Best Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

Girls who wear glasses face difficulty while doing their makeup. The nose pads of eyeglasses create a mess, or most of the makeup is lost behind the lenses. Everyone faces some level of difficulty while applying makeup.

In this article, we will share some of the best tips regarding applying makeup for people with glasses.

10 Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

Make your eyes stand out

If you wear glasses, then make sure that the mascara and eyeliner you are using, make your eyes smoky. Draw a thick line of both the products, so your eyes don’t get behind your glasses. Also, you can opt for fake eyelashes. Then again, do not go for a pair of eyelashes, which will end up messing with your lens.

You might want to know the correct size to prevent it from hitting your lenses. Do not cut your natural lashes even if they touch your glass.

Natural eyebrows

The natural eyebrows will go with smokey eyes and glasses. It depends on what kind of look you are opting for. You can always use an eyebrow pencil to shape them. It is recommended to brush your eyebrows upward before you use an eyebrow pencil. Once you are done that, gently use your eyebrow pencil to shape them and make it look natural.


You have to go easy on the foundation. Otherwise, it will look unnatural. Be careful, especially when applying in the cheeks and nose bridge.

Lip color

Neutral makeup goes well with a bold lip. Besides, a bright lip color suits if you are wearing glasses. Eyeshadow highlights your eyes, but that may get behind your lens, and anyone may not notice that at all. On the other hand, bold lip color is something one cannot miss easily.

Match your liner to your prescription

If your visions are nearsighted, then your glasses are going to make your eyes look bigger than they are. In that case, go with a subtle and straightforward eyeliner rather than going emo. If your vision is farsighted, then your glasses will make your eyes look smaller. Go bold with your eyes as well, so they pop and get noticed even from behind those glasses.

Eye shadow to enhance your eyes

You do not want your eyes to go unnoticed behind those glasses. Use a shadow shade to enhance the look of your eyes. Make sure the color of the shadow goes well with your frame color as well. For instance, if you have brown eyes, then the shadow should be of Aquas and bronzes, and a black frame would be a perfect match.

Avoid products on the nose area

Try using as little as possible of a product on your nose area. The nose pads of your glasses will eventually mess it up. If you can find frames that do not have nose pads, then you could apply some of it on your nose but not much. Different people face different issues regarding the same problem.


A common problem of people with glasses is to slide your glasses back up your nose. If you keep doing that repeatedly, some of the makeup of that area or the foundation may start to come off. Invest in a good eye primer, which is suitable for both oily skin and dry skin. Apply the primer to that area only to prevent the foundation from disappearing in the middle of your day.

Less make up in the glass area

Try to apply less makeup in the glass area. You do not want any makeup to come off or any smudging to ruin your day. So it is better to take precaution than to regret.

Contact lens

This is not a fashion or beauty tip. If it is possible, then try and use a contact lens for your eyes instead of a glass. They cannot affect your makeup in any way. Apply all the makeup and then put on your contact lens.


The tips mentioned above will help you in doing makeup if you wear glasses and face difficulty like everyone else. We have discussed everything in detail, so go through it and know what will make you look better and how you should apply that as well.

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