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Sling bags are a modern take on the good old fanny packs that were popular in the 90s. Instead of wearing it on your waist like a belt, it was made to be a cross-body accessory across the shoulder. This adds a lot more flexibility, style and functionality to the bag. You can have more pockets and compartments along with some features on the shoulder sling. Here we have reviewed some of the best sling bags

1. Caprese Spring-Summer 21 CF Women's Sling Bag

This is a gorgeous sling bag from Caprese with a timeless design that will never go out of style. It is highly durable and can withstand years of use without losing its glory.

The bag measures 25.4 cm x 7.6 cm x 30.4 cm in size. It has a trendsetting look that is stylish, lightweight and pragmatic at the same time.

The bag has canvas flaps and straps with a polka-dotted design for the pouch. This looks great on a casual or semi-casual outfit.

It features multiple adjustable PU straps that allow you to use it as a sling or as a handbag with a snug fit. The bag has a fold-over magnetic flap and a drawstring to keep your belongings safe inside.

It can easily fit a wallet, cellphone, umbrella, tablet, headphones, sunglasses, a packed lunch, a notebook or any other daily-use item. The bag also has a zipper enclosure for important stuff like credit cards or money.

2. GLOSSY PU Sling Bag For Girls/Women

Glossy provides a sling bag that is a perfect balance of comfort and style. The bag has a simple structure and easy slouch that makes it easy to access.

The bag is made from PU that has a beautiful rich texture and makes you feel confident. It has been designed to accompany you to the office or for casual work.

The multiple inner compartments are spacious enough to contain many of your small personal belongings. The compartments are secured by a smooth zipper.

It also has an extra zipper enclosure on the outside for storing items like coins and receipts. One end of the bag features tassels that further enhances its beauty.

3. Envias Women's Sling Bag

This is a functional yet fashionable faux leather sling bag from Envias that matches a wide range of outfits. It can be used anywhere you wish: be it your office or a weekend outing.

The bag is made from premium leatherette material that gives the impression of genuine leather. It is incredibly soft to touch and easy to clean.

The bag has high durability and can withstand the rough use of a busy and fast lifestyle. The magnetic closure flap is easy to open and close.

It features colourful flowers on the front that adds a touch of quirkiness to the overall formal look of the bag. You can also use it as a handbag using the short handle on top.

4. ADISA Women's Sling Bag

This is a trendy sling bag from Adisa that is suitable for use by young girls and women. It is perfect for parties, cocktails, clubbing, and for casual use.

The bag is made from synthetic PU material that is durable and long-lasting. It has enough space to store your belongings and essential items.

The flap opens up wide which gives you a lot of freedom to comfortably navigate the bag. The chain of the bag goes around the inside that keeps it in shape even while hanging.

5. Isle Locada by Hidesign Women's Sling Bag

Hidesign needs no introduction when it comes to women’s accessories. This sling bag stays true to the brand’s promises of exquisite craftsmanship and reliability.

The leather has a rich, sensual feel with the soft glow of brass fittings that make the sling bag stand out. The interior compartment is spacious enough to fit all your personal belongings. It also has a zipper enclosure for smaller items.

6. Caprese Women's Sling Bag

Caprese presents an elegant sling bag with minimal and sophisticated aesthetics. The metal logo on the front has a colour that contrasts with the leather to enhance the overall look. The leather material has a smooth flowing texture and is highly durable.

The spacious interior compartments allow you to organise your belongings neatly. The external compartments can be used to store stuff that you need quick access to, like tickets or keys.

Why Should You Get a Sling Bag?


Sling bags offer a variety of carrying options, unlike traditional handbags or backpacks that can be worn only in one way. Sling bags can be worn across either shoulder, as a normal handbag or even around the waist.


Perfect Size

A sling bag is neither too big, nor too small. It is the best compromise between a handbag and a purse.



Sling bags have become a rage in the fashion world and are sported by everyone from influencers to celebrities. You do not want to miss out on this trend, do you?



Handbags for women are known to be exorbitantly costly. However, the humble sling bag is light on your wallet. Moreover, it comes in various styles and designs that do not cost a bomb.



They are practical and easy to wear. This simplicity is what makes them so popular. Like backpacks, you do not have to stop and rummage through the compartments to find something you want. It is easily and quickly accessible, thus saving a lot of time. This also allows better multitasking.

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