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Are you tired of polishing your shoes in the old methods by making your hands messy? Are you fed up with the grease of the polish to your hands and washing the stains? Are you tired of shining the shoes quickly daily? Now, you can relax a shoe shine machine does your work more conveniently. A shoe shine machine is capable of cleaning your shoes, polishing the shoes and cleaning the sole of the shoes.

The shoe shine machine will reduce the time consumed for polishing the shoes. Also, it shines the shoes very easily and faster. Also, the machine provides a perfect look to the shoes restoring the shine for a longer duration of time. Now, plenty of shoe polishing machines are available in the market and choose only the trusted ones or certified ones.

To make you more clear with the shoe shining, here, we have included different types of shoe polishesdifferent types of shoe shine machines and a buying guide to make your choice easy. In this article, we also included safety tipscleaning of the machine and why a shoe shine machine is necessary. We have included the top 4 shoe polishing machines to help you make an informed purchase.

Top 4 Shoe Polish Machines

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our pick
Royal look
Manual Shoe shine machine

Types of Shoe Polish

Shoe polish is classified into five variants. Every polish differs in the composition of preparation. Any shoe polish is made from the mixture of solvents, wax, and dyes.


Liquid polish is most convenient to use, and usually they come in a plastic bottle with a sponge applicator at the end. Squeeze the plastic bottle for the liquid and gently use the sponge to apply on the shoes. They give a good shine to shoes and however, they are not long-lasting, and even sometimes leather shoes may also cause to crack and dry out. Liquid shoe polish contains low wax content, polymers, acrylates, and emulsifiers. Also, they are available in fewer colors and dries up quickly.

Paste or wax-based shoe polish

Paste shoe polish comes in hard solid form, and they are long-lasting as well as the gloss remains longer. Usually, they contain natural wax and synthetic wax.  Seventy percentage of shoe polish is solvent. Also, applying paste shoe polish requires an extra effort to look your shoe shine excellently. Moreover, a paste based shoe polish provides good protection and conditioning to shoes. Though they are long-lasting it is not easy to apply.

Image result for paste shoe polish


Shoe cream polish has a jelly-like consistency, and usually, they have three components dyes, wax, liquid vehicle. Also, a cream polish contains oil or water solvent. The wax used in the cream polish may be paraffin wax, carnauba wax, beeswax, montan wax. Moreover, a cream polish contains leather conditioners. Cream polish is widely known as soft polish, and they work best on soft leather products.

Venom High gloss Leather Shoe Cream

Also, the cream polish is available in different colors. If you are looking for any green or blue color or yellow color polish, the cream polish is the best option. Moreover, the cream polish is best to cover scuffs in shoes. Also, they provide good conditioning for shoes and nourishes the shoes to shine well.


Spray shoe polish is used to provide extra shine when used on cream or wax-coated shoes. They are quick and easy to use compared to instant shoe shine. Also, they are long-lasting and gives extra shine on leather boots or shoes. They can also be used on leather handbags or accessories to provide extra shine.


Sponge base shoe polish is quite commonly known as express shoe shine or an instant shoe shine. Usually, the sponge may get dried up after regular use. They are used only when your shoes need an extra touch up or shine quickly. Also, they are not long-lasting yet convenient to use as well as quick and easy to use. These kind of polish are not suitable for fabric, nubuck. Works well with leather shoes.

Product image


  • Shoe polish must be used only on dried and clean shoes
  • To extend the life of leather shoes, carnauba wax-based polishes must be used

What Kind of Shoe Polish to Be Used?

The kind of shoe polish to be used completely depends upon your shoes and shoe brand. You can not use a leather shoe polish for canvas shoes. There are different types of shoe polishes available in the market. Each has its specialty to shine. Also, few shoe polishes are water-proof they can make your shoe look more beautiful.

Wax polishes are best suited for leather boots and leather shoes. Also, they are long-lasting; much effort is needed to shine the shoes. Moreover, wax polishes are harder to use. Coming to cream polishes, they are considered as soft polish and are ideal for soft leather products.

Another variant quick shine sponge or instant shine sponge is best to be used when your shoes need a quick shine. Also, this type of shine can be used when you are in urgency to go out.

Spray polishes are long-lasting than instant shine sponge. Moreover, they can be used over a wax polish for greater shine and lasting shine. Also, this polish is quick and easy to use. Liquid polish is not durable for the long run. It should be used only for a shorter period. If it is used for extended periods, you may notice cracks.

When Should You Not Use Shoe Polish?

  • Never polish your shoes when shoes are dirty
  • Don’t polish on wet shoes
  • Expired polish must not be applied they may sometime damage the shoes
  • If the brush seems damaged stop applying polish with that brush
  • Also, if the brush is dirty don’t apply the polish using such kind of brush
  • Never polish your shoes with wrong colors. A brown color polish must be used for brown shoes, and a black color polish must be used for black shoes only to enhance the lifespan of shoes
  • Moreover, never use polishes that contain toxic chemicals because inhaling toxic chemicals may harm you and also skin may get affected by it
  • Also, if you have oil tanned leather shoes, distressed leather shoes, don’t polish them
  • Never use cracked polish

Is a Shoe Polish Machine Necessary?

It depends on person to person or opinion to opinion. Many raise a doubt why it is necessary if manually we can clean the shoes and polish them? We would say yes to a shoe polish machine. Now, many shoe polish machines are available in the market for domestic purpose as well as office purpose. Only thing is for the domestic purpose we find a limited number of users, so any basic model works well.

Also, if you are looking for domestic purposes, any manual on/off shoe polish machine does your task, an automatic shoe polish machine is ideal for office/ hotels/ museum, etc. Moreover, usage of the shoe polish will be more, and a standard machine with good durability is necessary.

At home, you can clean your shoes and polish them while cleaning every person’s shoes at the office manually will be difficult.

Hence, shoe polish machine comes to the rescue, and they are considered as necessary. It makes the task of cleaning easy. Also, cleaning and polishing make the operation hands free. Shoe polish machine keeps the surrounding area clean. Moreover, they are portable and polishing the shoes using a shoe polishing machine provides extra shine, sparkling to shoes.

Safety Tips

  • Never allow shoe polish machine to get in contact with water
  • Always place the shoe polish machine on the flat and even surface to avoid damage of the machine
  • If any problem arises for the shoe polish machine contact the service agent to undergo repairs. Moreover, do not try to remove components on your own
  • Always remove the plug of the machine when not in use
  • Do not allow children to touch the machine while running. Otherwise, they may be injured
  • Replace soon if any of the parts gets damaged
  • Once you finish the usage of the polish switch off the machine

How Does Shoe Shine Machine Operate?

The Shoe Shine Machine operates with infrared sensors, and they are capable of detecting the presence of shoes in the slot. When the shoe is present in the correct slot, the automatic sensors get activated and a soft brush clean the shoes with a good quality brush.

Once a shoe is cleaned, cream or wax from the provided container which is located at the center can be applied.The cream or wax can be applied by pressing the shoes gently against the roll-on tip. This roll-on tip will apply a thin layer of wax or cream required for the shoe to shine.

After applying the cream or wax, the shoe must be placed at the brush for even shining and proper shining of the shoe. Once the process is finished, your shoes are ready to use.

How to Clean the Shoe Polish Machine?

Though shoe shine machine claims they need no maintenance or less maintenance yet you need to maintain them properly for the long duration of time. So, cleaning the machine should be done regularly without fail. Ensure that before you clean the machine it must be switched off and the plug must be removed from the socket. Few machines have a removable mat at the bottom of the machine to catch the dust from the shoes.

Remove this mat, clean all the dust with a small cleaning brush and wash the mat thoroughly without any dust. Allow the mat to dry out completely before use. Now, if you can easily remove the polishing brush by unscrewing follow the instructions as per the manual.

Using a blower, you can completely blow the dust from the polishing brush. Otherwise, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the polishing brush.

Any time if you feel that your brush needs to be replaced then unscrew them and check for the damage of the brush. Replace the old brush with the new brush and screw them back in proper position once you have cleaned the polishing brush use a small brush to clean the leftover dust inside and outside the machine.

Use a soft cloth to wipe the top layer of the machine and at the backside of the machine. Do not wait until your machine needs a compulsory service agent to clean the machine. Improper maintenance of the machine may cause the machine to function imperfectly.

Types of Shoe Polishing Machine

There are two types of shoe polishing machines available in the market. Each has its pros and cons only the working procedure and usage will be slightly different.

Manual on/off shoe polishing machine

Manual shoe shine machine is compact, easy to carry and requires switching on/off button to operate. They are easy to operate, have a longer functional life and have good operational speed. Also, they operate on a single push-button for switching on and switching off. Usually, they have two detachable buffers at each end.

Manual shoes polishing machine is convenient to use and portable. They can be used either for domestic or small office purposes. Also, they are considered space-friendly and work well for leather shoes.

Automatic shoe polishing machine

The automatic shoe polishing machine is a sophisticated machine and is hands-free.

Usually, these shoe polishing machine has two different colored brushes and wax polish or cream polish at the center. They work on infrared sensors. Once your shoe is polished the machine offs automatically. Similarly, when the shoe is placed for cleaning the dirt, the shoeshine machine switches on automatically by detecting the shoes with sensors. These machines are easy to use, and your shoes will be shining within 30 to 40 seconds. Moreover, an automatic shoe polishing machine consumes less time to polish the shoes. Also, high-quality brushes are used in this machine.

Things to Be Seen While Buying a Shoe Polish Machine

If you are planning to buy a shoe polish machine either for domestic purpose or office purpose, ensure that your selected product meets minimum things from below

Easy to clean

The shoe shine machine must be easy to clean, and it should require less maintenance to work properly. Cleaning the brushes must be easy, and also the brushes can be assembled easily once cleaned. The machine should not be designed in such a way that even a small dust particle stuck should not stop the machine working.


Long-lasting machines are always preferable. If you are planning to buy a shoe shine machine for office use make sure that investment does not give a bitter experience. Hence, choose a durable machine from top branded ones.


Choose your shoe shine machine as per the need. A simple household usage can be completed with a manual shoe shine machine. Instead, if you want to choose the sophisticated way of shining your daily shoes then opt for an automatic shoe shine machine. However, we have seen the working procedure in the above article under the shoe machine types section.

One thing to remember is that both the automatic machines and manual machines need an electricity supply. The automatic machine works on sensors and manual machine work on simple on and off button.


The shoe shine machine with a warranty is observed very less. If you buy a warranty shoe shine machine, you can claim when the product gets some technical damage. Also, few companies also provide parts replacement if the machine gets damaged within the warranty period.


Choose a certified machine manufacturer or branded company machine as they tend to maintain the safety standards. Also, avoiding further damage to the product. A certified product will be a more trusted one and comes with good safety precautions and tips.

Refill the polish

Every automatic shoe shine machine comes with a provision of filling the cream or wax or liquid polish. Ensure, refilling of the polish is easy, and you do not need to disassemble the complete machine for it. Few machines come with a slight cap opening from where the polish can be refilled. Easy refilling always keeps you away from messy situations.

Easy to use

A shoe shine machine whether it is manual or fully automatic must be easy to use. A simple manual machine must work with a switch on/off button while automatic machine must work with sensors. Also, no complications must be involved in using the machine. The machine must be user-friendly as various kinds of people tend to use the machine when it is placed in an office or any public place.

Does it polish all shoe types?

Ensure that the machine you are buying must be able to polish all types of shoes and all branded shoes. The shoe polishing machine capable of polishing different colored shoes. However, an office use automatic shoe polishing machine will be polishing only two colored shoes either black or brown. As they fill a neutral color to match both colored shoes.

You should not face a situation where you place the shoe for polishing, and the machine stops working because of the incompatibility of shoes. Hence, the machine you are buying must be capable enough to polish all different types of shoes.


Power required running the shoe shine machine should be normal. The machine must not consume too much power or must not work at low voltage. An ideal power-consuming machine works in the long run and provides a stable electricity bill.

1. KTI Euronics Stainless Steel Automatic Shoe Polish/Shining Machine – Our pick

KTI Euronics Stainless Steel Automatic Shoe Polish/Shining Machine
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KTI Euronics shoe shine machine is the product of Euronics. Euronics provide solutions to all the washroom automatic products and needs. They have a wide range of equipment to fit in a different area. Euronics products include hand dryers, sensor tapes, washroom accessories, artificial tiles, entrance matting, shoe cover dispenser, shoe polish machine and much more. They also provide industrial curtains, showers, cable protection, etc. To support customer needs and services they established a wide range of distributors.

KTI shoe shine machine is ideal for hotels and offices. The machine provides complete quality care to your footwear. Also, the machine is designed in a stylish way and innovative way for easy use. Moreover, shoe shine machine provides the shining to your shoes within seconds.

Main Features
  • KTI shoe machine is fully automatic and works on sensors
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • Also, the shoe machine is capable of polishing both brown and black color shoes
  • The shoe polish machine must not be used in wet rooms and excess sunlight
  • The machine is capable of removing dust as well as polishing the shoes
  • Brushes turn off automatically after 15 seconds
  • Liquid polish must be used as per the instructions of the manufacturer
  • The machine requires 40W power and has a rotational speed of 1400rpm, 200 ml polish tank capacity
PROS (What we liked)
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Euronics shoe machine occupies less space
  • The capacity of the polish is 200ml
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The space to place the shoes is a little bit small while compared to different products
  • No sole cleaner
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2. Dolphy Automatic Shoe Polish Machine – Gold– Royal look

Dolphy Automatic Shoe Polish Machine - Gold
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Dolphy India Private limited provides leading services and is the supplier for the bathroom and hygienic hotel products. Their products include hand dryer, hairdryer, soap dispenser, shoe shine machine and much more. Their products are designed innovatively and stylishly as per the requirement.

Dolphy shoe shine machine comes with a power indicator display and other displays. The machine is designed attractively and looks royal. Also, it has a handle on the top of the machine for easy support. It works on sensors and is capable of detecting the presence of shoes in the appropriate slot.

Main Features
  • The shoe shine machine is made of stainless steel and wood
  • It comes with a power indicator and other indicators
  • It works on infrared sensors and is fully automatic
  • A mat is provided below the brushes to collect the dust from the shoes and keep the machine clean
  • The machine is capable of cleaning and polishing both brown color and black color shoes
  • Fill the cream cup with neutral color polish to work for both the colors
  • The machine turns on when the shoe is placed in the proper slot and turn off when it is removed
  • You can shine your shoes within seconds
  • Installation of the machine is easy and can be done by following the instructions in the manual
  • The machine requires 45W power and has a rotational speed of 1400rpm
PROS (What we liked)
  • Brushes can be replaced easily
  • Quality of the brush is good, and shoes are polished well
  • The mat can be removed whenever dust is accumulated; it can be cleaned
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It can not clean the sole of the shoes
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3. Dynamic Shoe Polish / Shiner Machine -Black – Portable

Dynamic Shoe Polish / Shiner Machine -Black
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The dynamic brand has a wide range of shoe polish/ shiner machines. All these machines are automatic and work on sensors. Also, the machine is available in different colors. Moreover, their products come with a one year warranty.

This dynamic shoe polish machine comes with black color. It works on infrared sensors. Also, the machine weighs less and easy to carry. Polishing is done with a perfect shine. Moreover, before shining your shoes, you can clean the shoes by placing them under the appropriate cleaning brush.

Main Features
  • The shoe shine machine is capable of polishing two colors both brown and black
  • The machine comes with a cleaning brush and polishing brush separately
  • It is a fully automatic machine
  • To clean your shoes place the shoes in the correct slot. Once your shoes are cleaned place the shoes under cream nozzle and press for the required color. Now, polish brush shines your shoes as desired
  • It does not work on battery and requires an electric supply
  • Also, the machine has 1200rpm rotational speed
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoe is polished well
  • It can also be used for domestic purpose
  • The product has a warranty
  • It takes 20 to 30 seconds to shine your shoes
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The machine is very delicate to use
  • Quality of the brush can be improved
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5. TruePower Electric Shoe Shine Polisher with Lamb Wool Buffers – Manual Shoe shine machine

TruePower Electric Shoe Shine Polisher with Lamb Wool Buffers
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Electric shoe shine machine is capable of cleaning and polishing your shoes and shine it quickly. It works with one-touch operation. It does not have any battery to operate and works on electricity supply. It must be operated manually and do not have any sensors to recognize the presence of shoes in the slot.

Main Features
  • It works with a one-touch operation. To make the machine start operation, you must press the button provided at the top of the handle
  • The machine comes with durable detachable buffers that are made from 100 % lamb wool
  • It also restores shines to boots and shoes
  • Is suitable for the domestic purpose and small offices
  • The shoe shine machine is capable of polishing two colors
  • Once the buffers get damaged, they can be replaced pretty easy
PROS (What we liked)
  • Works well and also it is impressive
  • This machine is easy to operate
  • The machine is faster and easier to use
  • It is suitable for all types of shoes
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The machine vibrates a lot when it is working
  • Unlike an automatic machine, this machine does not have separate refill providing for the polish to be placed
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If you have reached the conclusion part, then you must have now known about the different types of polishes different types of shoe polish machine and different models. Every model has its specific feature. Few are designed very attractively and few as per the requirement.

The Dynamic shoe shine machine is portable easy to carry. If you are looking for a manual, then opt for  Truepower shoe shine machine. Make your selection by clicking on the link provided in the article.

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