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As you traverse the boundaries and transcend the borders for work, study, or leisure; encountering the cold chilly nights poses a challenge while you struggle to sleep in the train, bus, or plane. Carrying a travel blanket gives you a shot in the arm for braving such situations.

Enveloped by the coziness and warmth of a travel blanket, you can experience exceptional comfort and ultimate pleasure during your long-distance travels.

A high-quality travel blanket prevents travel fatigue and gives you the relaxing sleeping comfort that makes you feel as if you are dozing off on your bed at home.

In this article, we’ll take through all you need to know to select the best travel blanket that suits you such as Benefits and buyers guide. We will also include FAQs and list some great products you can take a look at. We have also mentioned our Top 7 Recommended products.

Top 7 Best Travel Blankets in India

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Adequate warmth
Adequate warmth
Adequate warmth

Benefits of Travel Blankets


With a good product made of soft and warmth delivering fabric, you will get all the coziness you need wherever you go. Ideally, most manufacturers use blends of materials that not only keep you warm but feel gentle and pleasant on the body. 

In short, carrying a travel blanket gives you the peace of mind necessary to enjoy your trip in the face of cold weather.


Small travel blankets are designed to make life easy when traveling. Most products are actually lightweight and hassle-free to pack and carry along. As such, having one while on the move means, you can adjust to temperature changes without the slightest hindrance.

Effective and utilitarian

While there are other alternatives to keeping warm like putting on heavy clothing, nothing can deliver better results like a quality travel blanket. As already noted, you have various options to choose from hence you can always get one that suits you.

For instance, you can opt for one that covers the whole body or the upper body alone. Besides traveling, you can always use these types of blankets at home when relaxing in your backyard or when out for park picnics.


If you have traveled widely, you may have noticed or come across blankets issued by airlines. The fact is you can never be sure of their cleanliness. To avoid any horrible experience, you safer carrying your own.

Only with your blanket can you be sure of the hygiene.

Travel Blankets Buying Guide

Thanks to increasing demand in the recent times, more and more varieties of travel blankets continue to grace the market. While this isn’t exactly a bad thing, it does make it a little difficult to know or pick the best product to suit particular needs.

To help you with the selection, in this section of our guide we have put together some of the key considerations to have in mind before and when shopping;


The nature of the material used in making a travel blanket is one of leading factors that influences performance. Usually, the material directly determines comfort, warmth, feel, breathability, and perhaps overall utility. 

The emphasis should be on what they offer in terms of merits and demerits. In reality, it can be hard to rank the materials so instead you should focus on how best they are suited to your situation. Here are some commonly available options:-

  • Wool

Obtained mainly from sheep, wool-made blankets are ideal if you prefer something that delivers warmth, and can be used across all seasons.

Although it may not be the softest of all its products can get the job done. Sometimes it can be blended with other kinds of fabric so you need to do your research and ensure the end product can match up to your expectations.

  • Cotton

Cotton is known for its soft and generally smooth feel with equally decent breathability. For this reason, travel blankets made from it are worth investing in.

It may also be used with other types of fabrics to improve the functionality so the overall quality of the final result is what you should check on.

  • Synthetic fabrics

The most commonly used material of this nature is polyester. Formulated in different ways, polyester used may vary in terms of texture among other properties. However, most maintain a soft, light, and fluffy feel that ensures comfort.

Overall, the best material should be suited to perform depending on where or how you intend to use it.


The dimensions are also very important for a number of reasons. To begin with, it determines whether a user will have enough cover or not. Moreover, the size when opened dictates the storage space it will take when folded and packed.

So unlike standard blankets which are mainly choose depending on the bed size, it this case you need to look at the bigger picture. At this point it is prudent to consider your height and body size and do the matching. 


You don’t want anything that comes into contact with your body top to subject you to any form of uneasiness. As such, it pays to settle for a travel blanket that not only delivers the desired warmth but is cozy too.

Buying a luxury travel blanket might result in paying more than regular but it is worth the investment. The chief factor that comes in the picture here is the type of fabric used to make the product.

Ease of use

While on the move you don’t want anything that is a pain to use or carry along. Whether it’s all about spreading it out for cover, folding or keeping it away when not in use, a good travel blanket should make your life easy.

Consider how simple it will be to roll, fold, pack, and open it out as and when the need arises. If it comes with a convenient carrying case that suits your travel style the better.


No matter how much you spend, you need to think about how long a product of choice can serve you. Obviously, you do not want to keep buying every time you need to get away.

If you travel often, it’s also not economical to buy a new travel blanket after using the one you have a few times.

Besides that, the quality of the weave also tends to effect on how well it responds to normal-use wear and tear. In a nutshell, good buy should be well manufactured to last longer in the preferred circumstance of use.

Ease of cleaning

Even though a travel blanket is not for everyday use (unless you constantly on the move), you will need to clean it sometimes. It shouldn’t be a pain neither should it take too much of your time.

Machine washable products should be preferred thanks to their convenient cleaning option. Most manufacturers usually specify washing requirements so it shouldn’t be a problem weighing your options.


Another crucial factor you should pay attention to is the weight and how easy it is to carry a long. Whether you will use it for a road trip, camping adventures or air travel you need to have something manageable.

Therefore, look out for something lightweight and compact, easy to pack, and take along with the rest of your essentials. For instance, a good pick should not take the bulk of your packing space.

However, this should not mean sacrificing other elements essential for usability.

Other features

Apart from the above, looking for a little extra in your travel blanket isn’t a bad idea after all. Some of the additional things you should check out includes the weaving pattern. That is how loose or closely knit it is as this influence warmth retention and breathability. =

For the style-conscious individuals, minding things such as color, finish patterns, shape, and any other decoration shouldn’t escape your attention.


It goes without saying that every purchase depends on your budget. Similarly, it is expected that the more you pay, the better the quality you are likely to get.

Although better products may cost a little extra, not all cheaper alternatives are mediocre. It follows that you should strive to balance the two aspects-your budget and quality.

In the market, there is a wide array of options at varying prices so you aren’t any limited in this regard.

7 Travel Blankets – Top Picks

1. Cloth Fusion Thermal Soft Brush Blanket – Our Pick

Cloth Fusion Thermal Soft Brush Blanket
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If you are looking forward to curling up in a warm and comfortable blanket on your next trip, this is worth considering. The Cloth Fusion thermal blanket makes the cut thanks to its high-quality glacial-polar fleece fabric construct that is soft and offers great thermal insulation.

With it, winter chills or abrupt piercing cold that you may run into while traveling or outdoor will be no match. Given the tight weaving and double stitching on the edges be sure you are guaranteed years of use.

Although it’s slightly heavy as compared to most alternatives on our list, the weight is manageable. Considering its compressible you can fit it in your hand luggage for easier access when the need arises.

Main Features
  • Measures 60 by 90 inches (152 x 228 cm) to provide enough cover with an allowance to spare.
  • Made of 100 percent polyester, polar fleece material which ensures reliable performance essential to keep the body warm and comfortable .
  • The fabric features special two-sided brushing making it ultra-soft on both sides consequently providing better and comfy covering experience.
  • Boasts of a high quality weaving guaranteeing no shrinkage after washing and drying essentially ensuring optimal performance over the years.
  • Weight about 1.33 kilograms which is modest given its size making it relatively light for easy transportation.
  • Features double needle stitching on a one-inch hem to ensure the edges remain secured in place to improve the overall longevity.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • High-quality construction fabric.
  • Great weaving for optimal thermal retention.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Suitable for both travel, indoor, and outdoor use.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Functional and durable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Needs slightly bigger space to carry.
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2. Wandr Lightweight Travel Fleece Blanket – Safe for use

Wandr Lightweight Travel Fleece Blanket
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The Wandr Fleece blanket is a wonderful combination light and soft yet cozy build fabric. Made of highly breathable Fleece material, this blanket is bound to deliver inviting warmth and comfort much to the expectation of any frequent traveller.

It is as smooth as it appears and feels gentle enough on the skin for a deep sleep even as you travel in cold winter weather. It reliably wicks moisture from the outside and traps heat leaving you warm and safe from biting humidity.

Its travel magic lies in the light and compact nature. You can roll it out and pack it back in no time into the drawstring pouch and take it with you wherever necessary.

Main Features
  • Made of high-quality fleece fabric that is breathable, soft, and cozy to deliver and maintain required warmth while on the move.
  • Has dimensions measuring approximately 56 by 82 inches (140 x 208 cm) and weighs about 499 grams making it lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Comes with a sleek and compact drawstring pouch of size 15 by 5 inches to provide thoughtless storage and keep it free from dust and moisture when not in use.
  • Features tight weaving with super soft finish to help in heat retention and make it gentle on the skin.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Can be used at home and outdoors alike.
  • Great weave with reliable heat retention.
  • Light and portable makes it ideal for travel and outdoor use.
  • Conveniently fits in carry luggage.
  • Easy to fold and carry along.
  • Soft and cozy fabric.
  • Machine washable and quick-drying.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • May not be effective at extremely low temperatures.
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3. RAJRANG Vintage Blanket – Most Versatile

RAJRANG Vintage Blanket
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The RAJRANG Vintage Blanket looks a bit more of a decorative throw cover but it can’t be any far from being a welcome travel accessory.

As trendy as it appears, it is made of 100 percent cotton with a unique textured finish which no doubt appeals for individuals looking for something stylish.

Similarly, it is perfectly weaved to ensure it can provide a blend of warmth and comfort when in use. When it comes to suitability for on-the-go use, you will appreciate how light it is but without compromising the functionality.

You can easily fold and roll it down, pack it in your carry-on luggage and spread it out for use as when the situation dictates. All in all, if you are looking for a travel blanket that is comfortable, versatile, and durable, this is the ideal choice.

Main Features
  • Made 100 percent from cotton fabric (primary and upholstery) with unique decorative weaving and textured finish making it look stylish while providing efficient thermal regulation.
  • Has dimensions of about 127 by 152.5 cm (50 x 60 inches) and is rectangular in shape to provide balanced cover breadth in line with the human frame.
  • Weighs about 748 grams making it light and easy to carry with you.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Attractive, stylish, and elegant.
  • Suitable for multi-purpose use.
  • Unique design with nice textured finish.
  •  Light hence ideal for on the go use.
  •  Warm and comfortable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • You need to dry-clean the blanket.
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4. JSB TA009 Travel Blanket – Comfortable Pick

JSB TA009 Travel Blanket
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The JSB TA009 travel blanket is another great option made of light yet very soft and comfortable fleece fabric. It has the capability of providing decent cover to keep the cold at bay when on the move whether by air, bus or train.

You could also use it at home when relaxing on the couch over a cup of coffee because it’s that versatile. It is firmly woven hence you won’t be troubled by fibres coming out and sticking on your clothes.

And when it comes to cleaning and maintenance you have nothing to complain about. It takes no complex washing procedures to put it in order after several rounds of use. Similarly, its color doesn’t fade so you get to have the original look even after sustained use.

Perhaps the only downside is the fact that it does not have enough breadth to cover the whole body. But if you are interested in a product that can comfortably wrap the upper section of the body when seated it should suffice.

Main Features
  • Made of quality fleece fabric with soft and comfy feel to provide delightful long lasting covering experience.
  • Measures 126 by 85 cm providing reasonable latitude for covering the body.
  • The construction fabric is specially manufactured with a soft feel finish to make it skin friendly thereby preventing irritations.
  •  Boasts of firm but compressible fabric weaving ensuring both optimal thermal retention and flexible storage when not in use.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Compact and durable.
  • Easily washable and does not wrinkle.
  • Great for keeping warm during cold seasons.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Color does not fade easily.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Does not come with a carrying pouch.
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5. Cabeau Microfibre Fold ‘n Go Travel Blanket 

Cabeau microfiber fold ‘n go travel blanket is a high-quality blanket that is prepared from polyester material. It is constructed from buttery soft French microfiber that provides exceptional warmth and comfort.

It is designed to provide immense comfort while being foldable into a small package. It keeps you warm and is suitable for multiple comfort items. It is equally suitable for a frequent traveler and an occasional couch potato.

Main Features
  • This travel blanket measures a generous 60” x 36? so that it provides complete coverage for wrapping individuals from chin to toe.
  • It is a rectangular-shaped travel blanket that comes in blue color.
  • It comes along with a French microfiber travel case that has a detachable handle for easy carrying or convenient strapping to luggage.
  • Both the blanket and its convenient carrying case are machine washable for providing easy cleaning between your trips, flights, or vacations.
  • It comes with an elastic strap that allows you to attach it to your backpack or your luggage. It can be easily hanged in your room without occupying much space.
  • It comes with a 2 years warranty from the date of first purchase.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This travel blanket can be easily folded into a 12” X 6” travel case.
  • You can easily carry it in a foldable case by using a durable handle.  Moreover, it can be easily attached to your other luggage during traveling.
  • It is designed to keep you warm in any cold setting.
  • When it is packed in the carrying case, it can be used as a seat cushion, pillow, lower back, or lumbar support.
  • It works as a perfect travel accessory as you can fit it easily in your luggage while traveling by train, plane, or any other automobile.
  • You can use this versatile blanket for experiencing enhanced coziness at various places such as in your car, at the stadium, on your flight, at the beach, or while enjoying movie night.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The length of the blanket is a little bit short.

6. Litume Compact Fleece Travel Blanket with Stuff Sack 

Litume travel blanket is a compact and lightweight blanket that is prepared from soft and breathable fleece. It provides the perfect balance between comfort and warmth while maintaining improved air circulation.

This blanket is designed to maintain the perfect temperature so that you can stay cozy and comfy at all times. It is suitable for a wide range of places and activities including camping, traveling, backpacking, etc. You can also wear it at office or home.

Main Features
  • It features a 3 mm Scotchgarde protection along with humidity management technology.
  • It has a stain-resistant design that helps in releasing most stains during the wash.
  • It is prepared from soft and breathable fabric that ensures optimal air circulation.
  • It is an easy-to-maintain and machine washable blanket that ensures easy cleaning.
  • It wicks away moisture and provides fast absorption and drying for providing a comfortable feeling for longer periods.
  • It features microfleece velour fabric that provides warmth, softness, and breathability for keeping you comfortable.
  • It exerts an anti-static effect by reducing static shocks and static electricity.
  • It is a durable fabric that resists wrinkling, stretching, and shrinking. It is prepared using strong stitching for imparting enhanced durability.
  • The stuff bag is easy to lock using a cord lock string that shows flexibility and durability for making one-hand adjustments effortlessly.
  • It measures 15.2 x 10.2 x 10.2 centimeters in dimensions and it weighs only 249 grams.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is an excellent moisture wicking foldable blanket that allows you to snuggle up to it anywhere and anytime you desire.
  • It is a portable travel blanket that features an easily foldable and compact design that makes it easy to carry.
  • It keeps you warm and comfy for longer periods without letting you feel any discomfort.
  • It can easily cover your entire body from head to toe.
  • It features a drawstring stuff sack that enables you to carry it with you while going for your official trips, leisure travels, and adventures.
  • It serves as your perfect travel companion for all your travels including going on a road trip, traveling by train or plane, at the movies, etc.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is expensive.

7. Home Stylish Soft Warm Fleece Blanket 

Home stylish fleece blanket is a made-in-India product that is designed for providing softness, warmth, and a comfy feeling. It works as excellent bedding for fending off harsh winter chills and experiencing a real warm coziness with your family.

This polar fleece fabric is prepared from synthetic woolen fibers that are used for manufacturing outdoor clothing, hats, blankets, jackets, sweaters, and hoodies. It is renowned as the softest and warmest fabrics around.

Main Features
  • It is a versatile fleece blanket that is suitable for multiple purposes such as using it as a camping or travel blanket, draping it over the couch, or using it as a bedroom blanket, etc.
  • It is a durable fleece blanket that is prepared from 100% polyester.
  • This polar fleece fabric is brushed from 2-sides by using a 1-inch hem.
  • It features a double-needle and durable stitching that ensures the long-lasting durability of this plush blanket.
  • This polar fleece blanket is crafted for providing luxurious and glamorous comfort. It provides an instant relaxing mood and coziness.
  • It is a microfiber plush blanket that comes in various colors and sizes.
  • This plush fleece blanket is machine washable. It features a shrink-resistant design that can easily withstand multiple washes.
  • It is a super soft and cozy fleece blanket that is designed for providing a flawless balance of comfort and elegance.
  • It easily boosts your mood with its glamorous appearance and provides extra warmth for outdoor as well as indoor usage.
  • It measures 22 x 18 x 2 cm in dimensions and weighs 350 grams.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a highly durable and easy to maintain fleece blanket that serves as an ideal fabric for cuddling and snuggling on a cold night.
  • It is a stylish blanket that instantly creates impressions on others. When used as bedding, it improves the décor of your bed.
  • It is a breathable, stylish, and soft blanket that provides long-lasting usage.
  • It is a lightweight and warm fleece blanket that can be used all year round for various purposes.
  • It can be easily packed and carried with you wherever you go.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a very thin blanket that requires an extra quilt on top of this for keeping you warm during the harsh winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is the best travel blanket?

Like with any other products in the market, it is always difficult to declare a sure winner. If anything, there are dozens of different travel blankets to choose from and as usual what works for one may not work for another.

Furthermore, everyone has their preferences and needs so it is better thinking about what meets your requirements rather than the best product. With so many options, you can’t miss something close to perfect for your situation.

2. What is an ideal travel blanket made of?

The thing is just like standard blankets used at home, best material for travel blankets are made using different fabrics or a combination of more than one type.

Considering these materials naturally have different qualities, it needs no mention that the performance will vary on several aspects. Talk about softness, comfort, durability, cleaning and so on.

It means what you consider important will dictate your best blanket manufacturing material. But, as a standard a good fabric should be comfortable on the body and have dependable thermal retention capability.

3. What is the best size for a travel blanket?

When it comes to selecting the most suitable size, you need to think about it in two ways. First, the overall dimensions when the blanket is unfolded for use. And secondly, the pack size when it’s folded for storage or when carrying it with you.

You need to strike the right balance by opting for something wide enough to provide full cover but should be manageable to allow stress-free packing and transportation. At this point, you need to consider your body frame and height to avoid getting the wrong match.

4. Can you use a travel blanket on a plane?

Sure, travel blankets are meant to be used whenever on the move. Thanks to the lightweight and portable nature, whether you are traveling by bus, train or plane it’s acceptable.

However, it is worth noting that due to typical restrictions on the cabin luggage, you need to ensure it fits in your carry-on luggage.

That way, you can easily access it when the temperatures get cold. The point is if you can carry one along into the plane, there isn’t any other limitation.

5. What is the average weight of a travel blanket?

In reality, travel blankets are designed to be light considering they shouldn’t be taxing to carry on a trip. The weight will however vary depending on the thickness and overall size not forgetting the type of construction fabrics. 

Ideally, most products will weigh anything slightly over a half a kilogram to less than two kilograms. That said, it is important not to let your preference for manageable weight compromise other aspects such as comfort and great thermal retention.

6. Can a travel blanket be used at home?

Yes, you can use one at home only that it will not serve you in the same way as standard bed blankets. Why? Most products are designed for use mainly when sitting or in a temporary resting position.

Besides travel blankets are generally light and smaller in size to offer sufficient cover for several hours of deep sleep. But if you want to use them when relaxing on the couch or outside your backyard that’s totally fine.

7. How much should I pay for a travel blanket?

Depending on your budget, you will find products on different ranges from affordable to very expensive options. Usually, the amount you spend will by far determine the quality and value you get. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean paying less directly leaves you with a mediocre product and vice versa.

The best way to go about this is to figure out what features you would want in your pick filter down in line with what you are willing to pay for it. Otherwise, it’s advisable to let the price come second to how well the blanket will satisfy your needs.


Whether you are busy globetrotting around the world due to work or leisure; or go for long-distance travel occasionally due to professional or personal reasons; a travel blanket is an essential travel companion for experiencing a smooth journey. 

A long-distance travel fatigue results due to the lack of quality sleep while traveling by train, bus, or airplane. That’s why a travel blanket is a must for you to sleep well and stay refreshed and focused throughout the day despite traveling miles the previous night. 

Its compact and foldable design perfectly complements the on-the-go lifestyle of frequent travelers. 

Embrace the good night’s sleep with a travel blanket and enjoy ultimate relaxation, no matter wherever you travel or whichever mode you choose to travel.  

Out of the products listed in this article, our top-rated travel blankets are Cloth Fusion Thermal Blanket and Home Stylish Soft Warm Fleece BlanketThey come with a lot of good features at a reasonable price which is appealing to all customers.


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