Best Stain Remover for Clothes

Putting off laundry thinking about that tough collar stain you need to scrub away? Are you tired of testing out DIY stain removal hacks with zero results?

If these questions ring a bell in your mind, you’ve landed on the right page. Through this article, we intend to give you more information about the best stain removers in India.

Stain removal is a common problem in many households.

Some stains are so tough that even lemon and vinegar give up on them. Normal detergents may remove the usual dirt from soiled clothes but can prove to not affect stain removal.

This calls for game-changing products called stain removers.

The market is filled with them, and choosing the right one could be confusing. Worry not, because this article has all the information about different types of stain removers, a buying guide and a list of the best stain removers in India. Lastly, we have also answered a few common FAQs.

Types of Stain Removers

Based on the formula, stain removers can be of powder, gel, and liquid forms.

  • Powder stain removers work like normal detergents and need to be added either directly on the stain or along with the detergent in the rinse stage.
  • Liquid and gel stain removers can be added directly to the stain and rubbed in.

If we consider the packaging of stain removers, they are of many types.

Some stain removers come in bottles, while others come in sticks or pens. Liquid stain removers generally come in bottles, sometimes with a spray applicator.

Some stain removers come in the form of pens or sticks. These are the most convenient ones because they ease the process of application.

Based on the surface, stain removers can be of different kinds. Some of them are meant only for clothes, while others can be used only on upholstery or furnishing textiles.

Some stain removers are meant only for coloured clothes, while some are suitable only for whites. There are also stain removers that work for both white and coloured clothes.

Based on the method of application, stain removers are of two types:

Pre-Wash – These stain removers should be applied directly on the stain before rinsing them with a normal detergent. These can be used for buckets as well as machine wash.

Booster – These stain removers boost the stain removal property of normal detergents and thus need to be used along with them. You can add them to the bucket of spoiled clothes or pour them into the softener drawer in your machine.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some key factors you may want to consider before investing in the right stain remover:

Type of Stain

If you deal with more stubborn stains frequently, look for stain removers that come with an in-built scrubber to aid in the process of stain removal.

These are mostly found in the bottles of liquid stain removers. For normal stains, you can choose a stain remover that works on both whites and coloured clothes.

Type of Clothes

Stain removers can be harsh on delicate fabrics like silk and wool. Make sure to check the instructions on the label of the product to see which fabrics are applicable.


For food stains, it is preferable to choose a stain remover that can also remove the associated odour. Fragranced stain removers are generally preferred for their ability to make the clothes smell fresh after each wash.


Test the fabric for its colour fastness before using the stain remover on it. Choose a concealable edge of the fabric to perform a fade test before using the stain remover on the stain. If the colour of the fabric does not fade, you can go ahead and use it on the stain.

Best Stain Removers for Clothes

1. Vanish OxiAction All in One Stain Remover Liquid

When it comes to stain removers, Vanish has been the most trusted brand globally. They began with their classic stain removing powder and now have also launched the same in liquid variants.

Vanish OxiAction All-in-one Stain Remover liquid comes in an attractive pink bottle that carries 800ml of product. It is ten times more powerful than most premium detergents.

This stain remover liquid aims to remove stains, whitening whites, and brighten the fabrics’ colours. It can be used in three ways – spot application on stains, soaking, and detergent.

The OxiPower formula of this stain remover promises the removal of 99.9% germs. It treats stains in a single wash as compared to other products that take at least five washes.

Main Features
  • Its powerful formula works effectively on tough stains
  • It provides a dry-clean like effect on your clothes
  • This stain remover can be used on white and coloured clothes
  • It is suitable for bucket and machine wash
  • It can be used directly on the stains and also along with detergent
PROS (What we liked)
  • This is a multipurpose product that targets stains and germs
  • A little goes a long way, so one bottle will last for a long time
  • It adds a pleasant fragrance to the clothes
  • It does not contain chlorine or bleach
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The wide-mouth design causes wastage of the product, so be careful while pouring

2. Tide To Go Mini Instant Stain Remover Pen

Tide has been pioneering the laundry industry for a long time now. Constantly working towards revolutionizing the industry, Tide has never failed at bringing in innovative laundry products.

One such product is the Tide To Go Instant stain remover pen. It removes stains in 3 simple steps – removes the excess residue, presses the tip on the stain, rubs the tip on the stain till it gets removed.

With the new Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pen, you’re bound to experience a no-mess stain removal process that doesn’t need much effort. It targets stains like tomato juice, coffee, wine, tea, chocolate syrup, ketchup, etc.

Main Features
  • It helps in removing fresh food and drink stains
  • The powerful solution of this stain remover breaks down stains
  • Its microfiber pad works effectively on stains by absorbing the stains
  • This stain remover pen helps in removing stains by lifting them completely
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is portable due to its pen-like design
  • This unique stain remover works instantly on stubborn stains
  • It is easy to carry along on the go when you go out to eat or on a coffee break
  • It does not contain bleach and is thus gentle on the fabrics of the clothes
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not effective on stubborn stains

3. TetraClean Pen Ink Remover

TetraClean Ink Remover is specially formulated to remove stains caused by inks. It comes in a convenient spray bottle with 500ml of product.

This is a must-have for those who face ink staining frequently on their clothes and around the house. It is effective against stains caused by pen inks, nail polishes, markers, pencils, etc.

After applying this stain remover, you just need to rub on the stain with a nylon brush and wipe it off with a normal cloth.

For tougher ink stains on clothes, you can leave the liquid on the affected area for 2-3 minutes and then rub it with the nylon brush. It has to be wiped away clean with normal water.

Main Features
  • It works on stains by just spraying it directly on the surface
  • This stain remover liquid can be applied to any surface like clothes, carpets, furniture, walls, plastic, metal, fibre, etc.
  • It is an all-rounder stain removal product that works effectively on stubborn ink stains.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The spray bottle allows you to use this stain remover conveniently without any wastage
  • It has an ergonomic design with grooves that fit perfectly in the palm
  • No dilution is required to use this stain remover
  • There is no need to come in direct contact with this stain remover
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is expensive compared to other stain removers

4. Shout Stain Remover Spray 

Shout stain removing spray is a laundry stain remover that SC Johnson manufactures. It comes in a spray bottle with 500ml of liquid stain remover.

This stain remover targets stubborn stains on clothes. It is gentle on clothes but tough on stains. It can be used in both coloured and white clothes.

It has a unique formula that performs a biological action on stains. This formula targets the stain and removes it without damaging the fabric.

Another speciality of this stain remover’s formula is its triple action. It clings on the stain, penetrates through the stain, and lifts the stain thoroughly.

Main Features
  • This stain remover has a gentle formula that acts on stains but is mild on the clothes
  • It can remove old stains and fresh ones as well
  • It is ergonomically designed to minimize your contact with the liquid
  • The biological action of this stain remover breaks down even tough stains
PROS (What we liked)
  • The spray bottle makes it easy to use
  • It can be used on all types of fabrics
  • It can remove stains even in cold water
  • This stain remover can be used in bucket wash and machine wash
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not remove tough stains completely

5. Dr Beckmann Stain Devil All Purpose Pre Wash

Dr Beckmann stain devils Pre-wash is a stain remover owned by the German-based company Delta Pronatura. Dr Beckmann specializes in creating tailor-made stain removal formulas for all types of stains.

This All-Purpose Pre-wash stain remover by Dr Beckmann works on new and dried-in stains. It has a unique Triple Active Complex formula that is tough on stains yet gentle on fabrics.

It works on stains caused by various sources like chocolate, ketchup, baby food, makeup, and oil. One bottle comes with 250ml of product.

Main Features
  • The formula has a gel-like consistency that gets easily poured from the bottle
  • It is suitable for all washable whites and coloured clothes
  • It has to be applied directly to the stain before rinsing the clothes with detergent
  • The bottle comes with a brush applicator that helps in dissolving dried stains
PROS (What we liked)
  • The bleach-free formula of this stain remover is gentle on the skin and fabrics
  • It takes only 10-15 minutes for complete stain removal
  • This stain remover works in cold water and short rinse cycles too
  • The unique brush is soft on the clothes and helps the gel to work into the fibres of the clothes
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is expensive for 250ml of product

6. Frosch Lemon Stain Remover Stick

Frosch Lemon Stain Remover Stick is a unique stain removal product that targets tough stains. It works on pigmented stains caused by food grease, makeup, soil, etc.

Frosch was voted as the Most Trusted Brand in 2015 by Reader’s Digest for stain removal. Its effective formula is free from harmful chemicals that harm the skin and fabrics.

To use this stain remover, apply it directly on the stained fabric before rinsing it with a detergent. It takes up to 10 minutes for its powerful formula to penetrate the stain.

It is composed of 5-15% non-ionic surfactants and less than 5% anionic surfactants. It has a pleasant lemon fragrance that removes stubborn odours from stained clothes.

Main Features
  • It works effectively on all kinds of stains
  • It comes in a leak-proof bottle
  • The design is unique with a stick-like applicator
  • It can be used on whites as well as coloured clothes
PROS (What we liked)
  • This is a travel-friendly bottle that can be easily packed while travelling
  • The stick-like design allows you to remove stains without coming in contact with the liquid
  • It saves time of rubbing or scrubbing the clothes
  • It gives the clothes a fresh citrusy fragrance
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • You may have to repeat the treatment on some tough stains

7. Hatestains stain remover

The Hate Stains Co., formerly known as Emergency Stain Rescue, aims at making stain removal easy. Their products are tough on stains but not on the skin or clothing, or the environment.

The emergency stain rescue is an instant stain removal product designed to safely and quickly remove stains. It comes in a spray bottle with 120 ml of product.

It has a highly concentrated formula that removes stains magically. It works on the stains caused by foods like ice-cream, carrots, spaghetti sauce, and ketchup.

It works on stained clothes, bibs, car interiors, upholstery, etc. It can also work on blood stains from fabrics.

Main Features
  • It has a fast-working powerful formula that is gentle on clothes
  • It works well on fresh and set-in stains
  • The strong formula is safe even on coloured fabrics
  • It is free from peroxide, chlorine, parabens, and formaldehyde
PROS (What we liked)
  • The formula is made with 100% biodegradable surfactants
  • It is naturally derived and has a pH-neutral formula
  • The convenient spray packaging makes it easy to work with
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is too expensive for 120ml of product

8. Natural Care Laundry Stain Remover

This stain remover helps in removing stains and the residue left over by stains. Use this on your stained clothes to make them clean and fresh-looking.

It is gentle on the skin as well as on clothes. It is not meant for only food stains and can work on a variety of tough stains.

It safely works on stains caused by grass, sweat, tomato sauce, dirt, berries, blood, oils, etc. It can work on all washable fabrics like everyday clothes, linens, carpets, bedding, car seats, floor mats, cloth diapers, etc.

You can spray it on the affected area for normal use and leave it on for 15 minutes before laundering. For tough stains, spray and massage it on the stain and leave it on for at least an hour before laundering.

Main Features
  • This is a gentle and renewable stain removal solution
  • It has a unique formula that dislodges stains and removes odour
  • One bottle contains 500ml of stain removal solution which lasts long
  • It works on a variety of tough stains
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a colour-safe formula that does not fade the colour of the clothes
  • This is an eco-friendly solution that penetrates the toughest of stains
  • It does not have a strong chemical-like scent
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The packaging is not user-friendly as it doesn’t have a spray or scrubber

9. DEC Fabric Stain Remover

DEC Fabric stain remover is a product of Shaan laboratories, an Indian company specializing in manufacturing cleaners for furniture, glass, leather, marble, oven, etc. This stain remover is specifically meant for washable whites.

It works on dye-based stains caused by inks, colour pens, markers, etc. It also works on food stains from tea, pan masala, coffee, sauce, curry, and turmeric.

It can be used on white fabrics like uniforms, curtains, table cloths, bedsheets, pillow covers, innerwear, oil, etc.

Main Features
  • This stain remover comes in a pump bottle with 200 ml of product
  • It is gentle on the fabric but tough on stains
  • It thoroughly removes fresh and old stains
  • The formula is skin-friendly and does not need any scrubbing
PROS (What we liked)
  • The convenient pump dispenser allows you to pour the exact amount of product needed
  • This is a made in India product
  • The highly concentrated formula works instantly on tough stains
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It can’t be used on coloured clothes

10. Rust Go Spot Lifter

Rust Go spot lifter targets oil and grease stains on clothing and textiles. It removes stains without any residue remaining on the fabric.

It comes in a 450gm spray can bottle. To use this stain remover, apply it to the stain and let it dry. Allow the stain to turn into powder, and then brush it off.

A normal wash with detergent can follow this.

Main Features
  • It can be used on all kinds of oil-based stains on clothes
  • Get stain-free fabrics in just three steps – spray on, let dry, and brush off
  • It is an industrial-level stain remover that works on black spots, wet paints, grease, and oil stains
PROS (What we liked)
  • The spray can packaging allows you to get rid of stains without coming in contact with the stain remover
  • It works effectively without any effort
  • This stain remover is quick and gives instant stain removal
  • It is effective on woollen, cotton, silk, and synthetic fabrics
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is quite expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can stain removers be used after drying the clothes?

Most stain removers are meant to be used before washing the clothes with a detergent. So if you want to use it on dried and washed clothes, make sure to rinse it again after stain removal. This is to avoid any reactions of the stain remover on the skin.

2. Can stain removers remove stains completely?

This depends on the type of stain. Fresh stains get removed in the first go, while set-in stains will require one or two sessions of removal.

3. How long should the stain remover be left on the clothes before washing?

Every stain remover has a different mechanism for removing stains. Read the label of the product carefully and follow the instructions mentioned on it as to how long the stain remover should sit on the stain for best results.


Laundry can be a cumbersome process, especially due to stains. With the correct stain removal product, laundry can become much easier and less time-consuming. Know the types of stains you need to deal with regularly.

This will help you choose the right stain remover for your clothes. Once chosen, there is no stopping at getting stain-free clothes after every wash.

To choose the right one, we recommend you to follow the buyer’s guide above and go through the recommendations too. To make it simpler, here are our top 3 picks Vanish OxiAction All in One Stain Remover, TetraClean Pen Ink Remover and Tide To Go Mini Instant Stain Remover Pen

Understand the different types of stain removers available in the market and make the right choice based on your needs. After all, a good stain remover will only make your life easier.


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