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Toys play a big role in brain development. Thus it is advisable to avail a variety of toys for your kid to interact during playtime. These toys help children develop their creativity, imagination, and motor skills. The market today has seen a rise in the production of toys for kids. As a result, the quality and standards of these toys have been compromised. This review seeks to help you decide which sort and stack drop toys will be suitable for your child.

1. Fisher-Price Sort and Store Game

This game is designed in a simple way to teach your toddler different shapes and colours. The butterfly is designed with shaped openings, and your kid has to put the right shaped block through each opening.

This puzzle will help your child notice a difference in the shapes of the blocks and as a result, teach your different child shapes. The blocks come in different colours to help your child master the different colours from an early age.

The game is simple and is designed for toddlers to master and enjoy the game easily. This will help them develop problem-solving skills and creativity from a pretty tender age.

The butterfly can be used as storage once your child is done playing the game. The blocks are made from safe plastic materials to ensure that your kid does not get exposed to harmful chemical elements.

2. Funskool Giggles Stacking Cubes

Funschool giggles stacking cubes come with eight colourful cubes of different sizes. These cubes are easily stackable.

They are designed to fit easily, even in their tiny hands. These cubes develop hand-eye coordination and observation skills.

The cubes have alphabets on the base that you can teach your child. Since the cubes are multicoloured, you can teach your child about colours while playing with them.

3. Fisher-Price Blocks

This game is made from non-toxic plastic to ensure that your child is safe from any chemical exposures. The surfaces are smoothed to prevent scratches or cuts to your little one’s delicate skin.

The game is composed of one holding container that has a lid with shaped openings. It also comes with 12 different shaped blocks that can be fitted through the shaped openings.

This puzzle will help your child develop creativity as they try to figure out which pieces go into which opening. The game will help children develop problem-solving skills as the blocks are randomly coloured to make the game interesting and challenging.

As they master the game, they learn different shapes and colours at a pretty young age.

The container acts as storage when done playing the game; hence this is a convenient game as it leaves no mess behind.

4. Pluspoint Blocks

This game is designed to introduce your child to shapes and alphabetical letters for the first time. The 16 blocks are a combination of 8 letters and 8 shapes.

The bucket’s opening is designed as a puzzle, and your child will have to figure out how to fit the block through. This game made from safe plastic materials is fun and attractive due to the many colours.

This helps your child master the colours as they also learn different shapes and letters. This puzzle game will help your child develop high levels of creativity, colour sensitivity, and imaginative skills.

The game also will help in the development of the eye and hand coordination of your child. Such skills are crucial as your child will require them as they grow up.

The materials are lightweight, and the bucket has a carrying strap to help your child easily carry the game. This comes in handy if you want to move the game somewhere else.

5. Shumee Sorting House

This house is designed to be fun and educative to your child. The sides and the roof are 6 panels fitted with different features to give your child the maximum fun while playing with this puzzle house.

The house and the blocks are made from eco-friendly wood that is friendly to your little one’s skin. The materials are non-toxic, and the paints are food grade to ensure that your kid is safe.

This game will help develop fine motor skills for your child as they interact with these toys. The puzzle will positively affect your child’s mental abilities, such as problem-solving, creativity, and imaginative abilities.

With the numbers, your child will be able to learn counting in no time. The assorted colours will help develop colour sensitivity to your child as they learn to tell different colours early.

Buying Guide

Multiple Use

If you buy a game for your child that is merely for fun, you do not understand playtime’s importance in your child’s life.

Kids learn a lot through games. Buy fun and educational games so that your child enjoys the game and also learn.



Children are quite delicate, and it is important to ensure that you prioritize your child’s safety when buying them toys.

Avoid toys that can easily be swallowed or toys that are rough as they may cut or scratch your little ones’ fragile skin.



The game must have a lesson attached to it. If the game breaks before your child masters the lesson, you might waste an opportunity to teach your child something useful.

Therefore don’t compromise on quality.


Games will ring out the smart factor of your child. It is advisable to ensure that your child while growing up, enjoys quality playtime.

Accessories like learning toys will help you make their playtime as quality as required.

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