off your hands. It has a curved blade that will cut cleanly and with little effort. You can use this pruning saw to remove buds, branches, and roots.

4. Festel Carbon Steel Tree Pruning Saw

If you are looking for a good quality pruning, saw, you should look at this Festel carbon steel saw. It would cut off all unwanted branches and limbs of your trees. The handle is made out of comfortable material.

The carbon steel also has a three edge sharpen that slices through wood conveniently. It makes a clean cut on the tree because of its double actioned hardened blades that are very sharp. You can increase its height by inserting a pole in its slot at the bottom of the pruning saw.

5. Birud® Folding Saw

Birud pruning saw has very sharp blades that will cut through trees, branches, twigs, and bushes. Its blade has triple-cut razor teeth that are hard and sharp enough to saw through tough wood.

This Birud saw it comes with an ergonomic handle to make cutting easy and save time. It also comes with a pocket for storage when the pruning saw is not in use. The saw is waterproof and won’t rust, so you can easily clean it with water after use.

6. Tadso-Lid Steel Tree Pruning Saw

You can use it to cut a small tree, and its curved blades will give a clean cut. The 20.5-inch pruning saw is a good gardening tool, and its steel blades are finely polished.

You can grip it firmly with its comfortable wooden handle. The reason is that it is durable and easily cuts through branches.

Buying Guide

There are many pruning saws available in the market today, and it is important to know what to look for when buying one. Depending on what you intend to use it for, you might want to consider its type and thickness. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a pruning saw.


Blade Length

The blade’s length is one of the first things you look out for when buying pruning saws. If the blade is long, it can cut a larger part of the wood, but a short blade will stop somewhere around the middle.

Also, longer blades tend to give you a smooth cut than short blades. If you think about price, short blades are more affordable, and they don’t take up space. The choice depends on your preference.



You should choose pruning saws with comfortable handles. When cutting through thick branches, the saw could slip off your hands if the handle does not grip firmly. Also, the handle affects your work. It either makes cutting easier or difficult, which will be time-consuming.

It is preferable to go for pruning saws with either wood, rubber, and plastic handles. The handle material should be non-slip and comfortable enough to take the shock as you cut.



The pruning saw should have a sharp blade, which is the part that does the actual cutting. You should consider the size of the teeth, whether fine, medium, large, or extra-large. The extra-large teeth are usually the curved pruning blades with 5.5 TPI (tooth per inch). These cuts much faster and better compared to other sizes of blades.



You should also consider getting your monies worth when buying a pruning saw. Saws made out of tempered steel and high carbon steel lasts longer than any other material. If you buy anything short of these two, it would likely rust, and you will need to replace it.


Pruning saws are a must-have for every home, especially for those who have a few trees planted in their homes. You would appreciate having a quality saw that can cut through trees without much effort. Many brands offer pruning saws, but we have listed the best ones you can get today. These pruning saws will get the job done.

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